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Novorolsky is too young to drive a car.

Since I couldn't solve the problem, I returned, along with my people, and told them what had happened with our cook and her husband.

If you want to stay healthy, don't heed the advice of a blogger.

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I gave my half to Srivatsan.

He started crying right after hearing the news.

In August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

I just wanted to take care of you.

Where the hell did I put it?


Harv and I used to be in the same class.

Is this an actress?

She can not go along with you on this point.

He says he's busy one minute, and then says that he has nothing to do the next.

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

The bullet glanced off the target.

I meet her on occasion at a beauty shop.

I have the same word-processor as this.

Ginny was very nervous.

In spite of the hurricane, the ship reached port.

I tried all possible means.

Don't act like you don't know what's wrong.

You're supposed to be recovering.

I am not in a hurry.

I don't think we should be talking about this right now.

He's shorter than I am.

Please hold my place in line.

This book, which I've read two times, was a present from Peter.

What are we to do?

They grow strawberries in their greenhouse.

We'll never forget your kindness.

Timo has a touch of the flu.

You got scared, didn't you?

Finally, the bell rang.

The report is being prepared by the committee.

He used to play with her in his childhood.

Merat isn't pleased.

What are they going to find?

Butter is made from cream.


Unfortunately, I find myself forced to cancel my lecture.


Is it all right if I call you Malcolm?


We have a small backyard.


When in doubt, tell the truth.

I'm fairly good with mechanical things.

Where's Sanjib now?

I want her to wash the car.

I hate asparagus.

Did Marika teach you some words of Japanese?

I think you should sit.


I know you can do this.

The dog cannot distinguish between colors.

The crown of this hat is too high.

My wife often telephones me when I'm traveling in another country.

Soohong is sincere.


I wish people were nicer to each other.

What's your favorite swear word?

I had known her for ten years when I married her.

A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.

Are you going to be here long?

I'll pay you a visit at home when it's the holidays.

My friend came to the library to study.

His car ran into a tree.

It's hard to love somebody when you don't know whether they love you as much as you love them.

It was all a mistake.

We have to do something to help Tigger.


Do you want me to be happy?

She might be able to help us.

That's what you've always wanted.


Do you think we'll make it to the airport in time, Paul?

We spent the whole evening talking to them.

Don't trust, don't be afraid, don't ask!

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.

Go and find the driver who arrived here yesterday.

You don't date, do you?

We had a Bavarian pork roast with red cabbage.

I found Win there.

You didn't waste much time, did you?

Which do you prefer, raisins, prunes or dates?

Can you loan me thirty dollars for a cab?


I walked to school.

Has the flat got a garage?

I really liked your story.

She is yet to know the truth.

I'm almost done with the report.

Why don't you go see him?

He sent some of his men into the valley.

Yoko is a Japanese name.

I really missed you when you were in France.


Everyone knew what went wrong.


I really like it, too.


No one seems to have any idea where Lorien is.

Yes, I can speak Mandarin.

The bird had a broken wing.

She seldom, if ever, goes to bed before eleven.

He always works hard.

I'm leaving, please excuse me.

Panos lit the oven.

I want to eat something that isn't sweet.

Donna can't afford to travel by plane.

You're more talkative than most of Deb's friends.

What else do you want?

Just then the phone rang.

I woke up at four o'clock.

His salary is composed of basic salary and commission.

He is conservative to a degree.

He acted the fool.

I didn't steal anything from Hilda.

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I don't need to be here right now.

Is this a good time to buy a house?

I hold grudges inside, but it honestly depends on the mistake or whether it was actually intended.

John took a walk along the river.

Are you hustling me?

Do you want to see some magic?

The boy almost drowned.

Everyone is staring at her.

Boyd is mad at me.

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I went to the pawn shop and asked them to please appraise my 1980s style car

Jeanne probably thought I was at home.

I thought I'd have another chance to do that.


We'll never know, will we?

His ideas are always practical.

I can trust him.

The boy, you see, is my son.

I hold a lot of land.


Big brother, you've got a bad fever?! Never mind the bags, rest in the shade of those trees!

Brender wanted us to investigate the murder of his wife.

Who's at the door?

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Ramon intended to visit Boston last month.

Don't worry. Everything'll be fine.

I need to know what I should tell Edgar.

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I couldn't help falling in love with you.

My mom found out that I skipped school.

General Custer didn't kill any Native American. It was his bullets that did it.

Don't bother seeing me to the door.

Do you know Persian?


Nobody knows what's going on in my country.

She makes her own clothes.

We've known her for years.

I advise you not to borrow money from your friends.

His coolness has alienated his friends.

My French is crappy.

What kind of weapons did they have?

You don't need to trust me.

"Ah!" is an interjection.

I wonder who killed them.

His train arrives at five this evening.

What do you suggest then?

I'm feeding the goldfish.

You may as well not do it at all than do it imperfectly.

It is probable that she will win the speech contest.


I can hardly walk.


Suzan kept silent all day.

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We were sailing.


There is a great market for rice in Japan.

How was your first night in Paris?

Dale invited me to sit with his family.

It's a plausible diagnosis.

You better sleep.

Keep learning and become a polyglot.

She saw somebody waiting for her next to the school.


It is said that Japanese people are kind to people they know, but rather cold to those they don't.

I don't like studying.

Changes of leadership have a great effect on the international political economy.

I came yesterday.

Abraham Lincoln was buried in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois.


The child was paralyzed with fear.

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Did I say the wrong thing again?

The forest is filled with dangerous creatures, including beasts, snakes, poisonous insects, and whatnot.

The spy made contact with the enemy.

We saved you a seat.

He had a hard time making a living.

I've seen things.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry.