The womb has no ears.

But now I know your view on this matter a bit better and I'll try to understand it.

When are you going to talk to me?

Was he shopping?

Tareq is gaining weight.

I like how Lawrence thinks.

Perry is mistaken in thinking that Emmet's theory was constructed without reference to Newtonian physics.

I think you should take that job in Boston.

Do you like to sing?

Buying a new TV won't make you happy.


I played along.

Allan spends all his time thinking about sports.

It was a pale, wild, haggard face, in a great cloud of black hair, pressed against the glass.


I'd do anything for you.

I need this room completely cleared as soon as I arrive.

I finally made the connection.


Men are absolutely not allowed to post or reply to articles.

They're gorgeous.

I'd like to see Rajiv.


She knew it was a tough situation.

I've met Socorrito several times.

The truth of the matter gradually dawned on me.

Galen took the prize for idle chatter.

Vaughn has already explained that to us.

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She advised him to read those books.

Elisabeth didn't tell me that what we were doing was illegal.

You guys are too much.


The truth will clear soon.

I'd never go out with a married woman!

Lori realized it was time to leave.


I can't do this without him.

I'll recommend him as chairman, whether you are in favour of it or not.

Who did you buy this car for?

He would have to be a millionaire.

I wanted to go back to your village.


The crowd went crazy when he got a goal.

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I should've just walked right in.

That was a bad decision.

Barsoom was the biggest Martian town. It had the fanciest saloon. It was the Wild, Wild Red.

Come to see me tomorrow.

Spain walked rings around their opponents. The French looked sluggish.


The princess was wearing too much makeup.

Sriram loves programming and computer science.

On top of that, the Chinese like taking naps.

You kissed her, didn't you?

She was forty, but she appeared older.

None of the boys paid any attention to Roxie.

She is getting worse and worse every day.


Though the fact has been denied again and again, the word "edzino", which means "wife" in Esperanto, has its roots in Yiddish.

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What did she bring with her?


She put on an assumption of ignorance.


In the film, the director makes Hamlet an active person.


Real's hungover.


I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the party.

I prefer to refrain from discussing religion.

I finished the job yesterday.

We're still on our honeymoon.

I don't care what you were.

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Despite all this, I forgave the people who killed my children.

She's only in it for the money.

I'll change the sheets.

My father was taking a nap on the sofa, with his legs stretched toward the fire.

Crap! We're out of vermicelli!

Drop by sometime.

Alan wrote about his experience.

He doesn't have his medication.

Now, open your eyes.

His witness is approximate to the truth.

"I'm not sleeping. I'm always just skiving off." "That way's even worse!"

He was weak from the loss of blood.

Application of force to an object changes its velocity: its speed, its direction, or both.

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I wouldn't worry so much about that.


She is anxious to visit Europe.

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Frank doesn't need anything.

I think Carisa is biased.

Barrett took the job Dwight offered him.

Isabelle doesn't have a family.

His sister is not going to America.

Those students work hard, don't they?

Come here and give me a hug.

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He has had a clean record for the past ten years.

We'll be at the hospital, visiting Rolfe.

Wasn't it him who stole your wallet?


You're a lucky girl.

I told you to stay in the room.

He has grown strong. Only together can we turn him to the dark side of the Force.

If a guy has got a bunch of flowers in his hand, it means that he is going to practise not botany, but anatomy.

Vick's a very good fighter.

Molly taught himself how to ski.

Isidore isn't a fluent speaker of French.

This can't be a coincidence.

Like father, like son.

You have nothing whatever to worry about.

He's coming with us.


He made several corrections.

I don't like it when people yell at me.

Though tears may flow down your face, I won't look back.

I know Pandora is worried.

She is disgusted with the job.


What are you so nervous about?

All the things I bought have already arrived.

I asked around about you.

My decided preference is the fourth and the last of these alternatives.

Why don't you let me be the judge of that?


You have a bad attitude.

According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in next week.

Algeria is a very important partner country for the European Union.


All of a sudden, I feel like crying.


If I go, you'll be all alone.


She said that she was not my mother.

He was educated by his grandfather.

She owns a gigantic house.

Don't give me any ideas.

Your journey starts here.

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Dan begged Linda for forgiveness.

You're not looking at the whole picture.

I've been separated from my family for so long.

Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.

Do you like rain?

Floyd jotted down a message to Ross.

I just want to humiliate them.

Got the hang of it?

I hurried to the airport lest I should be late for the plane.

The truth is, I want to be a writer.

I came here to discuss a personal problem with you.


Terry seemed very tired, didn't he?

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I want them to call every day.


Has prison changed them?


Salt water baths can help reduce arthritis pain.

They fear that he may be dead.

I hope the bus comes soon.

He pulled at her heartstrings.

We have a decision to make.


It was a really exciting baseball game.


Why did you go out?


My brother has to take an examination.

Where's the nearest church?

I saw a boy knocked down by a car.


As soon as we find out anything, we will contact you.

He behaved himself like a man.

You messed up!

How far is it?

Marching is one of the avenues for social protest.

Academic fraud may be more common than you think.

The time will come when your dream will come true.

Her red dress made her stand out.

I didn't know you were expecting anyone.

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I already knew that she had become engaged.

I take that as a compliment.

I have to attend a meeting.

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Heinz waited for me.

The president of every country knows the president of every other country.

We did that already.

I've never seen things like that for sale.

His father disapproved of him.


What the country needs most is wise leaders.


Sorrel doesn't like Miltos very much.


Could you please turn off the radio for me?