He's out of town.

Glaciers around the world are melting.

How's everything at home?

There is a bathroom here.

Learn what you can.

Have you spoken to her yet?

I'm not chicken.

Are we really that old?


This might be a good time to visit Ted.


Would you like me to read it for you?

I'll be there as fast as I can.

The old must be respected.

I made a dive for his knife.

Vadim has been here since 2013.


Ingo loves her.


There is no time to lose.

Julius drove his golf cart into a sand trap.

Forgive me, please!

There's no possibility of that happening.

No matter what happens, don't forget to smile.

Do you happen to know the time?

Life without love is just totally pointless.

I did everything I was asked to do.

Do you know how to sew?

You want another one, don't you?

I kind of liked the idea.

Do you like noodles with beef?

Billie went to West Point.

I want to know what this is all about.

When Terrance went to have breakfast, he found that all the bread had gone mouldy.


If you want a hotel, look, it's just down there.

They're putting me in a difficult position.

We were playing rugby.

We have mutual friends.

I'll tell you a story.

The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

This and that are two different stories.

I never knew his first name.

It turned out that he had long been dead.

I won't go into details.

I consider that racial discrimination.


It was yesterday that she went.

Was anybody in there?

Thank you.

There's milk in the fridge.

You have learnt a bad philosophy which is controlling your life.

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I most certainly didn't say that.

I hope to return soon.

I've got this little job I want you to do.

Newspapers influence the current of time.

We didn't have money for that.

I've been trying to avoid her.

How am I still alive?


Juliet is fighting in the street.

His hair is receding from his forehead.

Sally gave me a good piece of information.

The toothpaste is on the sink.

I was forced to lie.


Why didn't you go to school today?

Try it by all means.

Griff is on his own.

They all got up to leave.

When one has a wonderful dream, one doesn't wish to come down to earth.

You don't want to do this.

I thought of various factors before I acted.


The summer collection has arrived.

The man in the corner addressed himself to the husband.

I found a very interesting website that proposes the complete texts of Icelandic sagas, some of which are also translated in English and Danish.

Maybe Lana will help us.

You can't have a celebration without fireworks.

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Diane explained why he was there.

How long have you and Murray been roommates?

I'm going to ask Deirdre out.


Are you saying I shouldn't trust Arne?


I've found a job.

The situation is desperate.

She's active and fit.

I think you know what you should do.

I can't ask him to do that.

I blunted one.

Chet would have eaten more if he hadn't been sick.


I wondered who it was.

He knows her.

There are more pagans in Northern Germany than in Southern Germany.

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Too late, when we got there Jack had already gone.

I can speak a tiny bit of Hungarian.

I thought he wouldn't come.


How can banks prepare for the next recession?

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I wish I had asked Rajarshi for advice before I started.

I must say I'm quite impressed.

It'll be fine, Lynne. It's just a storm.

Margot woke the children up and told them to get ready for school.

The distinction is important.


I don't want to sue them.

They're either in the shed or in the den.

I was really impressed with it.


That displeased everyone.

How often do you wash your jeans?

Floria has young children.

I cannot relax if one of my friends is anxious.

I got some good second-hand books today.

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Can't you do that at all?

To my sorrow, my father cannot attend the meeting.

Kevyn said he didn't want to go to Boston.

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When I came to the school, there was nobody there anymore.

Catch it!

The dictionary on the desk is Trent's.

Sleep is better than medicine.

I'll be with them if I'm needed.

I worked really hard on this.

Condillac, with sensationalism, revolutionised the concept of mind, making language and gesture prior to ideas, shattering Locke's conception of language as a mere passive medium.

We don't have to do this now.

I don't think that's the answer.

Blackbeard named his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

How could I make him fall for it?

Everything she does shows that she has character.

I want to protect Connie.

Devon forced me to go there.

They demonstrated against the raising of the tuition fees.

He devoted his whole life to compilation of the dictionary.

She's a minger.

Use a wok.

I need to get out of this place.

You didn't teach me.

Horus was the god of the sky, war and hunting.


You can't say that civilization doesn't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.


Come taste!

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What do you study English for?

Dori played with the food on his plate with his fork.

Sometimes I don't believe I know you.


Open the window. It's baking hot in here.

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I don't know where she went.

I think it certain our team will the win the game.

I'm going to kiss you now.

What splendid houses they are!

I don't wash your car.

Dylan washed his hands quickly.

This is my desk.

It was not until then that I realized my mistake.

I get on with him well.

Geoff couldn't tell Karl what he'd seen.

Byron and Skip speak only French with their children.

She should model her manners on her sister.

Stevan tried to stop Jayesh from going to Boston.

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Do you think you and I are compatible?


We try.


You have no good reason for thinking as you do.

Normalcy is boring.

You're losing precious time.

They hung out the flag for the Queen's visit.

I have a friend who can fly a helicopter.

What a lonely world it will be with you away!

They rarely ever wake up this early.

It is no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.

Teresa is a nice-looking boy.

Allan proposed an alternate plan.

This doesn't make sense.

We are too weak to obediently follow our reason.

Leave it off the list.

We'll be together again.

Mitch wished he had someone to talk to.

She came to like the house.

Some scientists believe that the greenhouse effect is imaginary.

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A milliard adults are illiterate.

Please remove the mud from your shoes.

I have a cold sore on my lip.

That's how I met your mother.

Do you want to do something?

I really love her younger sister a lot.

Who's your favorite family member on your mother's side?