This was your big idea, remember?

I was completely bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

Where did she take this picture?

I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

A true gentleman never betrays his friends.

They listened intently.


It's not stupid.


He's a hopeless case.

What's the meaning of this sentence?

Heather is obscene.

It's no problem for me to help you tomorrow morning.

Excuse me, may I have another cup of tea?

I've met them a few times.

He got tested for HIV.

I don't have enough money to pay for the operation that I need.

Do they hate me?

I won't be a moment.

How's your old lady doing?


I want what's best for them.

She will be here before long.

Passion grew in their hearts.

I had my brother put this room in order.

My little sister has been suffering from a toothache since last night.

She's still a child after all.

That happens to be wrong.


I didn't get his joke.

You didn't tell me it was illegal.

I haven't really told you anything you shouldn't have already known.

Now I can go home with good conscience.

He had a serious illness in the autumn of 1823.


I agree with you to a certain extent.

Have you received a letter from him?

How do you like them apples?

Brad came here with Malcolm, didn't he?

Thuan bought new laces for his shoes.

As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder.

Wenjin is a Chinese woman.


Emily has a sweet tooth.


My house is a two-story affair.

Smoking in a car with a child under 16 is against the law.

Why didn't you go to Boston last week?

We wanted to talk to Alastair.

I can't afford to buy a pony.

This is the first time I've caught such a big fish!

My family and I are going for a fun filled day at the beach. It will include swimming, gathering shells, and building sandcastles.

Beautiful flowers don't always produce good fruits.

We'll find something.

Dan persuaded Linda to leave Britain with him.

He denied that he knew that man.


Marina knows where the meeting will be.

You and your friends are invited.

Marek took aim and fired a warning shot.

I am not finished with you yet.

The hardest part of the way is in front of us.


I thought Piet lived in this neck of the woods.

In a civil contract, an acquittal means that one party has released the other from an agreed obligation, usually because a debt has been paid in full.

I'm disappointed as well.


There is another question too that we must discuss.

This is the first time I've seen this animal.

I'm here to take Valentin home.

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Tilden won more popular votes than Hayes.

Neal is Jeffie's younger sister.

Stephan is thickheaded.

I have got three hens.

We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

Lord's homesick.

The dinner was so tasty.

There is a white dove on the roof.

He grabbed her hand.


No matter whose money this is, I am keeping it! Finders keepers!

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There is a boy near the door.

One town has excellent sports facilities.

She felt sympathy for the orphan and gave him some money.

Seriously, people are so dumb.

Mitch can't survive alone.

Although the fork entered society on the tables of rich people, many members of royalty, such as Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France, ate with their fingers.

Even gods die when no one believes in them any longer.


There's a secret song hidden on this album.

My sister made me a beautiful doll.

How many stars are there in our galaxy?

Miriam doesn't know the system.

Will you stamp this letter for me?

We're in pain.

Norma will never agree.

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I guess I'm not the first to tell you that.

Stop bullying her.

Is it contagious?


Belinda said he wasn't even there that night.

Another possibility occurred to Sergei.

She sees herself as the center of the universe.

The plastic chair is cheap.

Lin tried to convince me to do that.

I am getting tall!

Most girls are kind.

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How long will we remain in Beijing?

They knew I knew.

Like father like son.


Dan's criticisms are sometimes useful in focusing my thinking.


Our plane was cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.

Would you mind wrapping it up as a gift?

No parking.

We're studying French and web design.

Why doesn't she work with me anymore?

She did her best never to think of him.

He had the boldness to ignore my advice.


How did he come by this money?

Plastic says he doesn't want to argue about this anymore.

He compiled a Japanese folklore anthology for use in schools.


We're going to be fine.


We must protect the children.

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It is a great honor for me to meet you.

My new job is harder than my old one.

Our teacher is really stubborn, or not?


Rick is possessive.

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Kate can do what he wants.


Soon, the expanse of the galaxy became reminiscent of ancient Polynesian migrational waves throughout the Pacific Ocean.

I don't want to bother him.

I can't help thinking what Hank would say if he saw me doing this.

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I'm sorry, but we're rushed for time.

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As per commutative law, I understand that it is -(-x) = x, 1/(1/x) = x .


Please speak more loudly so that everybody can hear you.

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The man tried to catch hold of me by the collar.

Sandra got bored and left.

She has no more than twelve cubs.

Please drop in on us when you come this way.

Can anyone believe you?

Try it on.

A man's home is his castle.


She can't be all bad.

But for his steady support, my venture would have resulted in a failure.

Hey, wait for me.


He's here to protect you.

I found the secret compartment quite by accident.

Why don't you share it with me?


He went overboard for his daughter's wedding.

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I am different from Claudia.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to your party.

I got very annoyed at her remarks.

My father insisted I should go to see the place.

He's getting up early.

I think that Emily is an honest man.

I pointed out that we needed more money for the poor.

It is a little after a quarter to eleven.

I asked him if he had enjoyed himself the day before.

Shatter walked down the dark hallway.

She walked slowly through the park to show off her new hairstyle.

Let's go for a walk to the mountains.

Did Phiroze take anything?


She held the child to her bosom.

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A cool wind is blowing from the sea.


Nicholas has enough money to do anything he wants to.

I will scrutinize you closely.

I visited Boston a long time ago.

I didn't see who was driving.

I can't blame you for dreaming.


I was determined to be able to speak many different languages.

I expect you to work harder.

"Things are getting better," Hohn agreed.


I just wanted Cris to shut up.


We tend to use more and more electric appliances in the home.