We had a few problems ourselves.

The roads were very muddy since it had rained during the night.

Can somebody give me a hand here?

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We wanted to get out of there.

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Either go out or come in.

Rabbits are related to beavers and squirrels.

I don't think Gunnar suffered.


Ahmet likes seafood.

No one voted for you.

You had better look up the word.

As I told you before, I don't plan to be at this afternoon's meeting.

Don't forget to bring a camera.

Jack is extraordinarily good-looking.

The mayor manifested his discontent with the new plan.

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Sorry, but you must have the wrong number.

Have you told your girlfriend the news yet?

I'll examine it for myself.

Let him come aboard.

The climate of Japan is mild.

My house is in the northern part of the city.

The problem is beyond the scope of my understanding.

It may well rain before tonight.

I was planning to turn this room into my mother's studio, but I'm currently using it as a storage room.


Don't lower your eyes.

If your tongue turns black, you should probably see a doctor.

It tastes very great.


There are certain beliefs about cows in India.

Big breasts in Japan are considered small by Russian standards.

How long did Juha say he'd been studying French?

What's the job?

You're going to get me in trouble!

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I was hoping to raise my kids in Boston.

Well, you have only to ask for his help.

That is a pencil.

What is your father's name?

This is just the CD that I was looking for.

The child cried for help.

It took a long time to accustom myself to the noise.


I can't lie to them.

"Where's Laurie?" "She's in the kitchen."

There's a bank in front of the hotel.


We weren't really expecting to find anything.

What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us.

When I was child, whenever I did something bad, I would get spanked.


Owen told me you were planning to go to Boston in three weeks.

Jeffery used to be skinny.

The pigs are not in the pen.

Ramadoss ran away when he saw me.

We'll have to take that chance.

I wonder why Donn didn't recognize you.

I'm glad that I didn't buy something like this.

Would you have the same thing?

I want you to come with us.

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Jesse doesn't know whether Timo is happy or not.


I cannot give you a definite answer today.

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I have a fancy to live the hard way.

I'm still trying to do that.

I've hired them.

Fuck everything.

John had a brilliant idea.


If you need any help, ask me.

If you're finished reading that book, I'd like to borrow it.

I want my money back.


Take a map with you in case you get lost.

Chris and Kay live beyond their means.

I would not go if it rains tomorrow.


The street is damaged.

There's nothing you can do to help Ann.

This is my lucky day.

They accepted my point of view.

Tharen traveled back in time.


We'll definitely achieve these goals.

Izchak tried to convince Julianto to have a threesome.

What time did you get up yesterday?

Which do you like better, white rice or brown rice?

I'm no better at cooking than my mother.

Blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.

Before coming to Tokyo, we lived for ten years in Osaka.

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Here's where it gets tricky.


I'll see what I can come up with.

I need a glass of water.

My father will travel abroad next year.

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Charleen is afraid he'll get lost.


Miriamne doesn't like eating fish.


I want to go to Germany.

I'm ill.

Who's going to help me wash these dishes?

What made you think that Root wouldn't come?

My uncle died of cancer of the stomach yesterday.

I don't remember you.

President Obama has made climate change a key issue in some of our most important bilateral relations, including China and India.

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Is somebody here?

We must respect others.

Fritz almost never makes mistakes when writing in French.


I'm fine, thank you!

He cannot come, he is ill.

Bacteria usually form colonies.

Scot will help you.

Do you sometimes drink red wine with fish?

I was in the water.

Ricardo wasn't sure they would renew his visa.

Jin was wearing an old lab coat.

My poor uncle was there, lying on his bloody bed, with a dagger lodged deeply in his heart.

Mohammad always wanted a daughter.

Hughes doesn't seem like a boy.


By establishing Takeshima Day, it is hoped that more Japanese people will learn about the Takeshima islands.

Run pipes under the floor.

I asked her to come see me.

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I have not heard anything to that affect

I saw the figure of a man.

His name is Urs.


You watch too much TV.

When do I get to talk to Anatoly?

I found that restaurant by accident.

Jesse asked me to tell you something.

Your cat is overweight.

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to say?

I'm reading the paper, in the meanwhile get ready to go out.


You were supposed to read Chapter 14. That was your homework over the weekend.


"Where's my money?" "What money?" "You owe me money." "I don't owe you, sucker!"

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Steen is probably trying to lose weight.

Reid is running late.

I don't believe Vice is a spy.

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Benjamin and Paola splashed each other.

I don't like to make a mistake.

Should World War III come about, there would be no winners at all.

I can't go without my dog.

I've got a magazine article I want to show you.


Unfortunately she already has a steady boyfriend.

I'm going to forget you said that.

Pantelis is coming down to see you.

After a long day at work, nothing feels better than a good hot bath.

Dean worked as a carpenter in Boston, Massachusetts.


I can't prevent myself from thinking.

Is it just me or is there a cat there?

What are we going to tell him?

An Englishman would not pronounce it like that.

He has the habit of spitting on the ground.


Lukas called the office.


You don't really think Sri would kill himself, do you?

When would you like to begin?

I serve pub food to Canadian customers.

You can sleep in my bed if you want.

I came for Jeremy.

The game was very exciting.

Nothing is as hard as a diamond.

We need to get rid of her.

Pay attention to the road.

There's a lot to see in Paris.

I want to leave, disappear, forget everything and everyone.

Can you account for your whereabouts on the night of the murder?

Root has repeatedly denied those charges.

Darin tells me you're better at French than he is.

My father usually drinks beer, but this evening he drank wine.

Pitch the ball to me.

Police are running an advertising campaign advising people who intend to drive home after drinking, to rethink their third drink.

We became fast friends.

I didn't rip you off.


My house is empty.

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To be, or not to be: that is the question.

I think this will do nicely.

The old man breathed his last.