If you have encountered issues with cash flow, whether you are an industry veteran or a new business startup, Canada invoice factoring from Canada Factors can help. As the leading Canada factoring company we can promptly assist you with our many financing options.

When your business operation needs cash, we respond immediately. We help you manage your invoices and accounts receivable with our credit and collection services. You have 24/7 access to your account management system. In addition to Canada factoring, we manage business credit and provide cash for your growing business needs.

Getting cash from us is a very simple process. Unlike other Canada factoring companies, we require no long-term commitments, origination fees, interest or closing costs. Call us or apply online and we will move faster than any bank, invoice factor or other lender. Call or email and set up an account with us now.

Canada Factors has helped large and small companies from a broad range of industries accomplish their goals using our Canada accounts receivable factoring and invoice factoring services, and we can help you too. Simply click "apply now" and we will reply immediately with more information on our many different Canada factoring options.

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Factoring has allowed me to receive cash up front for jobs that I'd normally have to wait 30, 45, or 60 days for. With the rising costs of overhead I wouldn't be able to deliver my next load without factoring with Business Factors. On top of their low flat rates and no hidden fees, my person account executive has been wonderful and knowledgeable bonus. Learn More
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