The myth is traveling solo for women is dangerous. However, it is absolutely safe to travel the world alone. Even if you go to the developing countries, Even if you don’t understand the local language. Here are the few safety tips for women traveling solo:

1. Study about your destination before your Trip.

Yes, it is interesting to plan and research about your traveling destination. In between searching the most beautiful beaches for most fun activities, Travelers should take some time to research the safety information. What are the best places to visit and the ones you should avoid? What are the best possible ways of transportation, Nearest Medical facilities are the questions to be researched for?

When it comes to accommodation the most important part of the traveling always looks for the rating and the other guest reviews about their experience. This way it will give you a rough idea of what you are going to experience and what you can expect from the accommodation provider.


2. Take your time to trust people

Traveling solo can be fun. It is for sure alluring to join some local group, Sometimes it turns out to be lifelong friendship but in most cases, it is vice- versa. 

Everyone must have heard about Conman, they are very good at befriending travelers, Getting them to leave the valuables unattended and robbing them before the trip ends.

If you’re getting to know someone, Take your time to trust them, take things slowly.

3. Don’t publicize to be traveling alone

Do not tell anyone that you are traveling alone. If someone asks you is it your first time visiting the place the best response is no, we often visit. It is better to be safe than sorry like vise it better to be alone than being with an unknown group where you have to worry about your safety.

4. Book your accommodation carefully 

The best way to book a safe accommodation or hotel is to book international hotel chains. While booking select your preferences which is near to the elevator, ground floor, and many others.

Don’t wait to book until you reach your destination. 

5. Stay Connected

Cell phone and internet are the two most important part of our life, Days without smartphone and internet seems almost old-fashioned. Stay connected to the close one and give a regular update of your whereabouts. Smartphones with GPS will be of a great help.


Traveling is definitely fun but it can be pretty hectic for some of us, especially when visa processing is involved. Being an Indian passport holder there are some beautiful Visa Free countries around the world which require no visa, Here are some exciting countries to visit this year:

1. Fiji

Located in the South Pacific close to Australia and New Zealand. Fiji is known for its extensive group of island. Best place for Far off and exotic getaway and are at top of every traveler’s bucket list. Visa-free entry makes it easier to plan your perfect vacation.

2. Hong Kong

Pubs, Restaurants, markets and eye-popping skyline – Hong Kong is always full of life. Planning to visit Hong Kong requires you to fill up an online form before the travel. This visa-free destination offers you a lot to visit. Disneyland Hong Kong, Lantau Island is a must Visit. Shopping is for sure the most interesting part of the vacation, and Hong Kong offers various street market.

3. Jamaica

Located on the Caribbean island to reveal its rainforest, Mountains and the beaches. Jamaica is a birthplace of Reggae Music. This visa-free destination offers a wide variety of Natural Beauty. Be it Dunn’s River falls or Blue mountains, Jamaica will offer you the breathtaking view and the wonderful memories to take back.

4. Ecuador

Country overlapping the equator on South America’s West Coast. Individuals up for adventure will explore the forest of Amazon, Galapagos Islands. Take a ride to visit the equator.

5. Macau

Macau is an independent region of the south coast of China. Best known as Les Vegas of Asia, Indulge yourself in casino games or see the mix of Portuguese and Chinese features in Macau Buildings. Taipa Village is also must visit place.

Macau is a city of blended cultures. Ancient Chinese temples paved with traditional Portuguese tiles.

International travel requires a lot of arranging and planning. From accommodation, Tickets, Visa applications to travel agendas. You need to be fully prepared for the upcoming trip. Vacation homes are very Prevalent among the families. Here are the few tips to find the perfect vacation homes abroad for you to have a relaxed vacation:

Locate a legitimate rental source

Looking for a reputable rental owner or company will require you to pay more attention, as it is a wise investment for the perfect trip abroad and for the peace of mind. As holiday homes or vacation rentals are very common however one should not put more emphasis on choosing the reputable rental company as most vacation rentals are privately owned. Airbnb is the best international rental source to book your perfect vacation rental that will provide with online customer service 24/7. It will give you direct access to connect with the owner.

