Kelly was startled by the noise.

I wish my friends could've been there with me.


We'll go after we eat.

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Suyog did weight training at a local gym.

The teacher warned us that the exam would probably be complicated.

Jimmy and Pieter both have drinks in their hands.

I read a lot in my diary yesterday.

In most cases, his answers are right.

She is a very good teacher.

Don't cry. It's going to be okay.

I felt very uneasy.

You may not believe this, but I don't drink at all.

Martha never speaks to Bradford.

I'm not saying that's wrong.

You and I can work together.

Ned held the flag erect.

I broke my leg in a traffic accident.

I love the way you treat me.

Marek had a skiing accident.

He must love her.


Would you show me a less expensive camera than this one?

Are you often grumpy?

The train is about a half-hour overdue.

Since he's in show business he often goofs around in a showy way, but once in a while he has these bashful mannerisms that are really cute.

Juliet is a good husband to me.

I have to take an examination in history tomorrow.

She sang pretty well.

Snow completely covered the town.

Roxanne hung up on me.

Days are getting longer.

When was the last time you had a complete checkup?

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Kelvin put the lid back on the peanut butter jar.

I gave Kusum Pilot's phone number.

Who listens to Nicolette?

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Wendell and Celia both have drinking problems.


Yesterday was cloudy.

He took it literally.

I promise to leave you alone.

You wouldn't understand. It's a girl thing.

Tyler ate half a bag of potato chips.

All in all, after ten years of searching, my friend got married to a girl from the Slantsy region.

Kees was witty.

Penny doesn't like men who sound like Thierry.

I didn't stay until the end of the concert.

I can't run away from the fascination of music.

I wish to see her immediately.

She has gonorrhea.

What we do is up to you.

The secret was spread.

Get away from this city.

Was there something you wanted to say to me?

Magnus didn't really want to help us, but he did.

Nanda began to pull on his jeans.

I think perhaps I can help him.

Everyone has been there.

Those two will always be together.


My father told me about this place.


I saw Bob and Lorenzo while I was waiting for Kate.


This hat is too big for me.

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Do you speak Elvish?


In the middle of the tour, they became separated from the main group.

The team were quite nervous before the game.

Happy is the man who is contented.

This is the latest acquisition to my library.

What're you doing to him?

He pretended he knew nothing about it.

Sophie had her own pony. It had been given to her by her father.

We're all going to die anyway.

The boy lost his way in the forest.

He asked for their advice.

His mother died when he was young, and his grandmother brought him up.

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The policeman ran after the thief shouting "Stop!".

She's upset right now.

I'm looking after myself.

Ritalynne never talked to me.

I'm extremely grateful.

It's a big deal.

The gazing populace receive greedily, without examination, whatever soothes superstition and promotes wonder.

Roderick married the merchant's daughter.

If life turns its back on you...

Never choose a vocation just because it looks easy.

Jef doesn't even own a suit.

I assume you'll be investigating this.

That's so inappropriate.


Compare the signatures.


We're not in the jungle.

Micheal gave Louiqa massages.

Anything you can tell us would be helpful.


Boys are stupid.

These articles try to present the history of the Romansh language.

Do you get penguins in the Arctic?

Will you have a cup of tea?

Please have it finished by this time tomorrow.

I am growing a cat.

They said they hadn't done what we accused them of.


This book is easy enough for a five-year-old child to read.

This should be a lot of fun.

Punish the wicked and save the weak.

Will you please wait on me, miss?

I won't be able to attend.

It is doubtful whether he will accept my proposal or not.

Everyone needs education. Society must promote public welfare with all its might, and bring education within the reach of all its citizens.

I don't attend more often, not because I'm not interested, but because I can't find the time.

We're going to take our time.

I'm the one who was wounded in the foot.

You need to study French harder.

He married an air hostess.

He got a better score than us.

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They roped off part of the street.

I still have vivid memories of the explosion of the space shuttle.

We've got to go and help him.


This old house is made of wood.


Ramesh bought a leather jacket.

Why would Skef lie about that?

He came back from the States.


The child knows how to swim, so she won't drown in the water.


How many people are out there?


Youths who are caught violating the new rules on behaviour will lose their right to free travel, and will have to complete unpaid community work to earn it back.


You called me at bad time. Sorry, I'm busy.


You're not my friend anymore.

It's a very serious crime.

He responded very quickly to my letter.

I hope you didn't lend Vidhyanath any money.

Love is the answer. But while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.


He lit another cigarette, but immediately put it out.

Now it's completely different.

There was nothing here, just sand and more sand.

Can I make an outside call by this phone?

The tower is as high as 220 meters.

Kory tried to get Ozan to accept our proposal.

I bought this racket two months ago.

Next time I switch jobs, I need work that will let me make use of the experience I've gained up to now.

Seth was moaning.


In some larger cities, people must stint on food and clothing in order to make rent or mortgage payments.


Nothing much has changed.


Dustin lives in the country.

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Patrick liked you.

There's always hope.

Gordon believes Angela made the right decision.

If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I'd like to make a call.

This show is too racy for teenagers.

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The policies are quite clear.

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Where's Tehran?

Mikael seemed really embarrassed.

I solved every exercise in less than half an hour.


You must keep your room clean.

I came yesterday.

This shirt looks good on you.

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The friends spent a lot of money on their shopping trip.

I never agreed to anything like this.

Her technique is superb, but she needs to play with more expression.


Eduardo is sick, but it isn't serious.


Does Vicki want to play with me?

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Write it down!

Bus rates have stayed the same for two years.

We're only a little away from two million.


Did you know that Kenn was kidnapped when he was three?


I didn't run away.

Dan stood trial for the first degree murder of Linda Smith.

I'm not being paranoid.

You're way too good for him.

Helge succumbed to Molly's influence.