While I was standing there hesitating, a group of soldiers entered the restaurant, maybe eight or nine young men.

Thank you for the cake.

Let's find out where Suu went.


May he live long!

Let's follow him.

I've got to get her to help.

Bonnie is always very nice.

Do you think we convinced him?

I wish Johnnie could be here with us today.

Where are they living now?

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It was urgent.

The chances are that he'll be beaten.

Can you page someone for me?

He is in good physical condition.

You've saved Claudio's life twice.

I know what you did wasn't intentional.

We asked Leung about the list.

He deeply regretted this loss.

Ahmet is gone.

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What do you think of his suggestion?


They will see each other tomorrow at 5; Maria called yesterday.


We don't have to follow Kyung.

I fell asleep on the subway and went all the way to end of the line.

I'll take a rain check on that.

What would you like for lunch?

Time is the great healer.

Someone is guarding the entrance.

Vilhelm says he'll do nothing.

Two years ago, the idea of offering a research semester for particularly interested and committed teachers became reality. The aim is to improve communication between schools and universities. Since teachers are the best people for diffusing newly acquired knowledge, they will be given the opportunity to spend a research sabbatical at a university and to subsequently integrate this knowledge into classroom teaching.

A man named George was staying at a hotel.

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It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

He's just a fraud who pretends to be a doctor.

You should check on her.


I love to decorate with balloons.


I owe him 50,000 yen.

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You're sort of rude.

This phrase is grammatically and syntactically correct, but it doesn't sound very English.

Scot and Sonja were walking down the path with fishing poles slung over their shoulders.

Where's your computer?

There are false friends in every language.

The Voodoo priestess sniggered when Mitchell and Ramanan, lost in this sentence, asked themselves who, if not the author, actually controlled their fate.

I'd rather die than do that.


Granting that it is true, it does not concern me.

I felt my heart beating violently.

This is Laurie's dictionary.

The hat on the desk is Chama's.

I want you to let her live.

And the bear's skin dropped off, and the beautiful girl stood before him, in the dress woven out of the star-light, and he saw that she was the stranger with whom he had fallen so deeply in love. And now she appeared to him a thousand times more beautiful than ever.

We should change something.


Jun is eccentric.

It would be better to agree to the terms.

Root doesn't understand the rules of the game.

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It was difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

This beer contains a high proportion of alcohol.

The bullet went through his body.


Eileen was right.


I'm sorry I let everyone down.

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I don't want to look like a dork.


He did nothing wrong.

We thought about that.

Although Bob was in disguise, I recognized him at a glance.


The boy clasped the puppy to his chest.

She did not want to go, but her father made her go.

Cindy says he's lived in Boston his whole life.

Plant growth and productivity react sharply to a complex combination of temperature and moisture.

Every night I go to bed at ten.


I think it's good enough.

He had graduated from the university and was always showing off.

She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.


They brought Brooke down to the torture chamber.

Louise pointed to the floor.

The main square is just next door.

Ron was impressed with Audrey's skill.

Some of the students like to play the guitar.

It just doesn't count.

He has been to France three times.

Visiting Bill was a mistake.

I succeed to a fortune.


You are not looking!

I remember when I was about your age.

I've never seen Helge this mad before.


I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.

He isn't much older than me.

We've all missed you.

It will be done a week from today, that is, on May 3.

What do you think about her?

It looks fun. Why don't we try it?

Their eyes were all bright.


Of course I totally agree with you that something should be done about that, but I don't know to what extent your plan is realistic.


Waiter, the bill please.

Give me chapter and verse.

What happened that made you want to stop?


That dog runs very fast.

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It's far too small.


To 'name' we pass the page identifier (Japanese and special characters cannot be used).

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Maybe we can help them.

Rudolph leaned over to put on his shoes.

How are you dealing with it?

I knew what was in the other room.

This is the safest place I know.

I need a ruler.

I saw the sight and laughed in spite of myself.

He was happy to hear her voice.

Would you kindly calm him down?

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Srivatsan made his children go to bed early.

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I need a pencil.

Patty was killed in a car crash last year in Boston.

The sun is our most important source of energy.

Pierre was here earlier this morning.

Pravin didn't have any friends here.


You were too late.

That's wrong.

When I give an order I would like it to be executed!

I watch television after supper.

He lived in France for some time, then went to Italy.

I'm sick of eating the same thing every day.

Jaime is totally nuts.

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Clearly you are mistaken.


It's the logical thing to do.


It's his Christmas present.

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He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.


I must exact my revenge!

I don't think that it's strange at all.

Orville unwrapped his sandwich and ate it.

Do it this way.

Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can.


I came to see her.


I think that's a really bad idea.


Brooke works as a bouncer in a nightclub.

I always liked that sweater.

Let's not talk about him.


Sales are down now.

I'm doing this for him.

It gets better every year.


I told them that was ridiculous.

Kate has never had to work hard in his entire life.

I can't answer that.

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The family likes to watch murder mysteries.

Why do you have my phone?

Let's pay her a visit.

How beautiful you are!

My cell phone was off.

The Martian atmosphere is composed of over 95% carbon dioxide. Solar winds carry the thin, weak atmosphere away because Mars has a weak gravitational and magnetic field.

I've received it too.

No matter what you do, you must follow the correct order.

The number of grains of sand on a beach is calculable.

It is one thing to acquire knowledge; it is quite another to apply it.

Please ring for the servant.

How much money did Raja donate to charity last year?

Christopher closed his eyes, wincing in pain.

What do we have to lose?

It's time to hit the books.

I spent six years as a public school trustee.

You can't keep it from me forever.

She put two calls in for Joon.

She gave it her personal attention.

Guy had a drug problem.

The cost of living in Tokyo is very high.