Choose specific location

Choosing a particular location takes a lot of time as there are various things to take into account before booking the vacation home. The very first thing to consider is that the vacation home is accessible from the hot spot of the city, Public transport, Car rentals. It will make the vacation easy and you can export the surrounding areas with an easy access.

Easy access and location are important when selecting vacation home abroad.

Focus on property interiors

Property interiors are definitely the main factor to look for. As it is very important to pin down the things you are paying for. Pictures will give you the idea about what your vacation home looks like and the amenities included.

Read the Fine Print

Before booking the vacation homes understanding the rules and regulations of the apartment is very important. There are many charges which are mentioned in the fine prints like city tax, Security deposit. It is better to check before booking, so that it will not leave a hole in your pocket.

One of the most important things to keep a note is vacation homes are not like hotels, as booking vacation home is a binding contract between you and the homeowner.

Dubai itself is a moving city to spend your weekend in, it is good to discover the other hidden gems of UAE. Mountains to deserts, coastal cities to hot springs, there are adequately other places for the weekend. Below are the best weekend getaways from Dubai.

Al Ain

Al ain is a serene oasis middle of the desert, located on the eastern border with Oman.  Al ain is best known for blooming natural hot springs. Ease away the weekend in the UAE’s Garden city as you relish the green palm groves.

Jebel Hafeet

A transcending rough mountain offering shade to the city of Al Ain.A perfect getaway for those who want to adore an astonishing view of the country and hiking trails. Jabel Hafeet will abandon you feeling invigorated.

Al Hatta

Al Hatta is a terrain of the United Arab Emirates known for its high ajar mountains. Impeccable getaway for those who want to experience Hajar mountains and its serenity. Hike along its mountains paths for an insight into the more wilder side of UAE.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi located in the interior on an island in the Persian Gulf. This capital city is the best for the weekend getaway. Good for the individuals who want a calm city for a perfect weekend getaway. Best known for its more relaxed atmosphere. A long walk and alone time on the beach is all you need after the Traumatic week.

The Empty Quarter

The world’s largest constant stretch if sand mass will leave you gasping with astonishment at the beauty of Mother Nature. Best way to explore the beauty of the Arabian peninsula.

Planning for a perfect vacation involves a lot of planning and is the most time-consuming aspect of traveling. With a lot excitement and curiosity in mind, traveling to a new place also brings confusion and might make you miss out on the most enjoyable part of traveling if not planned. 

Here are a few tips on how to travel with a peace of mind and not having to talk to many people and hassle yourself. That said and done not everything can be full proof, there will be situations that cannot be avoided during travel, however following certain guidelines and practices done before will help achieve the highest expectations of your dream travel.

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

1. Choosing the right calendar days  

The common notion about travel is when their family/ children have vacation or in a holiday season in the country is when a vacation is planned, but what’s best is to always choose the right season at the destination, that is, avoiding risky weather conditions, peak seasons, or known holidays and vacations in the choice of your destination.

2. Fix a realistic budget

There’s a saying, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. So it’s important to know the basic survival local techniques of the place you’re traveling to. Know local stores, public transport costs, and timings, hotel alternatives in case anything goes wrong and ask people who’ve been there about their favorite foods to satisfy your midnight cravings. 

3. Research on best deals

Always compare prices. These days it’s easy to find different deals online. I have used sky scanner mostly to get the best deals, on airfare and vacation homes. 

4. Reviews are important. 

TripAdvisor is the most used and I use it personally too. They have features which are always updated and have a good mix of reviews from which you can determine the pros and cons of the destination since people are foodies these days, a lot can be added to the list of foods you want to have through sites like these. 

The more you read the more organized the planning will become in terms of the itinerary. 

5. Book instantly! 

When looking for deals, you might become little greedy as there will be a lot of cheap options or 5 star rated deals in front of your eyes, however sometimes waiting for the cheapest deal will make you lose the best for the day, so go with the best deal on the first go and you won’t regret it!