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I've got to talk to someone.

You'll give it a shot, won't you?

We can't tell you anything yet.

A good idea sprung to my mind.

You were reckless.

Some politicians are considered to have caused that incident.

Do you want to switch seats?

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I revise my lessons almost every day.

We pay her well.

Brian was remorseful.

I didn't hear him coming.

The temperature is currently ten degrees below zero.


That isn't exactly what I said.

When I die, I want to be buried here.

Sedovic doesn't seem very satisfied.

Please be quiet for mercy's sake during the lesson.

How long is the Rainbow Bridge?

Have you ever heard this word?

My father does not like the heat of summer.

I know what time you said to be there, but I wasn't able to be there at that time.

Suzan is an accomplished writer.

You know that your French is good when people stop complimenting you on how good your French is.

I'll show you the city.

Betty has a sweet voice.

What is the tallest mountain in Europe?


I want to get back to Boston as soon as possible.

I live in Europe.

You're such a stickler.

There are 20 stations along this route.

How much longer will it take for the tub to fill?

Dory Jackson is the producer.

I have three cousins.

The player made a splendid comeback.

I'm not interested in apologetics.

He thinks it impossible for me to climb the mountain alone.

I have until tomorrow to finish this.

Do you think you could give me a paper bag?

Anyone could just walk in.


It's hard to get a sense of closure when your ex doesn't want to speak to you.

He proved to be an ideal husband.

Can you shut the door on your way out?

I have loads of things to do.

Lars needs to talk to Shane.

I ran into a friend on the bus.

I understand Klaus's position.


They established settlements in Africa.

What are you trying to do? Drive me insane?

Thirst is the feeling of needing to drink something.

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Do I have to answer that question?


I don't need you to wait for me.

Smoking is prohibited in this room.

Hold tight.

Don't mess with him.

Jill is the only girl in our club.


A thing like that doesn't upset me.

You're a weirdo.

I can't read these instructions.

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The cats are safe.

He doesn't have the strength to say anything.

I'll never find someone like him.

The childminder cares for between one and three children.

I'm taking it with me.

Did you tell Liz about it?

I'm not sure I'm ready to do this.


Roy told Carol and her children an interesting story.


He is a man of mean understanding.

Apparently, this is what we should do.

We have to make it!

I think that's what Jorge wants.

Sometimes I still miss her.


This is pretty good, isn't it?

Don't move from here.

I have to go to the library with Barry.

Could you tell him, please?

I'm going to take some pictures around my neighborhood.

We don't intend to give up.

They extended a rope from tree to tree.


Tiefenthal seems to be in charge.

What's your favorite kind of book?

Matthew helped me out.


I think you'll be pleased.


Carlo is learning JavaScript.

How do you know there isn't one?

Make certain where the emergency exit is before you go to bed at a hotel.


For breakfast, Sandra had a slice of bread and a cup of coffee.

The soldier said that death is not to be feared.

The truth of the matter is dawning on him.

The newspaper extracted several passages from the speech.

Hurry up! We have to leave.


Pravin went to the grocery store.

I'll try to pop in later.

Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

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Swamy should've paged Anita.

I am fed up with my old fridge.

Did you make it yourself?

Gigi lay awake all night.

Do you have any difficulty falling asleep?

These pills will cure you of your stomach-ache.

Keep your ideas to yourself.

If I can't trust my parents, who can I trust?

She lived with her father for more than twenty years.


It's the rule, not the exception.

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I'll replace him.

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She gave a small cry of alarm and fled to the bathroom.

Everyone kept talking.

We discussed many topics.

Suu was trying to protect you.

Hazel is going to beat you.

He works fast and is very articulate but his insincerity is his biggest defect.

Know that you're not scaring me.

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Myron will win for sure.


This is style!

Olivia couldn't give an ending to the story.

Would you like to know the truth about this fact?

He led a simple life.

Can I speak with you for a moment?

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I can't figure out this mathematics problem easily.

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Whose handwriting is this?

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You ought to smile more often.

I don't know why Molly is mad at me.

Oliver has constructive ideas.

Rogue said he had half a mind to throw in his job and hitchhike around Australia.

Lunch will be served.

The answer was very obvious.

Much to my dismay, Rabin came to the party wearing a prurient dress.

We have come to the clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men. People who are hungry and out of job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

Carlo hurt himself when he fell.

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"Let's buy Axel a car for his graduation present." "That's a great idea."

He wants to be taken for a rockstar.

Why aren't you doing anything?

John is not the man he was three years ago.

Later I'll go to the movies with my friend.

Bernard has never done that.

My coat has finally worn out.

We'll feed the kids first.

We're fair.


You shouldn't listen to us.

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Europeans are the world's largest consumers of alcohol.

I have a few books.

They sat by the fireplace.

He's a fake.

You don't have to help.

I checked the gauge.

We had to talk to Karen.


Paying your rent is not your biggest worry.

OK. I think I understand what you're asking.

Herb seemed nervous.

He utters an exclamation of annoyance.

We're all very worried about you.


We'll probably be away for a few days.


Mahesh refused to take part in the game.

You went out to eat, didn't you?

He's a vegetarian. He doesn't know what he's missing.

I finally beat Sharon at chess.

It is enough for today.

He pretends that he's a stranger here.

I didn't invite them.

Plug this in.

Portuguese descends from Latin.

I'm not the pheasant plucker, I'm the pheasant plucker's son. I'm only plucking pheasants 'til the pheasant plucker comes.

He acquainted her with his plan.

I'll be on my own.

She is an avid reader.


Michelle is a tomboy.


The situation has improved considerably compared with what it was.