Bucky left a message saying he'd be late.

After doing my first workout at the gym, my body ached so much that I felt like a paralytic.


Edwin said it was fun.

I can usually hear my neighbor's TV.

I recognized her right away.

Wilmer has been suspended.

Who says we're not going to meet again?

Lum didn't know who to deliver the package to.

The guard was on duty all night.

He has a good school record.

They're doing it by themselves.

When did this occur?

I'm going to come.

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I heard a strange noise.


I don't yet know what we're supposed to do.


Jianyun solved the problem by himself.

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Do you have a problem with him?


They anger us with their behavior.


She was so sweet and innocent.


My sister works in a bank as a secretary.


If he'd been alone at that time, he'd have died.

It's all right. I can wait.

Don't talk about her like that.

I remember that.

We took pride in our strength.

Stagger asked me where the restroom was.

Kayvan says he has to talk to Ramesh.


What are these tablets?

He made a great fortune in his lifetime.

Apnoea is a medical term which comes from Greek; it literally means "without breath".

Bad weather will ground the plane.

I'm not angry with Prakash.

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Tricia hadn't noticed Rees.

Incredible, isn't it?

That doesn't impress me.

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You're enjoying yourself.

Every night, we all gaze up at the magnificent starry sky above us thinking about the vastness and the expanse of space... it really is quite a bit to take in.

I don't make the policies here.

Cyrus complained about her husband again - the same old story.

I will defend Walter.


Gail needs to call someone to repair the agitator on the washing machine.

I should have done this weeks ago.

The couple went off on their honeymoon.

The world needs more affections.

Mitch was asleep in the hammock, snoring quietly.

I thought that text box was a search field.

It is a childish act.

He didn't get caught.

Throw the shovel!

It wasn't as simple to do as we thought it was going to be.

Before everything you should take better care of your health.


He took part in a big scam.

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Will you look after our pets while we're away?

He did not die of cancer.

Calvin tore the letter to bits.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun.

The blood test is normal.

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Ofer and Moses get along.

I have absolutely no intention of telling Dimitry what you've just asked me to tell him.

This is of interest to me.

Oceans are expected to rise by 50 centimeters by the end of the next century.

The boys brush their teeth.


Brodie promised to be here by 2:30.

This is bullshit!

Please peel the potatoes.

Marty broke both of his legs.

Keep away from me because I have a bad cold.

It took a long time for me to convince him that I was right.

Is there a good time to chat?

These boxes have plenty space on the interior.

Grease the madeleine molds and pour in the batter (but not all the way to the top; the madeleines will rise!)

I must remember to mail this letter.

He'd be crazy to climb the mountain in winter.

Do you have any rock CDs?

The results of the experiment were mixed. Some participants reacted positively, but others offered severe criticism.

The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.

Have you talked to Panacea yet?


Would you leave the door open, please?

How do you pronounce that?

No one has the right to tell you how to live your life.

The park is filled with children.

The snow was very deep.


Troy wondered if Archie would slap him if he tried to kiss her.

Once he got a taste, you couldn't keep him away from it.

Clark was scornful of Jeffrey.

This is your book.

You are good at speaking French, aren't you?


I got sick last week.


You can buy the magazine Paris-Match at the stand on the street corner.


After pouring drinks, Vernon put the bottle down in front of Jerome.

When do you close?

He found it hard to make friends.


She made a scene.


Heidi looked like he was getting ready for bed.

It's not raining hard. It's just a sprinkle.

There are fashions for socks as well.

What you say may be true...

Your mother loves me.

The man I met yesterday was Mr. Hill.

James lifted the lid and looked inside.


Do you remember what you did last Friday?


Have you called him?

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You were afraid, weren't you?

Maybe it's too late.

The teacher caught the student cheating on the examination.

I want to focus on that.

Joel informed Izzy that John had faked his own death.

Could you show me your return ticket?

Apparently, Hillary wasn't in Boston long.

Have you ever painted this house?

Can I take Duane home?


As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Stop scaring her.

I must be sure.

Know thyself!

Why are men strong even if they're slender?


Antonio told us to be quiet.

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Most men think like that.

It's 18:15.

Cut the quartered Chinese cabbage into wide strips.

I will have been to Hokkaido three times if I go once again this summer.

Billy has been here for quite a long time.

A pirate commits piracy.

They expressed their indignity at the claims.

She wants to keep the baby.

I still love Straka.

You're not one of us.

If you really like Brett, you should ask her out.


Kate was surprised when she saw that big dog.


The order is shipping on time even though it was placed at the very last second.

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Take this medicine before each meal.

She likes her eggs hard-boiled.

There will be setbacks and false starts.

I'm a straight shooter, and most of the time my ego doesn't interrupt my relationships.

Harold seems sincere.

I wonder why the names Roberto and Claude are often used in sentences that are in the Tatoeba Corpus.

You can get up from the examination table now.

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The entry requirements for the essay competition are very strict.

We'll see Michelle next week.

I didn't do a good job today.

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Man invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever have thought to build a mousetrap!

I didn't want you to know.

I'm the owner of this house.


Minute particles are hardly visible to the naked eye.


I picked Meehan up after work.

Now is the time to drink.

This was very unlike Reid.

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"Why do squirrels swim on their back?" "To keep their nuts dry."

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That's a lot of food.

It wouldn't take me so much time to do that.

I enjoy working here.

My parents are probably starting to worry.

They're inside.

I'll get the phone.

Why didn't you just pay them?

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My vocabulary is limited.

You deserve to know the truth.

I knew Antony would accept our offer.

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I think I'd better start now.