I have a slight fever.

We weren't given much information.

Is it too small?

He bent over to tie his shoe.


Why do people envy each other?

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Stop that nonsense.

His family and his doctor urged him not to go.

Anatole is a democrat.

We tend to watch television, whatever show is broadcasted.

How are you not seeing that?

He gave me a ride home.

Brent rarely wears a tie.

She was in a bad temper.

She gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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Who surprised you?

Fear comes from the unknown.

We had a good time in the open air.

I think we should do this some other time.

I didn't know that Heinz smoked.

I think I know who it might've been.

Marcia cried out for help.

This is foolish.

Fuck this, I'm done, spent way too much money.

I'm scared to death about this.

You came out of the room.


If so, what did they read?

I want you only when you're not there.

I'm thinking of switching majors.

The house was ablaze with lights.

Is this a stallion or a mare?

Give him the keys.

Santa is just a little shy.

You'll understand how terrible this accident was when you read the article.

You're a very interesting person.

Are you still angry with her?

Forgive your enemy, but remember the name of that bastard.

Why doesn't she exercise with me anymore?

This is a major crisis.

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For the record, Radek didn't have anything to do with this.

Stagger is so predictable.

Ramon has never been mean to me.


Nonstop flights are almost always more expensive.

I have an older brother and an older sister.

There's no school today.

It's a double-edged sword.

I don't think any of those horses is going to win.

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Kathleen wanted Darci dead because she had murdered his kids.


Could you tell me how to get to Park Street from here?

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This is something you need to do alone.

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I just couldn't say no.

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We've come too far to go back now.

You haven't been returning my calls, Tarmi.

Can I go out and play?


Shirley was the only person to have ever managed to escape from that prison.

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I don't believe in keeping my feelings bottled up.

She doesn't translate well.

Per sat on the motorcycle behind Mahmoud.

What was Dori doing up there anyway?

Survival analysis showed a significant reduction.


I can't leave Sysko alone.

Johann has always been successful in everything she has done.

Why don't you tell me what you want?

He is angling for promotion.

It's our secret.

Bradley's parents disapproved of her decision to get tattooed.

They all went to the restaurant.

Let's appeal to the public and see what it will say.

It looks like Kaj is sleepy.

Russell didn't start the brawl.

Both my father and I went to the museum for the first time.

There is little, if any, hope of his recovery.

The conversion of Gary's car engine to run on leftover cooking oil has left its exhaust smelling a little like French fries.

I don't have to prove it.

I spent ten dollars on books.

The black dog on the grass was exposed to the sun.

I'm uncomfortable.

Agatha is already on the list.

I'd like you to assist Stevan.

The most solid stone in the structure is the lowest one in the foundation.

Amedeo is egotistical.

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Put it down.


Oh, nothing special.

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Sometimes, things are more beautiful when you look at them from a different angle.

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We'll never ever forget Rayan.


We weren't hungry.

Yes, that's my house.

Jeanne wanted to protect Carol.

Looks like they're anxious to do business together.

You can sleep in my bed if you want.

I am interested in movies.

Here's the leader!

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We want you to marry him.

She never uses paper towels. She is such a tree hugger, you know.

Do you still live in Boston?

Which language would you prefer to use?

The expansion of the building's west end is being studied.

I'd like another cup of coffee.

Himawan rushed out of the office.

Spencer wanted to hide the money from his ex-wife.

Suwandi kicked Spyros in the balls.

I was relieved that you could understand my broken English.

Let's call the dog Skipper.


The modem was built into the computer.


None of Reinhard's friends could speak French.


Ben has got to get to a hospital.

I wonder what that is.

It was because of my study of theology that I became an atheist.

I can't remember what Maureen looks like.

I could not but laugh at his joke.

I didn't think this was your seat.

I must cook breakfast for her.

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I am not Melissa.

Herb isn't answering his cell.

I just did what I had to do.


Don't give them your number.

All human beings have brains, except Johnnie.

Your sister cannot swim well, can she?

You must first prove yourself.

Don't ask questions, just come with me.

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What the fuck is your problem?


Cutting corners will save you money in the short-run but cost you customers in the long-run.

Pim wrung the towel dry.

Shai is taller than any of the other kids in his class.


Kylo used Lloyd's credit cards.


Their parents tried to keep them apart.


Yumi studied English last night.


What's Jason's wife like?

I wanted to give Sugih some money.

Don't play catch.

I'm not as intelligent as him.

The fires are spreading.


He'll fail, unless he tries harder.

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Be there by 2:30 for sure.

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In the past, people went to church for confession. Nowadays they write on Facebook.

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I'm not speaking to Phiroze.


Some of the birds didn't fly.

They cannot stop him.

We'll be better off in the long run.

Please revise regularly every day.

Sanand is lazy and spoiled.

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It's Monday.

Just tell Tricia to hurry up.

Thanks to him giving me a hand, I was able to finish the work.

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I could only feel how the knife buried in my back.

Dieter burned his report card.

John is more clever than Bill.

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We're going to the beach. Would you like to go with us?

Love is the cheapest of all religions.

I don't know what I was thinking.


I'm trying to reach them.

You should not laugh at his mistake.

Graeme is a kind man.


In spite of the storm, he went out.


Socorrito made a list of places he wanted to visit.

He is dead and buried now.

What will we do when she finds us?

She was very afraid of him.

Where could she be?