The natural energy kick.

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Our Promise

Naturally Sourced

Every product contains only earth grown nutrients and extracts. When you read our packaging, you will always know exactly where our products have come from.

Quality Products

We make no compromises on quality and rigorously test every batch from our suppliers to ensure that our products are delivered exactly as intended.

Effective Results

Our products empower you to get work done. We want to ensure that everyone has the ability to meet deadlines and surpass expectations.

Fast Shipping

We ship our products within 1 business day, ensuring that all online purchases arrive at your door as soon as possible.

Constant Innovation

We are constantly tinkering and trying new flavors and products. Only the best innovations make their way to our customers.


Flavor enhancer 253, Azodicarbonamide, Blue 2.You won't ever find ingredients like these in our products without an explanation of how it benefits you.

Our Story

A passion for nutrition and a desire to achieve more, that’s how the Bloom Tea Company was formed. Four founders, Matt, Rohit, Martin and Ben all sought for a natural and safe alternative to energy drinks and study aid supplements. Coming together, they broke down a number of successful products into the good and the bad. From the good, Bloom was born.

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