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That's hardly likely.

He's as stupid as a rock.

The fact that I survived is a tribute to the indestructibility of the human body.


I'm going to play tennis with Shari tomorrow.

He looked at me and barked.

You should avail yourself of this opportunity without fail.

I think that she has magic powers. If you see her, you'd do anything for her.

I can't fix it. It'll have to be replaced.

I didn't know how to answer his question.

I was ten minutes late for school.

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The apple is red and yellow.

You left your clothes there on the floor again! Put them away properly!

I'm not used to that.

Nothing special is planned.

A hundred billion castaways are looking for a home.

I'll be waiting to see you on television.

I'm going to sit here until Lorenzo comes.

The leaves trembled in the wind.

You're among friends.

This looks like silk.

The shop was pretty empty.

I'm not strangling your cats.

Kenneth is definitely not coming.


Cory plans to go to college next year.

We were supposed to go together.

We value our customers.

They don't know anything about you.

How many books have you read?

Once you've caught the fish, you no longer need the bait.

It's easier than it sounds.

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Why the hell not?

Look at the cloud over there.

We can swim.

The devil makes work for idle hands.

He can speak some Spanish, much more English.

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He's two years older than I am.

Have courage.

Is his failure ascribable to incompetence or to bad luck?

A strange car was parked in front of my house.

It's so much fun.

Your book is double the size of mine.

Your timing really sucks.

A woman's work is never done.

It'll never change.

He opposes this initiative.

I've been laid up with flu for the last week.

If you will help us, we will be very glad.

Achille was born in 1908 in Paris.

The war with France was over.

Neville warned me it would be noisy here.

He doesn't know what to do.

It's the talk of the town.


In my opinion, you're wrong.

I thought you might change your mind.

Dark bread is popular in Germany.

Did you cry when I was gone?

That's actually a good idea.

I have to plan everything.

The sound of the train faded away.

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When was the last time you smiled at your wife?


I feel like learning Esperanto.

Thad took off his jacket and hung it on the back of a chair.

I have more than one thing I'm good at.

You are one of the most disgusting people I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. And I mean that in the best possible way.

It looks like you slept in your clothes last night.

I have a lot more.

You need our help.


I don't know what was in that box.

Morton never admits he's wrong even when he knows he is.

I left my umbrella behind in the taxi.

A fork fell off the table.

I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt.

My family went to the zoo to see pandas last Sunday.

It's not Rich you have to watch out for.

We're a complete joke.

I'll be waiting right here for you.

My back is full of knots.

You try it and see what happens.

The soldier gave me water.

Who can solve the problem?

Michiel told me to do it.

Wilmer might've liked to go with us.

Sandip will be free tomorrow.

Do you want bread with cheese or bread with honey?

It being hot, she was wet with sweat.

We've bought our tickets already.

I own an electric guitar.

Why didn't you warn them?

Micah looks reluctant.

I'm a lock without a key.

This is incredible.

We're definitely going to miss Sundar.


This isn't the first time I've done this.

I get annoyed when I am kept waiting.

If he wants money, he'd take it from me.

She has her arm in a cast.

That statement is incorrect.

If you had worked yesterday, you would have a day off today.

Ellen, if you're not going I'm not going either.

I went to Boston by car.

I wanted to hug Kamiya, but he wouldn't let me.

Tell her that I am doing shopping.

We've got to fight fire with fire!

There's no sugar.

You love your mother, right?

A spider weaves a web.

Why didn't you tell me you needed my help?

At last he found out the truth.

I don't feel like watching TV tonight.


In this playhouse of infinite forms I have had my play, and here have I caught sight of him that is formless.


Carlos waited for the bus.

Christopher Columbus once started a revolution, and then crushed it.

Dustin has a vegetable garden behind his house.

Jane has read "Snow Country" before.

The only fingerprints that the police found on the doorknob were Toerless's.


Now we see the interior of the castle.

They felt United States' farmers were poorer than they should be.

There isn't any hope of his success.


Michel was wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

The noise disturbed my sleep.

You can let go of me now.


I speak Uzbek.

I still have the key to Jagath's house.

She had lost the art of conversation but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.

What's the minimum wage in your country?

Please complete the attached application form.


He explained this passage in detail.


Rich will probably be able to answer your question.


Were you in love with him?


This is what I like about him.

He does not seem pleased with his condition.

I said I wouldn't tell them.

The river is polluted by waste from houses and factories.

I write poems, but they're really bad.


Tell him you don't need it.

Don't be so hard on your son.

Can you get it done before the end of the week?

This town is so depressing.

From next week onwards Jane will take responsibility for our students.


Even though you may be quick as the wind, I will beat you in a race.


She ate my delicious duck.

Walt is in class.

Now it's her turn.

They were talking from 8 to 10 o'clock.

As often as not, we lay awake all night.


Are any of you hurt?

She is an excellent student.

Suu has a lot of money now.

I'm the one who danced with the kids all night.

I think you and he wanna be alone.

I'm older than you.

Won't you give me a spot?

In the city, large quantities of garbage are being produced every day.

She waited for you for two hours.

Raif is very passionate, isn't he?

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again.

The crew had to abandon the sinking ship.

Hunting is not allowed in national parks.

Is that too hard?

His was a life pursuing social status and power.

We want you to marry Patty.

I've been trying to explain to Jacques that he needs an appointment.


I want to be a film star.

There are no reasons for our imagination.

I heard some students complain about the homework.

Sonny wore a white shirt.

Loukas isn't going to stop Monty.

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Tell them to get ready to leave.

Here there's no wind.

Did you enjoy the game?

Do you want to Romanize your language? Maybe, you should.

Liz said he didn't want to talk.


It is necessary for you to stop smoking.