Their support for him cooled.

I suddenly remembered that I couldn't afford so many books.

The European Games 2015 took place in Baku.

This does me good.


I only wanted to be helpful.

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He is an early riser.

I'll have to meet you there.

There is a disproportionate number of girls in the class.

This rose has a white bloom.

Mehrdad wasn't sure what to feel when Joubert compared her breasts to twin stoats with pointed noses. Although that must have been meant as a compliment, it was certainly a very peculiar one at that.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


Do you remember the time we went to Paris?

In general, the Japanese are polite.

We flew over their farm in a helicopter.


That play had good ratings.

Have they found anything yet?

We've reached a stalemate in our relationship.

She invited me to her wedding.

I am the State!

Chet started to get a little hungry.

All the passengers aboard were killed in the crash.

What time will you arrive in Boston,Morton?

I suggest that you study harder.

Kimberly's family moved to Boston in 2013.

It's all behind you now.

I must send for the doctor.

I think Marshall believed me.

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Have you seen her recently?

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Miss Pate felt timid about making a speech before a hundred people.


How do you account for your absence from the meeting?

I just don't know what to think.

That was fun, wasn't it?

How did you get him to laugh?

Are you sure you don't want some of this?


It's not irrelevant.


These are the simple facts.


The server is down again.


You've always been there for me.

The house looked very dismal.

I want Gilles beaten up.

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Look straight ahead.

I thought I was going crazy.

I think I fell asleep in the meeting.

Nobody consoled you when you were sad.

Now give me the list.

Would you please tell me what's wrong?

I'm calling the meeting off.

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Are you ever coming back?


We should be careful what we say.


Thanks to the arrangements made by Ken'ichi, the women found various places to work around town.

He's trying really hard.

As a matter of fact, I did it.

The question is what're we going to do about it.

I know her since ten years ago.

No one trusts Ahmet.

You should've called them.


He's my stepbrother.

When you start to look like the photo in your passport, it's time to go on vacation.

We could stop somewhere.

Do you think I'm ugly?

I understand the allusion.

You're the worst liar in the world.

He demanded that the savage dog be kept tied up.

Are there many women in your work unit?

John is Suzan's son.

Susan shined your father's shoes.

It's no trouble at all.


Is that what you're going to tell Theo?

Piercarlo has talked about running for governor.

Tal climbed the stairs.

He trusts you.

They set out at the rooster's call.

I used to eat a lot of junk food.

Let me do that again.

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She left the building at about 6 p.m.

Merton said it was an accident.

My office is on the fourth floor of that gray six-story building.


On July 20, 1969 Commander Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin successfully touched down on the lunar surface.


I have nothing particular to mention with regard to the affair.

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We're really pleased.


Therefore, a center for the development of human resources should be built in Japan.

It is very kind of you.

There was no response.


I haven't been in contact with Mr Smith recently.

You're not as smart as you think you are.

I watched baseball on TV after I finished my homework.

Laurianne isn't like Alastair.

Roman came closer.

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The culture of the Chinese zodiac is deeply rooted in people's lives, language and literature.

Mr Yamada, there's a call for you.

What pain are you trying to cover up with alcohol?

Don't talk about it in front of him.

Being wrong in what you are is easiest.


This is my baby.

This car wax gives permanent protection against heavy rain.

You've got all the reason in the world.

He is getting old.

The horses are unsettled about the gunshots.

Everybody knows who Juergen is.

I was disappointed at how little work there was there.

I realized I needed to study French a little harder.

He stood stock still.

I cannot stand this heat.

Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere.

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He is a diligent student. He studies three hours every day.

I put my coat on the table.

She did understand everything.


I'm not Jwahar's mother.

Sjouke realized Agatha was right.

This paper has very good absorption.

Bud is someone that I trust.

My car is deficient in horsepower.

Nobody can keep us apart now.

She was accused of being a heretic.

I really like this video.

I couldn't stand a life without pleasures!

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This looks very familiar.


King is a member of the committee.

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I want you to say you're not going back to Boston.

There is heavy traffic on this street.

I often meditate on the meaning of life.

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He was able to solve the problem.

I think you know who I'm talking about.

I don't recall asking for your advice.

Sometimes my hands shake.

I don't think you need to tell Pontus anything.

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I guess I'll have to leave now.

I don't have many friends.

He sometimes drops in on me.

What time does Flight 333 from Boston arrive?

I still can't work out what the artist intended to portray.

I don't like to eat sardines, because I think they taste too salty.

After watching the movie, I wanted to read the book, too.

I know the very person that will do this job.

Not everything that you read on the Internet is true.

Everybody laughed at his error.

This room is not big.


Norbert takes a shower every morning.

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I need to decide what to do.

As soon as I have written the letter I will rush to the post office.

You've got to come with me.

I'm going away for a month.

You may have good reason to think that your youth is over.

You speak so quietly I can barely hear you.

The man was held in police custody.

The government was earning more money than it needed.

Have you heard the latest rumours?

This teacher goes by the name of "Pops."

After sleeping well, I felt much better.

Mr. Wall put off going to the dentist's.

The explosion was cause by a car accident.

This is a fact, not a fiction.

He applied for the position.

The wind is blowing hard.

It's very easy to use.

She revealed the secret.

What's so funny about this?

I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.

Liza wrote two books.

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Personally, I don't think we should be doing this.

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Archie parked in front of the building.


The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits "atrocities" but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future.