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You are a bit fat.


I wish you a speedy recovery!

Ji covered Pete with a blanket.

Jin could hear Hector sobbing in the next room.


No matter what the cost, I will accomplish that.

I'm not satisfied with my English ability.

He passed his property on to his son.

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She put on her coat and went out.

You've got it made.

The way is long.


The beach was closed due to shark sightings.

I usually have to change my clothes two or three times a day during the hot summer in Nagoya.

When we're children, everything around us looks so big.

Everyone stared at us.

I'm disappointed in you, Harv.

I heard you crying.

Roman slept under a bridge last night.


I did everything Angela told me to do.

A people without knowledge is a people without strength.

Which dog is yours?

She's a kept woman.

I am loved by all my family.

How dare you insult my sister!

It is a far cry from here to the goal.

The plant has an underground stem.

Are there any newspapers published in your language?

I'm not at all hungry.

The desk is made of wood.

They've been sentenced for procuring.

Isidore's patience is being strained.

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Madeira is the name of a wine.

It was long before I realized her real love.

The apple-pickers on the ladders raised a hum and murmur of applause, and then, in keeping with the sound, bestirred themselves to work again like bees.

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The supply of game for London is going steadily up. Head-keeper Hudson, we believe, has been now told to receive all orders for fly-paper and for preservation of your hen-pheasant's life.

He is an absolute monarch.

That was very thoughtful of Loukas.

I didn't realize you were serious.

There are many people trying to buy houses.

What is it with you and her?

There's nothing I can do about it.


I've got an Italian handbag.


That's the part I don't like.


Is the post office open on Sunday?

The team lacked mobility.

He stared at the steep slope of the mountain and stopped climbing it.

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We are very far from home.

I like Ted best of the three boys.

I had a very stimulating conversation with Michel.

Danielle's shot.

What is your dream job?

I feel as if I was between a rock and a hard place.

Peggy is the only one who knows where Evelyn lives.

We don't really have anything in common.

As long as I live, I will never forget visiting Rome.

I'm not that good a writer.

What's that thing? I have absolutely no idea.

You still haven't answered me.

We can learn a lot about a society by looking at its driving culture.

We're all like Roxie.

I remember seeing him somewhere.

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Why can't you trust me?

She has long arms and legs.

She doesn't translate well.

There's an apple in this boy's pocket.

I think I know as much as you.

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She's my son's daughter. She's my granddaughter.

She just blew it off.

This medicine will cure your cold.

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You'll get a clear picture with this antenna on the roof.

Some French mayors have been trying to outlaw the so-called burkini, an extremely modest garment which some Muslim women wear on trips to the beach. Critics of such measures have pointed out the fact that the garment, which covers most of the body and even the arms and legs, strongly resembles the thermal wetsuits used by divers and surfers.

What was it that brought you to me?

I'd like to know if they have arrived.

How much bread do you eat every day?

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Never did I expect that I would see him there.


Nobody should be subjected to pains or torture.

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Honestly, I've only had one advantage over most of the others, and that is that I've been good in constantly improving myself.

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Carter struggled to walk again after the accident.

Ricky made dinner for Jinchao.

It's perfectly useless.

I've been wounded with a knife.

Every time it rains, the roof leaks.

She felt so sad and she didn't know why.

Don't try to make me angry.


We just want to help Wayne.


Michiel is acting weirder than usual.


They continued the experiment day and night.

We may have a thousand in our army, but most of them are injured.

During the 1920's alcohol prohibition in the United States, whiskey could be obtained legally with a doctor's prescription.

The news distressed her.

Since I couldn't make up my mind about my future position, I got advice from my younger brother.

There is no hope.

Don't tell her that, please!


Please speak English.

Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

Don't copy my answers.

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I have a card up my sleeve.

You're better than that.

Don't make any noise!

Rick will walk.

Hello? Anyone there?

I'm not cranky.

Do you think that's going to happen?


Stay there and don't move!

If the devil is powerless, he sends his wife.

Don't expect me to lose any sleep over it.

I don't understand opera.

Jeannie made himself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Have you already started learning French?

One thing I've always wanted to do is write a children's book.

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She made a scene.

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How much are they offering?

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I know Liber likes basketball.

A family should not spend all of its money to keep someone alive on a machine.

Buildings of national importance are relatively safe.

He slammed the door behind him.

May I please be excused for a minute?

I'm sorry I'm dressed like this.

I thought you hated red wine.

So successful has been the camera's role in beautifying the world that photographs, rather than the world, have become the standard of the beautiful.

I'm looking for my wallet. Have you seen it?

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Don't smoke too much.

Danny had a minor stroke.

He was too embarrassed to do it.

Belinda is the coolest person in the world.

I wonder who the people I saw her with were.


Beautiful night, isn't it?

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What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!


The fact is that people are good. Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior.

It's the ugliness of this puppy that makes it very nice.

They dared not look me in the face.

The illusion was perfect.

How is the family?

They hired him.

Saiid removed the key from the door.

Have you read Barrett Jackson's book?

The two men competed for Lady Geoff's heart.

This is only for your personal use.

This is the big break I've been waiting for.

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English is spoken everywhere in the world now.

He must be severely punished.

Their concert was a big hit.


He had no other choice but to choose the names randomly.

Here, kitty kitty!

Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you did!

I can't give up my dream.

I have a sore head.


He is discouraged over his wife's death.


I like salmon. I eat it as often as I can.

They were cracking up.

Phill has a nose ring.

I could really go for a steak.

You must make up your mind, and that at once.

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Everybody laughed at me.

Connie has eyesight problems.

A pretty girl came up to Marco in the street and started talking to him.


I need some time for myself.

Credit relaxation is considered necessary to shore up business.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

In fact I did not know it.

It'll be easy to find someone to rent this house.

The poor girl made a living by selling flowers.

We are consoling his mother.