The other people are idiots!

The trouble is that there is little water left.

I'll tell you in a few days.

He resigned as president.

Uri already knows you want to talk to him.

They'll find out.

He failed in business.

Think scored five runs.


She will come back from school by six o'clock.

This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.

Triantaphyllos said he wasn't ready to give up.


I didn't understand the meaning of the last line but one.

Dawson is studying web design.

Don't be afraid.


I read it over again.

Kusum is approximately six feet tall.

Who's responsible for this?

Rafik has the rank of captain.

Please let me off in front of that building.


Who is the man playing the violin?


I took a pregnancy test, but it was negative.

You'd better stick around.

Then what's the problem?

Sho is dressed in a skimpy outfit.

Tao kissed me on the head.

There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread.

I haven't seen her in a month.

It wouldn't take long for us to do that.

What he says in the speech is less important than how he says it.

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"I am not going into the forest after bear cubs," said the elder brother.

I want to tell you about him.

Employees can be motivated with good, fair wages, chance to work in a good team or on exciting tasks, and with clear economic incentives such as performance pay or opportunity for promotion.

He's a shamus.

The bill is expected to be enacted during the present session.

Is there something you're looking for?

Ken brushed Kate's hair.

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He took great pains in taming a puma.


I have seen nothing of him lately.

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The boss sent Roberto to Boston on business.

Julie is your teacher.

"Don't tell me: you lost the keys again." "I did not!" "So where are they?" "Um... I'll get back to you on that."

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"Appointment with Death" is a crime novel by Agatha Christie.


Don't find fault with other people.


Barrio didn't call Marcos.

Where's Patricia gone?

She talked as she walked.

I need to know where you got your quotes from.

That seems unlikely.

Why don't people say what they mean?

They talked together like old friends.

I still haven't finished the exercises.

Who is supposed to do this job?

Our friends will be going back to their hotel soon. We should get going, so we can visit them.

Chuck was absent yesterday.

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You haven't told me your name yet.


Now, resume reading where you left off.

Rajendra and I talked about various things.

The weather was not only cold, but also wet.


We'll just be in Ami's way.


Bryce has a personal bodyguard.

What's your favorite home-cooked food?

It's not worth the trouble.

Judy grabbed a knife, an onion and a chopping board.

That boy hit her child on purpose.

I thought Harold would leave the book with Hume.

Joel doesn't listen to mainstream music.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

He can cope with the problems.


That's what you would think.

Donne brushes his teeth at least three times a day.

From that time on, she always waited on him.

I pretended I didn't understand.

Tharen said you have the final say.

There is nothing to be scared of.

Whatever you need to talk about, if I will do, I'll answer with loving care.

How do you think it made me feel?

Kent is Kazuhiro's landlord.

The original and the copy are easily distinguished.

She came out of there.


There were no survivors.

We've all read that one.

Look at all the damage you've caused.

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Well, it's obvious now.

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I'm really disappointed in you.

He is making the document now.

Because of the bad weather, my piano teacher suggested that I go home early.

He seemed worried about his health.

She was trembling as she listened to the news.

Shall I keep you up-to-date?

We have one small problem.

I'm sure you knew that.

When did you first meet her?


The flood was the greatest disaster they had ever had.

Let me check the schedule.

She can say that again!


You were playing.


I'm sure you know what's going on.

The airline provided free accommodation to stranded passengers as a goodwill gesture.

How do I help them?

There is no chair to sit on.

We're still looking for him.


We were surprised by his behavior.

When the phone rang, he sprang out of bed.

I've been reading this book.


It may be that he will never be famous.

Riding a bike that doesn't have brakes is a pretty stupid thing to do.

Naim showed Roxane some of his drawings.

I'll take care of the bill.

Roger just got back from school.

The nurse took her temperature with the thermometer.

Angela didn't want to break Sandy's heart.

She was going up a ladder.

Emily wouldn't go out with you.

In Hungary, everyone speaks Hungarian.

Please don't forget to mail the letters.

Just a few days ago, we were so happy.

Hsuan made some mistakes in the test.

I had the same thought.

Let's go sit in the car until the rain stops.

Let's win this duel.

The two little old men, each with his own wig back on his own head, shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.

How high is it?

This investment is the opportunity of a lifetime.

That species of bird is said to be in danger of dying out.

Wait just a little bit, will be done immediately!

I expect Jim will be late.

All things are subject to interpretation; whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.

Hillel said he would come to the wedding.

Would you know a cheap hotel in the near?

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I trust Jennie's instincts.

I had a conversation with Jerome.

Pain is an entirely personal sensation.

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We aren't kids anymore.

Tollefsen always seems so friendly.

Dieter was very angry and I was, too.

I don't know why this happened.

Ahmed is healthy and fit.

This just has to be Ed's hat.

I'll study French harder from now on.

Joan dropped her husband like a hot potato.

Sofia has a brother in Boston.


I run.

I don't have a lot of work, but it's enough to keep me in the office this week.

I don't like needles.

Jane didn't play tennis, did she?

Laurent is one of the smartest men I know.

He burst into the room.

You have to study English step by step.


I absented myself from the meeting.

Don't remind me.

I spent the summer vacation at my aunt's house.

I sure hope so.

I do not know what to write in this sentence.

Can you help me here?

Why is it dangerous?

My husband usually leaves for work at 8 o'clock.

Doing that wouldn't be right, would it?

Cathryn's funny.

I can't laugh or cry.

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Sidney barely had time to react.

I simply don't love her.

Rajeev isn't as poor as most people think he is.


I know what I'd like to believe.

I'm on time.

You will learn your lessons only in so far as you are willing to keep studying them.

Are you a Canadian citizen?

This ticket is valid for three months.

Didn't you learn that in school?

If it rains, call me.