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It seems quiet enough.

Everything's dirt-cheap.

Please write your name with a pencil.

Let's meet in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel at 6:30 p.m.

He collects silk ties.

You can't take those!

He is the fastest runner in the world.

For whom did you give the keys of the house?

It was yesterday that Dawn bought this skirt.

Prices have risen steadily during the past decade.

I find it difficult to understand what he is saying.


Classes begin at 8 o'clock.

I learn Lakota.

We haven't yet decided where we'll go tomorrow.

He has just over thirty years.

I'm fine.

I think you deserve more than this.

Buy me a drink.

My father disapproved of my going to the concert.

She gave me a piece of good advice.

What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

They come from the same village.


Do you think we will get there on time?

I'm very busy now.

What would you have done in my place?

I replaced the broken cups with new ones.

I need to buy a gift for her.

Don't leave your suitcase there.

The wind ripped the roof off our building.


I know that all of this is just a game.

He was traded, so to speak, to the rival firm.

They examined the jewel.


Tracey raises her son as a single mother.

Howard waited there.

Probe into the cause of the accident.

Moving money and technology from one side of the globe to the other is not enough.

I want to talk with you alone.

Give it your all, and you won't be sorry later.

The cake is ready to be decorated.

Are you hiding from her?

A change of air will do you good.

Who were you protecting?

Annie just left.

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Noemi isn't good enough for you.

The best way to learn a foreign language is to go live in a country where it's spoken.

You might as well surrender.

Leads's shoes don't fit him very well.

Thad stumbled and fell backward.

Call me this afternoon.

Are we really surprised?

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Life is a question of priorities.

I heard about it.

I will get in touch with you next week.

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I was about to say the same thing.

It's hard for me to understand Italian when it is spoken quickly.

Marshall's still eating.

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They came to us with a proposal.

You're making me very happy by doing that.

You said it wasn't going to happen.

I'm just not cut out for this kind of work.

Hsuan needs you now more than ever.

The boy crammed all his clothes into the bag.

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?


Henry has no more than six dollars.


You must have been furious when Stanislaw quit without notice.

Nobody noticed her absence.

In fact, he has never been to New York.

The law's on my side.

Don't touch my stuff.


We hurried to the station only to miss the train.

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How many years is it now that we've known each other?


Why don't you go somewhere?

Take a step back and decide whether that's really what you want to do.

Never have I seen her before.

These infections were caused by contaminated milk.

I'm not going to wear a tie.

He gave me a ten thousand yen rebate.

Ernst called Amarth instead of John.

Let's be going now.

All the students in my class are friendly.


The accident caused traffic confusion.

Such poets as Toson and Hakushu are rare.

Men have unrealistic expectations about how women should look.

We're prepared.

I'm always stressed out.

I'm going to miss my bus if I don't hurry.

We've discussed this many times already.


The servant led me to a very beautiful room, which served simultaneously as a living room and office in the engineer's house.

The heavy rains caused the river to flood.

Spare me the details.

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Barrett likes Taylor Swift.


I think I'd better start now.

How can you endure such cold?

In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.


I hope it wasn't too much trouble.


How are things with you?

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He can do what he wants!

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I think Honda will come tomorrow.


He was fired by the school.


My father has a personality disorder.

This book is fundamental for an understanding of biology.

Why is it you can write a letter in English this well, but can't speak it?

That chicken hasn't laid any eggs lately.

It's a pity that you didn't catch up with Socorrito while he was in town.

It's written in Geeta: Fulfill your duties, without the desire of its fruit.

I can't make her stop.


I do have one question.


You're not exactly an outsider.

I am going to take two days off next week.

A drop of sweat ran down her brow.


"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

Emmett sings in a church choir.

What are you planning to do for the New Year vacation?

It's a fake one, right?

I'll be here tomorrow.


What is that huge building?


You cannot mix oil and water.

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When did you first come over to Japan?

I don't want you to go to Boston.

What happened to me? Am I sick?

Siegurd sang off key.

He looks well.

Michiel had a major crush on Raghu.

Does your country have nuclear weapons?

He held over his decision until he got more information.

Henry is old enough to support himself.

Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.

He's too drunk.

I'm the king of the world!

Kids these days have no imagination whatsoever. Only a nationwide revolution and sweeping economic reform will bring the hoop and stick back into vogue.


We all speak French.


Dennis was charged with armed robbery.

The girl listened to music, the boy was reading a book.

New Year's resolutions made in January are often broken by February.

Promise me you won't tell Mom.

Knudsen saw a look of confusion on Delbert's face.

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Jeanne is a busy fellow.


You must not confuse liberty with license.


I wouldn't drive, I'd walk.

They told me you were the one who saved my life.

I'll join you.


Who's that girl with the red sash?

Where there is heart, there is luck.

The judge found Scopes guilty of breaking the law.

He just missed the train.

The police could not establish the identity of the man.

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I wasn't able to finish my homework on time.


I told you I didn't want this.

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Chandra records observations of the universe in the high-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I always arrived late.

Do we have enough money to buy that?


Kenn used to laugh at Gregg.

He doesn't understand that his actions are inimical to his own interests.

Seenu shouldn't have let Winston drive.


I am getting crazy according to everyone.

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What he did was an outrage.

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Ben isn't very bright at all.