He flipped the switch and threw the room into brightness.

Jerry'll understand.

Brett followed us here.

Charlie sent me back to help.


Vicky would rather stay.

I politely turned down his offer and hung up.

It took us longer to get here than we expected.

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I might seem strong, but in actuality I am anything but.

It makes no difference to me whether Fred came to the party or not.

Do you have change for a fifty?

The is under a lot of pressure.

This child believes that the earth is flat.


I'll work.

They were caught off-guard.

I was forced to accept his proposal.

That is completely irrelevant.

I think we're moving along pretty well.

It's only Victoria.

Sooner or later, the police are going to catch you.

Aren't you pregnant? Well, stop drinking then!

Gregge may be the only one who can solve this problem.


Sensing danger, he ran away.

The butcher is weighing the meat.

We suggest you adjust your records accordingly.


Winnie has been helping me get ready for my trip.

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Lindsey's story brought tears to my eyes.


Perry has had three heart attacks.

He has a very quick mind.

Janice is in the kitchen, cleaning up.

They deal in rice at that store.

I wish you'd told me that sooner.

A pig will wallow in the mud in order to cool down.

I'd sure like to see them, but I won't have the time.

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What music do you like?

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We waited for hours and hours.

The brightness bothers me.

I'm the youngest one at my job.

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I'm not convinced Ralf is telling the truth.

Where did you get to know her?

This may not even be legal.

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Tal and Toby went to the Luna Park.

He will get nowhere with his plans.

She is dogged by misfortune.

I work.

Lenin ordered them to rebel.

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Dwayne didn't answer Indra.

He's busy.

How was I supposed to know?

Fight like a man!

We're just tired.

I remember meeting Kris in Boston.

You need to be careful not to hurt Suzan's feelings.

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The programming language Java is highly versatile.


Jack is three years older than I am.


Triantaphyllos looks scared and worried.

We need to get you to a hospital.

I'm supposed to help her.

The world has seen a lot of changes in many fields.

And he sees himself as a sailor.


This is the first time I've ever bitten my tongue.

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He never fails to write to her every week.


I'm going to have a baby.


I guess this is yours.

We will stand by you whatever happens.

That'll be inconvenient.

Mosur is healthy, isn't he?

Experts have offered three possible explanations.

That's Terry's daughter.

How do I do this?

Did any of the other club members complain about Graham?

Shannon's family loved me.


I'm afraid to go into closed spaces.


Exhausted from a day's work, he went to bed much earlier than usual.

He is listening to the news on the radio.

Tran is a part-owner of Chuck's Bar and Grill.

Ramesh walked out of the room.

Val put gas in the car.

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I just didn't expect you to be here.


Was that too much?

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There are currently more open apprentice positions than applicants.

I hope nothing's been broken.

Abraham then arose in the same night, and went with two servants to the distant land, together with Isaac, riding on donkeys.


Guy loves the new toy that Barrio gave him for his birthday.


I didn't want to.

Get in line.

Sophie was so hungry that she ate everything that she could get her hands on.

Tomorrow ... tomorrow seemed such a long, long way off.

I'm starting to lose hope.

One is all it takes.

If you go into the forest, watch out for the man-eating ogres!

Troubled children often lack any sense of guilt.

She might be taller than you.


I love cookies.

I know it sounds familiar.

Why are you driving us out?


Fathers in cities spend eight hours in the office and another two hours traveling to and from their work on trains full of people every morning and evening.


The palace was heavily guarded.

We camped there for a week.

I found the book which I had lost the day before.

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Another factor to be taken into consideration is that the present situation is favourable to us.

How do you pronounce the symbol @ in this language? "ampersand"

Murray heard Brandon snoring in class.


I didn't go to Hong Kong by plane.


They are short of food.


Your father got a promotion.


I bought a new computer to keep up with the times.


Tensions were increasing.

I think I'll go in for tennis.

I could try.

Political unrest was in the air.

Dan struggled with life in Alaska.

Dalton was unable to contact the coast guard.

I saw how you saved Hunter's life.

Liber will stay with you.

Something wrong with that?

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People living in town don't know the pleasures of country life.

What's stopping you from doing research?

You've still got thirty minutes.

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They must be fake.


Is there anything else I can do to help?

Why won't Roberto leave?

What are you contemplating?

Drink plenty of water.

Everyone in the office knows about his problems.

Leith pulled out a pistol and shot Vincenzo.

That's preposterous.

No, we'll be in fighting shape in just a month or two.

This is the last time I'll accept a gift.

They shared feelings.

It would be difficult.

It is rude to stare at strangers.

Don't change the subject.

I talked to Charlene about what happened.

I talked to my advisors about which classes to take.

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Edmond put his arms out.

Rudolph didn't have much time to finish his homework.

That's very characteristic for him.

I thank my lucky stars that I'm still alive.

A cab and a train crushed this Wednesday.

I can't get her to help me.

He can be proud of her father.

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He warned me of the danger.

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You weren't ready.

Some books are worth reading over and over again.

It was a hot day.

Brrr, it's cold!

The terrible scene sent shivers down his spine.

I'd open the window: I need some fresh air.

Root has no common sense.

Evan insisted on speaking to you alone.

School was fun today.


He's just a normal junior high school student, not particularly intelligent.

Yesterday was Tuesday, 2010, January the 26th.

This sentence needs to be corrected.


Everett is a business consultant.

It is their right to vote.

What's all this about?