Kaiser will go to Germany next week.

I know all about them.

Did you know that this is a sentence?

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My watch loses three minutes a day.

Penny's very good at mental arithmetic.

Glenn has two girlfriends.

We do not need so many details.

Just remember, you can't compete with the memory of your younger self.

I think I'm going to make a triple camomile.

We will have to take off our shoes before going in.


It's a problem we do not have any answer for.


Pandora will find a job soon enough.

I've been trying to reach Edward.

They laid the carpet on the floor.

What's going on at work?

This is the day on which the Constitution's fundamental spirit, the sovereignty of the people, respect for fundamental human rights, and pacifism, are all reaffirmed.

She is a good, milk-bearing cow!

Tao ate quietly.

I think you've been talking about me behind my back.

We will increase the rent next month.

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Nichael has been dating a part-time janitor.


The sisters wore matching dresses.

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He was impressed by her skills.


I hate to see a grown man cry.

Yesterday I sold two books.

He was absent from school for a week.


Someone's calling.

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We followed her.

Frederic is just getting cold feet.

Kamel has a special place in my heart.

These products are selling like hot cakes.

Perhaps you'd better leave.

I don't think Sam wants to see you again.

Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

I'm counting on you not to let our secret leak out.

Ravindranath and Sharan finished their meal and then went into the living room to watch TV.

I don't give enough to give a fuck.

I don't lie anymore.

Mikael's shoes don't fit him very well.

Who was that girl you were with at the beach today?

He dropped his books on the floor.

You can go anywhere you want.

Did you really do that?

Get up as early as you can.


My brother looks a lot like me.

Are we ready for it?

I dreamt that Congress effected sensible tax reform to improve the lot of the working class. I then woke up in a gutter with nothing but ragged clothes and a stolen guitar to my name.

I understand you have some questions.

I would like to buy this watch, but unfortunately it's just too expensive.

I know that you and Dorothy skipped school yesterday.

It seems that Lynne has been here.

She gave a ready answer.

Somebody knocked on the door.

My uncle lives in Germany.

He must not find out the truth.

Wisdom was not created from books, but books were created from wisdom.

I will have finished reading this novel by the time you come tomorrow.

No one will ever forget them.

Colin is definitely not from this neighborhood.

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The last piece of cake was eaten by Robin.

Why don't you pull over?

As long as it was winter, he did not go outdoors.


A flight attendant was rescued from the wreckage of the passenger plane.

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Tell them what happened.

Clayton didn't go and I didn't either.

You should keep early hours.

We don't have to get there on time.

I wouldn't want to die here.

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She was sad for the first time in months.

I am the Talking Cricket and I have been living in this room for more than one hundred years.

We've got to move.

Which book do you want?

In order to tag sentences, you must, at least, be an "advanced" contributor.

We're pretty smart.

We went through St. Louis on the way to New Orleans.

No, I am not an escort.

What are your top choices?

It's all work-related.

It is very dear.

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People are gathering.


We're able dancers.

Let's celebrate with some lasagna. What do you say?

Yeah, I want you to do it.


This is how the incident happened.

Don't fail to learn these basic words by heart.

Teruyuki, I want to go to sleep.

I'll buy you a beer.

What you're doing is unforgivable.

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Throw a tear-gas bomb at him.

I was admiring his new car.

Nothing is so fatal to religion as indifference.

It is strange that you should fail.

I want to be better.

Stop looking at me like that.

You're a fool.

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We have to catch up on our work as soon as possible.

You may come if you like.

I want a map of Texas on a scale of 1 to 250000.

She has beautiful handwriting.

Al just doesn't listen.

He is not so old as my brother.

He sold some apples at the market.

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What's the latest news?

This tie and that jacket go well together.

You'll never guess where we've just been.

Pratt had to go there alone.

This is extortion.

I would've liked to go with you.

I'm sure I can persuade her.


They are the poorest of the poor.

Sundar called for backup.

I will have finished the work by eight o'clock.

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She wanted proof.


Frank eats very quickly.

They got off the bus and walked two kilometers in the hot sun.

Torsten was sound asleep when Pratap walked into the room.

Every good fighter needs a sparring partner.

Why are you asking me about Piotr?


Find out what Jochen is doing in Boston.


Just so you know, I'm an FBI agent.


When will that new school open?

I saw Norma three hours ago.

I am your friend.

I would go if I were you.

I've never cut their hair.

We miss him.

Peggy and Hunter didn't speak to John.

I caught sight of him as I entered the room.

Christophe has to take this call.

Susumu and his family live in a small farm house not too far from here.

I know Sheila was your best friend.

First you have to build up your vocabulary.

Linder told me that he used to be very poor.

I know lots of songs.

Get him out of there.

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It is difficult to understand his theory.

The girl in the blue coat is my daughter.

I cannot harvest. I don't have a sickle.

Juliet is old enough to know better.

I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall.


Edward saw them.

Many people here consider Rahul their best friend.

Dwayne's death came as a surprise.

What am I supposed to do with this?

I almost never watch TV.

The war is still going on.

Roberto is always online.

I tried to kiss Lewis.

Men of the rank of captain and below live in this building.

Sarah has gone to Boston.

Ed is there now.

Magnetism is the science of the properties of magnets.

Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something at the supermarket?

Did the police find any trace of the murderer?

I thought Morton would say that.

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We have less than three minutes before the movie starts.

He is, quite rightly, very grateful to them.

If it was light I'd have read it.


The sun shines full of fire.

I can pilot a helicopter.

It's only a theory at the moment.


Take that back, right now!

No one's ever questioned my loyalty before.

She's never in a hurry.


The mistake cost him his head.


All the proposals were accepted.