Po needed some money to buy something for Daniele.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

I think we get off at the next stop.

The river invaded the whole region.

He won a narrow victory in the race.

I'm glad we're together now.

A cat lay at full length on the roof.

I suggest that you study harder.

One can't go beyond one's limits with exercising and stay within the bounds of what one can do. Otherwise, it can have negative effects on the body.

The holy writings come from desert people.


May God show us a better life!

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.

Werner said he could help Julianto.


Keep doing what you're doing.


Brad's dog is white.

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I wouldn't even accept sausage from a bastard like that.

She set him to chopping wood.

I want them kept away from here.

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I can tell I'm going to like you.


I hope that you will arrive in Rome soon.

Can I be excused?

What's the minimum salary in Georgia?

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No one believes you.


It's probably just a myth that Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity when an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under a tree.

He confessed to being a liar.

You did not need to have your house painted.

The door is already open.

Everybody wins!

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

And how about you?

Kelly is going to Boston on business next week.

Prices are lower in Kobe.

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We must try to preserve the remains of ancient civilizations.

Spread it on slices of toast and sprinkle some pine nuts on top.

Novo can join us if he wants.


Reflect on what you have done.

That charity is named after someone who contributed about two billion yen.

If I wasn't here, this office would be in chaos in three days.


He is liked by all even though he has his faults.


We like her.

I'm eating now.

What's that letter about?


Kurt and Ramanan returned to their seats.

Our relationship is very intimate and loving.

I've done what I needed to do.

Two brothers went to travel together.

They failed the exam.

Take care not to catch a cold.

How do you get to the station, please?


Pay me a beer.

Loukas held the car door open for Sumitro.

How long does it take to get to the airport with the airport bus?

The children are in need of you.

You have until Monday to finish that report.

When will you go to Armenia?

Why would Marsh do anything like that?


Have you ever seen a shark?


I want to take a year off and travel around the world.

I would like to express my gratitude to her.

Smog is the enemy of healthy lungs.

Why didn't you let me know?

I lied unwillingly.

She was beside herself with joy at the news.

When you're drunk, some things can seem like good ideas even if they're bad ideas.

People who drive cars should wear seat belts.

Nobody supports my country.

He asked for their advice.

I didn't feel like buying a car.

Ricardo is such a malingerer that you can't count on him to get anything done, no matter what promises he makes.

The gentleman was killed by a slave in revolt.

Knock it off.

You have good friends.

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Since the bus was late, we had to wait in the rain a long time.

He lives far away from his hometown.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?

I don't think I have that kind of time.

She's always finding fault in him.

That professor is an authority on mathematics.

Come over here.

I thought that you were going to come over last night.

I'm going to go find them.

Everyone's looking for me.

The doctor gave him a sedative.

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I don't see any relation between the two problems.

All are well at home.

What else could you possibly give me that I don't already have?

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She buried a dog.

We grew closer every day.

Can I see what's in your bag?


I went hiking in West Virginia five years ago.


The decline can be traced to the 1950s.


When I woke up, all other passengers had gotten off.

Whenever I hear that song, I remember my youth.

We have more apples than we could eat in a day.

How much did you drink?

There's time for everything.


I have no idea how Trevor was able to do that.

Antonella clearly wants to help.

Novorolsky tried to stab me.

Who's to say it's not what's supposed to happen?

She helped him get over his bad mood.

This gift is for my friend.

Justin pushed open the door and entered the room.

She knows why.

Dan didn't even wonder why Linda crossed the street.

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You can use this car.

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Does he still have a temperature?

That's the ticket.

What languages are spoken in America?

I'll take my chances right here and now.

I had a good teacher.

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I have wine.


She stood bolt upright.

You can stay as long as you like.

His heart filled with joy.

The wound started to bleed.

Miss Pate felt timid about making a speech before a hundred people.

I have no money.

My study absorbed me in those days.

We had some visitors yesterday.

I might've done the same thing.

Lynn ate steak for dinner.

I'll see them in the morning.


Lawrence didn't flaunt his wealth.

Merauke is the easternmost city in Indonesia.

I'd like a Bloody Hitoshi.

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They must abandon the idea.

If it's sunny, let's go to the club.

I'll help you clean your room.

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I want to be notified the moment Laurie arrives.

No one is so learned that he can know all things.

Boston is one of the cities that I really want to visit.

Walk two blocks, and turn left.

It would be good to sleep, even for just a little bit.

She excused herself to go to the restroom.

I'm sorry, Doctor. I lost my health insurance certificate.

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Nate committed multiple acts of violence.

Did you suggest that to them?

Thank you all for your attention.

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Could I have a bus timetable?

Which is the best solution?

Jane looks very happy.


I hope you come to my lecture.

He knows how to sharpen knives.

You are all new students.


You never stop learning.

These suitcases are heavy.

You can't make up for lost time.


It's a huge opportunity.

Adam shouldn't have been there.

Her beauty is the admiration of the whole school.

Greg used to work at the same place that I do now.

Which do you like better, physics or chemistry?

Maybe you can't hear me.

Michiel read a book all morning.

The password is "Muiriel".

Elijah does that quite often.

The bill came to over $25.

I can't stand that attitude of his.

Call me at my office.

Read over your paper before you hand it in.


The store happened to be crowded last night.


Carlos has a touch of the flu.