I agreed with you in all your views.

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.

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This is the first time I've ever signed a contract.

Do you think Winston has already gone to bed?

He failed to wake Harry up.


They can understand everything he's saying.

The baby turned out to be a girl after all.

This should work.

Did he note down Hume's number?

That's a rarity, however.

I've always wanted to live in another country.

Carlo lives on a farm in California.

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The artist captured the charm of the lady.

Let's hear your opinion.

This music is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes.

I don't want to go to church today.

His mother is worried sick about him.

Would you excuse me?

Do you like tea?

A cookie is under the table.

His family adored him and in a sense he was spoiled by them.


The show is confirmed.

Margaret was waiting for us.

You're a good soldier.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

I gave some money to him.

That wouldn't be fair.

The company's managers had a very lackadaisical attitude towards the safety of their workers.

Tommy didn't know that song.

We're in the middle of an argument here.

I wonder where Beckie is now.

It seemed normal.

The car won't start.

I get most things at the stores.

The sun furnishes heat and light.

Nathaniel says it's urgent that he speak with you.


How did you know Saul was interested?


You should be having fun.

You have a light hand, don't you?

He began to learn English.

Raul fried three eggs in the pan and put in bacon too, which sizzled and smelled delicious.

I understand your feelings.

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My left heel is inflamed.

Check out this video I made with my friends.

That's not cool!

I'll see you in my dreams.

I have read both of these books, but neither of them is interesting.


Roderick was going to have surgery in September.

I've got things under control.

You should not go there.

The postman comes every three days.

Maria's very content now that Knut's moved in with him.

We will be happy to help.

Do you have friends in your class?

It took Ethan an hour to load everything on the truck.

Hubert has begun to look for work.

I was very polite.

My address is Puistokatu.


This chair is very comfortable, but I don't like the color.


We owe part of our success to luck.


We will accept your conditions.

I can't understand his obsession with golf.

Do you want to drink something?

Juan likes surfing.

Try to make something cool every day.

Is this wine good?

The car bumper absorbed some of the impact.

I'll arrange it.

Were you in love with her?

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Don't waste money on nonessentials.

Skiing is a good form of recreation.

You aren't smiling.

You should've told me you needed money.

Only three people survived.

Don't talk about her like that.

I'm sure they'll win.


The majority didn't accept the proposal.


Don't go against the rules.

He's a wonderful educator.

I can handle him.

Yesterday I played tennis for the first time.

He showed her his tattoo.


I want to clean the house before my parents come.


Patrice was stuck in a crowded elevator.

All traitors of the fatherland will be punished.

I don't have a weapon.


Who's causing all the problems?

I've always felt more like a tiger than a person.

They said they were leaving.


I saw Bernie last week.

She heard coughing.

What'll we do?


This is the girl that came yesterday.


Carole studies French.

In 2011, the Administration finalized fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 270 million metric tons and save 530 million barrels of oil.

Property is theft.

Since when do you care about that?

Just when I was about to phone her, a letter arrived from her.

Say nothing to no one about anything.

Hopefully the weather will be good.

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I used to get good grades in French.

Let Pat do that by himself.

She came to know the fact.


This is the stuff of nightmares.

He earned his living as a teacher.

Urban sprawl is said to be a major contributor to global warming.

I bought Daryl some drinks.

One of the reasons that we love nature is that, unlike ourselves, nature is not envious or deceitful.

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Of course.


What's the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?

I had a crush on her at the time.

Don't walk away from Masanobu.

Even the fastest runner in the world cannot run if he is hungry.

Can you come at ten on May second?

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We have little time to waste.

The train had already left when they got to the station.

Marcel has a pounding headache.

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He always insisted that he was in the right.


What would Ma say if she knew you associated with such common people!

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The man who lives next door is Sumitro's lover.


I feel a bit depressed.

For the time being I want to work at that bookstore.

A lot of people were killed in the war.

For all his city ways, he is a country boy at heart.

He treated me badly.

Do you like your job?

Don't waste your money.

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We get along great.

There are a lot of things I have to do.

Barbra was the only man at the company that Shuvra respected.

The ship at length reached the home port.

My teacher told me that I didn't devote enough time to preparing my speech.

I'm kind of busy right now.

You'll give yourself away.


Terri loves going to the beach.

I had to get some help.

What did your wife say?

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Why is Bertrand going to the picnic with Spock?

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

That's the last thing I would do.


Do you find that washing machine easy to use?


I wore a coat lest I catch a cold.

How much is this radio?

Read this now.

Anita is compassionate.

That's going to be a problem.


The man is not concerned in this project.


Nothing like that could happen.

Take a look at it if you don't believe me!

The plane was hit by a bolt of lightning.


Dan and Linda consulted a specialist to help them have children.

A man is known by the company he organizes.

What were you hoping to see?


Sjaak threw a rock at the bottle, hit it and broke it.


I am not sure why they asked me that.

Do your best, and you will succeed.

I fully understand your concerns.


I've always been a hard worker.

Stagger doesn't like soccer.

Let's start focusing on more important matters.