He is believed to have been killed in action.

That still doesn't give us much time.

Mustafa Kemal is known by many as the father of the Turkish nation.

Ninja was supposed to buy flowers for Heather, but he forgot.

Why didn't you show me this before?

Thanks very much for having me to dinner the other night.

Graeme always seems to be doing something illegal.


Many countries are experiencing similar problems.

Sergiu was banished from the town.

Did Lawrence ask for anything in return?

He was a jester, and nothing more. He felt no pain; he was a jester, and nothing more.

What's the topic?

He's not allowed to go there.

We always go home together.

I want to be a hero.

If Tal and Matthew work on it together, there shouldn't be any problems.

I want to go to the moon.

Don't ever lose the faith in yourself... You can do everything you want to do.

She got her master's degree three years ago.

My sister has the habit of underlining words she doesn't know while reading.

Marsh has an imaginary friend.

Don't fear the stinging of the thorns if you want to break the rose.

Ask Tony why he needs the rope.

I didn't give him anything.

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Whatever must happen, will happen.

Adam has a black dog, doesn't he?

I know Kenneth likes Tal.

Is it all right if I call you Everett?

His in-laws live in the United States.

Have you ever danced in a party?

I haven't eaten Chinese food in a long time.

Are you English?

I'd love to see somebody do that.

It does not matter which magazine.

Where is this taken from?


Figaro invited us to his marriage, but we were late and when we arrived everyone had left a long time ago.

You can talk, but you need to listen to me, as well. I also have the right to speak.

The two politicians met face to face for the first time.


Irvin attributed his success to hard work.

I think you'll have fun at Sandip's party.

What a big supermarket!

A good name is better than wealth.

I have no desire to do that.


You need to be prepared to pay more.

He brewed beer.

Jennifer told Liber that he didn't have enough money.


In the past, Fletcher Fuel was approached by Japanese companies.

Could you please do that for me?

I think that he's right.

Please remember to wake me up at six tomorrow morning.

Did you get married?


Roland is more intelligent than her sister.

Will you be in Boston next week?

Prepare yourself.


The girl standing over there is my sister Sue.

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I took a taxi so as to catch the train.

The piece was arranged for piano and orchestra.

She stood up when her teacher came in.

You are hurting me.

Have you extinguished fire with sand?

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Their job is to correct articles.

He liked that.

Admittance to staff members only.

Why does nobody answer?

You're in danger of being exposed.


I have two nieces.


I wanted to get married. You're the one who didn't.

Beth is an odd girl who likes snakes.

They did it at great expense.

We're selfish.

There are fifty families in this village.


Don't try and protect me.

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I wondered where Randolph went.


Baseball is big business.

It skyrocketed.

I don't know if I'm staying yet.

We need a distraction.

Sam and I are busy tonight.

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Michiel isn't only prettier, but she gets better grades than Alice.

Celeste made an excuse for being late.

Did you want to meet with them?

There are lots of animals in the park.

She has fine features.

This is how the accident happened.

I've tried everything I can think of.

I have patients who need me.

Lawrence started rinsing off the dishes.

It's raining pretty hard.

Bruce doesn't seem to like me.

It is necessary to use subheadings.

Your things are all here.

Prime Minister Koizumi said, "There are people who say that, because it's unconstitutional, I should not pray at the Yasukuni Shrine".

She doesn't have a babysitter, so she can't go to the party.


I wonder where she lives.

If that happens again, call me.

I object to my son studying abroad.


Please fill up the bottle with water.

The Diet will soon be dissolved.

You take too much for granted.

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Nothing adds up in the world.

The insecticide promised to exterminate cockroaches.

You must try this.

This is the largest temple that I have ever seen.

He likes dancing, much more music.

I'll read it to you.

He was killed by a single bullet.


Why were you so scared?

I had the good fortune to succeed.

Barbara has a little money.

Note that you have an extra space between these two words.

Interpreting is the basic principle.

Clearly, that wasn't enough.

No one was able to help us.

Tai lives in a bad neighborhood.

They are my brothers.


Everything is in the hands of God.

Hot weather will continue, so please watch out for food poisoning.

Eat up the steak and then you can have a candy.

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I'll make tea for you.

This is the book I was telling you about last night.

He is interested in music.

Congress did not approve the measure.

I visited Jorge yesterday.

That was helpful.

Don't drink anything.

Nobody calls me that.

The tie doesn't fit with my suit.


The weather is nice tonight.

Let's clear out the attic.

I don't want to pry into your private life.

One must be patient with children.

We have little time to deal with the issues of climate, energy and biodiversity.

You have reached your destination.

The event has fixed firmly in my mind.

There is but one chance left.

You're interrupting us.

My thoughts are stuck in the web of Lviv's streets.

I am an artist.

Victoria has now lost everything.

You should use a deodorant.

Crashing on my futon, I turn on the television, anticipating my favourite show.

I'm going to watch TV.

We've been standing here for more than an hour and the line has barely moved.

I am of two minds about which to choose.


I think we had better wait for another 30 minutes.


I rode one.

To speak a foreign language is to break a boundary. To speak many languages is to break several. But to speak Esperanto is to want to break all at once.

Is there any chance that he'll recover?


That picture was taken in Boston.


I just started to learn Esperanto.

A policeman should be strong and quick in action.

Did you enjoy your birthday?

It often happens that railway traffic is suspended by a heavy snowfall.

This kind of cloth is both cheap and sturdy.


Keith bought some squirrelfish for his aquarium.

Our car happened to pass theirs by the station.

Tareq is writing a letter to Karl.

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I don't believe I know Guido.

Micky didn't go and I didn't either.

Let's give it a shot, Roxane.


Come what may, I won't change my opinion.

Alcohol damages the liver.

May I go out to play?

Did Louis tell Mats what time she needed to be here tomorrow?

When we are together, time seems to stand still.

We can't get a hold of her.

Some things you shouldn't even say jokingly.


If God doesn't exist in our world, then I will create God with my own hands.