If someone who doesn't know your background says that you sound like a native speaker, it means they probably noticed something about your speaking that made them realize you weren't a native speaker. In other words, you don't really sound like a native speaker.

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She feels at ease in their home.

We have to learn all the songs before the end of the week.

Those without knowledge can do nothing, and those who can do nothing can eat nothing.


After First Contact, the material and spiritual development of humanity flourished.

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Shean won't be able to finish that in an hour.

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You can't keep doing this to yourself.

Look at that guy, he's really cute.

Dorian's a crack shot.

Mr. Smith is sure to come on Sunday.

The dirty boy turned out to be a prince in disguise.


Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.

Brandon owes everyone three dollars.

I play in a band.


Louis is busy at the stove.


Sam, this is gonna take you hours.

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That salesman was persistent in asking me to buy a car.

Have you ever had a nap at the library?

Graham is prone to mood swings.

He did not believe the election was lost.

My brother is getting a namechange.

I went to bed before father could come home.

Sergiu and Alice both married men younger than them.

I like to watch baseball games.

Book the flight to go back home!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

It doesn't work like that.

We give him an apple.

I want them off this ship.

I am incomplete.

I was thirteen years old at that time.

I can't drink such sweet stuff.

I've never been very good at playing the piano.

I want to know where she went.

Do you hear me well now?

I don't know what I owe you.

I don't speak Quenya.

Do you want me to help you with your homework?

Manuel hasn't changed his mind yet and isn't very likely to ever change it.


Is the rumor that Anne will get married to John true?


I hope to return to France.

Dominick wanted Barton to air out the room.

Gold is the most valuable of the metals.

I'm sure Vic will enjoy the party.

I'm the only one who understands.


Can you just shut up, please?


We didn't listen to music.

The cemetery is full of irreplaceable people.

Merril chose a song from the list and began singing it.

She's an Ivy League graduate.

I would like a word with you.


Salvation from this misery is inconceivable.


When are you going back to work?

We were probably followed.

Oh my God, it's a lion! Get in the car!

My son took an early interest in politics.

He was very confusing.

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There's no secret plan.


Mayo thinks Josh is a genius.


Not everyone was that impressed.


Spying between friends is absolutely unacceptable.

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He came after you left.


He has his hair cut once a month.

I know nothing about you.

They cannot be saved.


I'm waiting for your answer.

He often paints landscapes.

This type of camera is now out of fashion.

Roy called to say he couldn't attend the meeting.

Can you come up with that kind of money?

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I'll have none of it.


Chris had an affair.

Theo decided to go barefoot.

Have you ever seen this logo before?


That sounds like discrimination to me.

The telephone rang.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

I will make her happy.

I think that he wants to buy a new dictionary.

Let's just try and have a good time.

I'm pretty sure we've got enough petrol to get us home.


Amir wanted another piece of watermelon.

I wish I could find someone who loves me.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday are the days of the week.

How much does a beer cost?

This rule doesn't apply to every case.

I'd like to see Amir one more time.

She began to cry in a loud voice.


We can't call their bluff.

The population of the town decreases year by year.

We followed orders.

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I translate what I want!

Barrio may be late.

This could start a panic.

This can happen once.

Aimee, I love you.

My father, who is very busy, has no time to read books.

I met him on the street the other day.

Take a clean glass from the cupboard.

Walt wasn't at the party.

I wouldn't be too surprised if List didn't get a good TOEFL score.

You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

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Kristian has a fever.

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He'll rip my head off.

In the morning, the pain was excruciating.

Should I write that down?

He was a freethinker.

Let's lie on the sand.


Roger Miller's "Dang Me" was a hit with country music fans and with popular music fans too. It sold millions of copies.

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I couldn't wait any longer.


Japan is poor in natural resources.

This soup needs something to pick it up.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait for a few more minutes.


I think that it was his mistake.

I didn't know you had children.

You can see her in the morning.

We haven't found her yet.

Man is a complex organism.

It wasn't exactly a piece of cake.

I'm going to do it.

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I can't believe we won.

The village is located high up in the mountains.

Margie and Gypsy were both sleepy.

Who's your favorite actor or actress?

He has been engaged in this study nearly ten years.

Can I please talk to Danielle?

Yesterday I came here.

I know the law better than you.

It's a do-or-die situation.

She went from London to Paris.

How did you enjoy the play?

We all got together and bought Jianyun a gift certificate for his birthday.

He is a different person from the one we are looking for.

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Shari can help you.


You should check it out.

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It is time to help women.

We won't be in Boston until next Monday.

And open your textbook at page ten.


How many people still speak your language?

What kind of person hates cats and candy floss?!

It won't be that bad.

Is it going to snow soon?

I was looking for the barbershop.

Her hair style makes her look younger than her age.

There's no way I'm going to dance with Shel.

No one else knows what it's like to be me.

The company stopped losing money.

How long is he going to stay in Japan?

She came home after dark.

You must really like us.

If you insist.

They're all guilty.

You don't have to answer.


I saw the person I expected standing there.

I like the friendly atmosphere here.

This is difficult for you to understand, isn't it?


Were there any kids at your party?

Bernard has a nice car, a nice home and a good job.

Can you advise me on what I should do?