Why not just let fly once in a while?

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.


Norman had to climb the pole to fix the telephone wire.

Kill my heart and release my pain!

Fletcher spent an hour shoveling the driveway.

How did he make his living in such poverty?

The house was big.

Why can't you see that?

Recently there have been a lot of protests in the city.


Everyone marvelled at her courage.

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There is no rush.

Humans and dinosaurs have never coexisted.

I found listening to him very interesting.

In Singapore, practically right on the equator, the rainy and dry seasons aren't very clear cut.

Pass your plate and I'll give you some more meat.


Kathryn's hair was slicked back.

Knapper talked Masanobu into going to the concert with him.

What time will the movie start?

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How are you going to help us?


Go there yourself.

When did you come up with such an idea?

We got into an accident shortly before the play.


Fletcher knows I'm right.

The teacher gave us a copy of the syllabus in the first class.

Do you want a boiled egg for breakfast?

I need to ask you something.

Upon my honour, I never met with so many pleasant girls in my life as I have this evening; and there are several of them you see uncommonly pretty.

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She is happy to have conceived a baby by him.

I'm expecting a visitor, so I can't go out now.

This is pretty convincing stuff.


It's been several years since I've been camping.

Miss Green teaches us music.

There's no hot water on the fifth floor, but there is on the ground floor.

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I don't think the house is as big as we hoped.

She made her first appearance as a musician.

A high proportion of crime in any country is perpetrated by young males in their teens and twenties.

Am I a boy or a girl? Who cares?

Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs.


Give me more milk!

This is as true of a cat as of a dog.

Pigs cannot run the nations.

Blayne forgot to remind Butler about the meeting.

I looked down at the sea.

How long did it take you to translate this book?

Neptune has a very strong magnetic field.

Would you mind if I went out with your sister?

One of Izumi's sons became a doctor.


Dan is good at making approaches to strangers.

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Rain was pattering on the roof.


It was Trying's greatest wish to look just like her Barbie doll. The evil genie interpreted this wish too literally.

Do what Liber says.

Some cultures assume everybody is a slave.

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If you had to characterize your wife in three words, which ones would you pick?


Much depends upon the result.

"You, Sir, are an imperialist!" "And you, Sir, are a troll."

I think it's disgusting.

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I told them to send me another ticket.

He looked at the ship through his telescope.

Ask him his name.


Not true?

I'm not a big supporter of the radio.

He has not taken the highest level evaluation, but he is good at mathematics.

The hunters trailed the deer over the mountain.

You guys love each other, right?

Did you watch the Oscars last night?

He kicked him while he was down.

He doesn't own many books.

Whose idea was it to fire me?


I wouldn't be surprised.

Do as you would be done by.

Do you go to an elementary school?


Did you know that Ramadoss's grandfather died of a heart attack?

He was dropped because of his running mate.

You lucky devil!


Give her the keys.

The world's population tends to increase.

I promise I'll do that before the end of the month.

I don't know what happened, but there are feathers all over the place.

Did you ask her why?

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You are a teacher.

There is only space for thirty students in this classroom.

I didn't miss anything.

Real didn't call Srikanth, did he?

Kory is cool under pressure.

Travis looked up at Monty.

He committed an offense against our laws.

I thought you wouldn't like it.

I can deliver that to him.

We reached our destination just as I thought the car was going to give up the ghost.

Ilya seems to be afraid of something.


It is getting on my nerves.

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I've never been back to Boston.

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Men love amorous women.

There are in my garden a lot of vegetables: lettuce, onion, garlic, etc.

Can I have a friend paged?

Bucky helped Glen fold the laundry.

People in Brazil were proud of him.

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We're graduating tomorrow.


The chemical ingredients cause the mouth to dry up.

Tolerant went out of the room.

The sentence does not win any beauty contests, in my opinion.

That sword is fit for a prince.

Your go.

I love my country too.

This was happening every autumn.


Is this the reason you didn't want to come with me?

I have to pull a ripcord to start my lawn mower.

You've been forewarned.

I don't think I could spend six hours alone with you.

I need to buy some medicine.

Kory hid under a huge rock.

We didn't have school today.

Let's stop this fruitless discussion.

We need an expert in green technology.

A rising tide raises all boats.

I just got a weird message from Warren.

I needed you a long time ago.

That sounds really difficult.

I'm really longing for summer vacation.

He was so childish that he couldn't resist temptation.

She lies.

I intended to hand the paper to him, but I forgot to.

Terrence was a great help to me.

Emily's staying in her elder sister's house, because her parents went to the United States for a couple of weeks.


Why are you bleeding?

I'm going to get my own way this time.

He lost the game.

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We'll have to separate the wires.


Shoppers crowded the streets.


Let me walk you to your car.


Maybe it can be fixed.

A steam turbine is a prime mover in which steam at high velocity impinges upon the blades of a rotating element, thus transforming energy of the steam into mechanical energy.

Nadeem plans to find out what's going on.

No, but they might have them at our other store.

I haven't seen them since.


His coming changed our lives completely.

There were only three left.

Kimberly will need some of these.

Les didn't want to write about what had happened.

What's the purpose of your trip?

They didn't do much.

How did you know that I was going to ask you that question?

I've got to be careful.

Dennis didn't want Ram to leave.

Has Lynnette done enough?

He contributed to the good of the community.

I sent the parcel by airmail.

She was swimming.


You should not cut in when someone else is talking.


Al-Qaida exists in every single country that the US wants to annihilate, perhaps even in North Korea.


Val is elusive.

It just seems like the right thing to do.

I didn't tell them that.

Jitendra was arrested Monday evening.

Dan was romantically interested in Linda.

Success doesn't taste of anything and doesn't smell of anything, and once you've gotten used to it, it's as if it never even existed.

He is admittedly an able leader.

He cut off a branch from the tree.

Plastic does not burn easily.

You need to get home right now.

Darrell thought it would be a good idea.

Why didn't somebody stop me?

Please stop calling me that.