This isn't the time or the place to do that.

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I don't believe this is true.

How much do you think Kusum will give me for this?

Do I have to take this medicine?

I'm planning to buy a mobile phone tomorrow.

Pascal is a pastor.

One kind word can warm three winter months.

A boy of seventeen is usually as tall as his father.


I can't speak fluent Indonesian yet.

How will it end?

Jack of all trades, and master of none.

Ima will buy satin material for her new drapes.

You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met.


My dog is clean.


Sally's boss is much-maligned, but Liber's always found him reasonable.

They're a good crew.

Why did you think Ira wasn't going to be here?

I want a distraction.

Time was hard on her.

"Who gave that to you?" "Some man."

Jerald appealed to the judge for mercy.


Now, I'll take your temperature.


The country respects the Prime Minister.

I heard from my sister. The letter says she is well now.

Rain or shine, I will go.


Sandra wanted to free the captive dogs.

He was tumbled out of the car.

Here you are, Josh.

The curtain fell amid the wild applause of the audience.

Gunnar is very generous.

I didn't do any such thing.

The reason is clear.

Is Coleen serious?

I don't want to offend her.


Robbin doesn't like competition.


Forewarned is forearmed.

He ironed his shirt.

Ask yourself why.


I've got blisters on my feet.

Teruyuki has seen this.

Knapper really likes it.

The performance was received with applause.

My sister is playing with dolls.

He is still studying.

What do you think Joel was listening to while jogging this morning?

I sent an email to them.

I need to get them home.


Can you drive a five speed?

Cumulonimbus are a dense and vertically developed cloud that produces thunderstorms. The cloud can bring heavy showers, hail, lightning, high winds and sometimes tornadoes.

Elias couldn't get what you requested.

That tie suits you.

Do you often think about things outside the bounds of your reality?

They went upstairs.

The boy and the man are drinking water.


Do you have any beans in your garden?


You're forgetting them.

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Barbara was killed by Alister.

She's a bride.

Rob gets scared easily.

Jack will not answer my letters.

I admitted that I was wrong.

All the world desires peace.

I'm not homophobic, but I have no problem with electroshock therapy for gay people.

Gilles crossed the dunes.

He was raving.


He had lunch.

Get over here right now, Stanislaw.

I can't leave here.

Is Liechtenstein a European country?

She didn't give me her real name.

You discovered my biggest weakness: excruciating pain.

Geoff is brushing her horse.

Animals have bodies largely composed of fluid.

You're not allowed to carry food into the library.


What time do you leave tomorrow?

The Dead Sea lives: it attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

An announcement of his death appeared in the newspapers.

If the need arises customised solutions can be included in the product.

If you wish to speak with many people, you ought to learn Esperanto. Why this language? Because it is both beautiful and stimulates our study. An international language is of great moment because there are so many people in the various countries of the world. And besides, Esperanto is not only useful but easy to learn. If you speak Esperanto you can travel in many countries. Come and learn it!

I've unlinked the Japanese sentence since it didn't have the same meaning as this sentence.

It's really unfortunate. You don't understand at all its essence.

Unfortunately she already has a steady boyfriend.

He is giving me a hard time.

He has extensive experience and his competence has branched out into several fields.

I don't see any differences between the approaches of Esperantists and of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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She's got a good eye for paintings.

I am ironing my dress.

No one will care.

Plastic scheduled a last-minute meeting.

We must not rest on our laurels!


He did nothing out of the way.


He is happy about the progress he has recently made.

Thank you for the warning.

I attended the party.

At first, I couldn't see anything.

What's the time in Boston now?


My hair is longer than Jane's is.

Diabetes is an expensive disease to treat.

Did you get my email?


I am an American.

What was the last concert you went to?

I can't breath through my nose.

Even the best-laid plans can go bust.

This tire doesn't have enough air in it.

They said they hadn't seen anyone.

For better or worse, there is nothing to do but to leave the matter in his hands.

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It was a complete disaster.

I'm a university student.

Rabin did the work carefully.

Mitchell is watching the news report.

I'm honored to know you.

If she was displeased, she never showed it.

Troy certainly sounds content.

Surprised at her behavior, he could not say a word.

This is the best news we've heard so far.


It's important for parents to be on the same page when it comes to disciplining their children.

Didn't you read the book?

Is there something special about it?

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Tracy was impressed with what she saw.


Small children tend to wander off if you don't watch them all the time.

The grapes seem to be sour.

I bought Pradeep a toy car.

I need everyone to continue performing admirably.

If the money doesn't make you happy, then give it to me. I will be happy.

He's afraid to dance.

Do you want to get one of those?


Are you nuts?

Mariou is a lot busier than I am.

In the corner sat a pile of old ironwork.

I had to stay at home.

Kevin took a yoga class.

There's one thing I didn't mention.

I didn't hurt them.

Why not try talking to the police?

I really want to see Rakhal.

You've got to apologize to her.

You're undependable.

Nanda didn't want to talk about his illness.

The workers do not have a fatherland.

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Irfan couldn't remember where he put his pen.

Are you taking politics this semester?

I don't choose your ties.

You're pretty good at French, aren't you?

The boss stresses punctuality.

At first I chose to listen to him in silence.

I was cool as a cucumber.

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I have my own reasons.


She drew a tree.

I offered to pick Novorolsky up, but he wanted to come by himself.

Christie left Boston a few days ago.


I bought ingredients for curry on Sunday.

Nobody's allowed to do that.

I am short of money for my trip.

Being responsible for your children does not affect your level of testosterone.

I am filthy rich.


The newspaper called for the government to stop inflation.

We don't hate them anymore.

Do you have strong likes and dislikes for certain food?


Lend me a memo pad or something.

See to this matter right away, will you?

She spied on him while he was bathing.

I've got no secrets from her.

We're excited.


Christina hid behind the curtain and held his breath.

You'll have a rough time.

Jock isn't strict enough with his students.