That pianist is known for his technique.

Are there any pens in the car?

Let's go take a look.

My son can already count up to one hundred.

Jose won't be busy this afternoon.

I'll shoot him a PM.

You were right all along.

Celeste and Sanche looked at each other and then at John.


That's bullshit!


That car is no doubt in an awful condition.

I don't recall seeing her.

He listened to the news on the radio as he fed his dog.

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I know you can rely on him for transportation.


What's happened?

I don't need to tell you again, do I?

For certain, no one will look for this sentence.


I'll expect you soon.


I'll alert Pablo.

A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.

Do you think I'm scared of you?


You must wonder who I am.

You're a horrible driver.

You should do exercise.

He said that if he had much money, he would buy the dictionary.

I know who you are and whom you represent.

She feels at ease in their home.

One theory held that a meteor killed the age of dinosaurs.


You know where to find me if you need me.


The tower stood amid the ruins.


This is a difficult responsibility to embrace. For human history has often been a record of nations and tribes subjugating one another to serve their own interests. Yet in this new age, such attitudes are self-defeating.

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I think Matthieu is romantic.

I've heard that they've found an extraterrestrial object on the moon.

Pieter felt like he could do anything.


Arne, I want you to listen to what I have to say.

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That decision will have wide and serious consequences.

Because she is twenty-five years old, she gets married.

He went by me without noticing me.

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Swamy had a great love for the theater.


Nichael always lies.

Our teacher showed us different kinds of flowers and told us in passing that those flowers came from her garden.

Get ready to be happy.


Goodness knows why he's been picked for the national squad - he's been terrible all season!

I still think Jos is a racist.

You'll never guess what I just found.

I speak three languages.

I like to make faces at her.


She is able to translate immediately after he says something.

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We arrived five minutes before the concert.


Siegurd is coming with me.


What's the material?


Seenu belongs here.

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The trade imbalance bulks large in our minds.

Sridharan was glad to hear the news.

I wish you to relieve me of my anxiety.

I immediately recognized them and so did Saad.

They invited me to dinner.

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Why on earth are you so kind?

Susumu must've been planning this for weeks.

You've got to be intrepid!

Jeff wore the tie Kim had given him for a birthday present.

He supports the Democratic Party.


Were you flirting with him?


Nobody knows where he lives.

Please have some cookies.

I'm not a problem-solver.

That was the best part of the whole trip.

I'm not about to marry Suzie.

Could you please take a seat?

Stagger might be the guy who did this.


Ranjit doesn't want to go to school today.

All my friends are getting married.

This dish is eaten without bread.

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It happened so quickly.

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You're highly intelligent.

He will learn to do it in three hours.

Roy said he'd walk Shamim home.

Wilmer seems to be optimistic.

I'm worried about what other people are going to think.

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The teacher gathered his students around him.


Yiddish is written with the Hebrew alphabet.


Favoring one gender over another won't win you any friends here.

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That didn't happen.

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Humility is one of the seven holy virtues.


They're just out of my price range.

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Diana will be a college student next spring.


Eva is in need of medical attention right away.

Winnie gestured for Amedeo to go inside.

You all were very good before, and now you're even better.

I just had to check on something.

I don't see them often.

I'm in Paris.

How do you know how to do that?

Would you like me to call a taxi?

One of them is still missing.


The wintry weather lasted long into April the year before last.


The police haven't ruled out suicide.

I'm done packing.

We've got a pretty good team.

You've told me that already.

Nici will be here till 2:30.


We must vacate the house before next month.

It is too late to go out now.

I think Hume has a plan.

How many oceans are there in the world?

Finding an optimal solution will take some time.


You shouldn't do that anymore.

That child thought much of his parents.

It wasn't a stupid idea.

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We're trying to help.

Do you copy?

I'll discuss the matter with Sheila.


I think he is not so much a novelist as he is a scholar.

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Because of my job, I will be in Tokyo next week.

Do you still read books?

What he has just said has offended me.

The river is running dry.

Why won't anybody help me?


This is the life that I chose.


My family are all athletic.

The most frightening of our enemies are often the smallest ones.

We met today.

Give her some flowers in return for her kindness.

Don't ask what they think. Ask what they do.


The oil pipeline is leaking.

Karen brought it here.

My family have lived here for twenty years.

I'm trying to verify the problem you reported.

Could you show me another one, please?

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It was difficult for me.

Maybe we should call her.

You should always keep your word.

People in Minnesota are nice.

I'll come back, I promise.

Are you going to blame me for this, too?

Both nocebo and placebo effects are presumably psychogenic.


His success is out of question.


Tammy snuggled up to Robin and put her arms around his neck.


Happy Walpurgis Night!

I don't like to make a mistake.

I don't know how long Srinivas lived in Boston, but it was at least three years.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

Correcting one another, we will all improve our Esperanto.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

Pete is under guard.

Nothing dramatic will happen.

You shouldn't stay up so late at night.

It began raining just now.

Michael said that he thought Wade knew where John had found the key she'd lost.


The lights are now off.