They won't let Boyce in.

Tovah would've loved that.

Jimmy said, "You can kiss your girlfriend goodbye if you don't kiss her goodbye." which meant "If you don't kiss your girlfriend goodbye, then you'll never see her again."

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My home is separated from his by a river.

We've got an emergency.

I was adopted by Myron.


She can't assemble Ikea furniture.

Rolfe knew that Rusty wasn't happy.

How is the discovery related to the progress of science?

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The sand on the beach was white.

The farmers quickly plowed the fields.

I want you to write me a letter.

He firmly refused the Premier's earnest request.

It causes quite a sensation when Nomo pitches a no-hitter.

Shall we stop in at a coffee shop?

TV plays an important part in everyday life.

He has to be stopped.

In the village.

We can't do it again.

Did you get any work done?

Fried food does not agree with me.

Walt is an ex-soldier.

You're bullying someone smaller than you again!

He didn't say anything.

I'm eating my lunch.

Has it stopped raining yet?


I'll get to it in the morning.

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Nicolette grimaced bravely.


I miss my mom.

I had lived in Sendai for ten years before I visited Matsushima.

Somebody has stolen my hair dryer.


Your father won't buy it.

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Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?

That would cause a catastrophic accident at the worksite.

They took me seriously.

I'm really curious.

The climate here is milder than that of Moscow.

Seeing that her husband was feeling bad, Ana called for the doctor.

Louiqa didn't give details.

Meat often gets discounted just before closing time.

Sometimes I walk to the hardware store down the road and buy bagels and coffee and cigarettes.


I thought you might have a change of heart.

Vegemite is a popular Australian foodstuff.

There's more where this came from.

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I don't want you to think I'm crazy.

Did Wayne pray?

My friends and I are hanging out tonight. Would you like to join us?

I'd leave a message.

Rafael has a perfect record.

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Shawn likes eating raw oysters.

The gift delighted the Indians very much.

Since I recovered from my serious illness, all of creation is beautiful to me.

Yes, I know her. I look up to her.

I was awake most of last night.


Brian wrote on the ground with a stick.

How do you put up with that kind of humiliation?

Give me your hand. I'll explain you later.


Are you going to rat me out?

He's a cold person like that.

Is it true that you breast-fed all your children?


Ranjit had never driven a truck.

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Something's wrong with Varda's car.


A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

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Just try to stop me.

I'm younger than her.

What's the name of your son?

Dan judged the plan impossible.

Just pretend you don't know me.

Can you remember that last time you ate ravioli?

Why would Taurus be interested in collaborating with us?


I've found a way to overcome my habit of always picking fault with others.

Earnie and Kristin are happy.

As I will take a vacation anyways, I would prefer to take my vacation in full immediately so that I can have sufficient time to visit all the capitals of Europe.

Please give me a cup of water.

You watch PBS, don't you?

I'm not talking about her.

Let's not get carried away.


I need money to buy other things.

I want a bath.

I like to dance.

Any dish will do if it is delicious.

He is looking at what used to be my father's desk.


I'll wait right here.

I still respect Stanley.

I was writing a letter.


If people have friendly relationships, I hope the world will be a better place.


Each child has his own room.


I can't wait to finish.

Look, we're wasting time.

Where is the Japan Airlines counter?

You didn't tell Pierce where to meet us, did you?

Don't get drunk and, please, stop using those fuckin' bangers or my very bad and angry cat will scratch you all!

I'm sure Vladimir won't tell Celeste.

The alphabet consists of 26 letters.

Harold called and complained.

Is Sonja on this ship?


Please inform Collin.

His performance left nothing to be desired.

Even so ... she didn't have to slap me!

John can not play the guitar.

She's angry at the world.

We're pretty good at this.

Jack tore up the tickets.

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I've just won 2 million in Poker!

Drink turmeric and turn fair-skinned.

Come outside.


How do I use this?

We don't help racists to promote their delirium caused by ignorance and stupidity.

Everybody agrees with you.

Children learn to swim in school today.

Fay is a bad influence on me.

Why have you changed your profile picture?

You know why we're here, don't you?

I have some business to take care of.

How many are you taking?

Darci finds it much easier to speak English than French.

Dr. Hawking communicates with the aid of a speech synthesizer and a portable computer.

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Many people would agree with you.

I can't lie to her again.

A hard wind is blowing.

He rapidly ascended to the top.

I was young and innocent.


He asked for more money.

It seems as if you are the first one here.

What was I afraid of?


What in the world happened here?

What do you think Mikael is doing?

Do you understand the difference?

You would do that for me?

What are you and Kusum doing?


I bought a watch.

You have reached your destination.

Shane gave me no choice.

Please tell me the reason why she got angry.

The student knows the common name of acetylsalicylic acid.

Ford won by one hundred-seventeen votes.

It doesn't matter to me one bit.

Raman is the only one who would buy things from me.

Here is a method of fighting down your fear.


Duane gave Janet the keys.

If they lied about that, we've got a much bigger problem.

What's the story?

Are you enjoying yourself?

Are you going back to Boston?

She's with her parents.

It's unlikely that a hacker could get into our website.


I'm beginning to lose patience with Glenn.

His family was glad to hear that he had arrived safely.

When I came home, he was cooking dinner.

Agreements need to be respected.

Where are you going to learn German?

How wonderful that you passed the examination.

My punch sent him reeling into the rope.

Please put this in the safe.

Morton wanted save up enough money to buy a car.

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I never see her without thinking of her mother.

Speech is external thought, and thought internal speech.

These days, "the lion's share" usually means "the biggest share"; but not so long ago, it meant "all of it."

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The blood test is normal.

Whatever might happen, I won't change my mind.

This door will not open.

Did you take Heinz to the airport?

Can you feel it?


I'll split it with you fifty-fifty.