I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.

She has a submissive personality.


How did that get in there?

That's not surprising.

I'll set it up with Rathnakumar.

Kerry is making preparations for a trip.

My room is three times as large as yours.

She's convinced she has an insect inside her head.

There are many people who can do the same as you.

I'm pretty hungry. When can we go have lunch?

What's in the bottle is just water.

What is an egg for a poor man, is a bull for a rich man.

I don't want to be rich. I just don't want to be poor.


This is just for you.


You're the cool one.

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He has a brother and two sisters.


A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes.

I like English more than maths.

The flowers were bright and colourful.

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He pretended like it never happened.

They didn't like him.

He is a potential world champion.

Vince and Dominick lived in Boston for a while.

He hopes he will visit Paris.

We are glad you are coming.

I am going to see the sights of Nara.

I wish I'd bought a different color shirt.

Here the wages are paid in proportion to the amount of work done.

I'm pretty sure that Jean-Christophe has never been to Boston.

Let's share this money between the two of us.

I have difficulty chewing.

I really want you to meet Bernard.


We live on Puistokatu.

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You seem surprised.

I know I didn't do anything wrong.

They moved here three years ago.

The Americans had nothing to do with the matter.

I'm just trying to have a good time.

All of his friends were body pillows, and all of hers were dolls; so they bonded over their fondness for animating the inanimate. However, because they were not inanimate objects but people with complex emotions, their relationship was sometimes strained.

I was hit by the policeman.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

I will be leaving the house in one hour.

I don't mean half of what I say.

What's the one thing you would have done differently?

They pushed him out of the window.

We asked everybody to help.

I want to make sure you're going to be all right.

I don't believe you!

Nelken was here this morning.

I returned from Boston on October 20th.

She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her hand.

Piotr doesn't read books in French.

I seldom eat meat anymore.

I would like to be Picasso.

It is never too late to mend.

Jerome'd be cute if she'd just shut up. Her way of speaking really gets on my nerves.


Don't touch that dial.

Carol will visit Miami next month.

I'm nothing more than a politician.

I met a student from America yesterday.

Whose bicycle did you want to borrow?

This coat is too short on me.

Why is it so hot?

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I had completely forgotten.

We appealed to our teacher to go more slowly.

His private papers include a diary of his first year in parliament.

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Douglas was kicked out of the meeting.

Driver fatigue is a major cause of car accidents.

The coffee is too bitter for me to drink.

Billie wondered if Julie would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

The success of newly-developed applications and government-forced deregulation may hold the key to achieving this economic implementation.


Gooseberries are fruits that are effective at extending life.

Irwin doesn't speak French properly.

A farewell party was held in honor of Mr. Tanaka.

Spring sows, autumn reaps.

It is said that golf is very popular in Japan.

Ofer said there were no decent restaurants in his neighborhood.

I had a speech ready.

Pablo said he thought the pilot was drunk.

Thanks for the invite.

"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

There is an urgent need for people to help clean up the environment.

"Your Majesty, you are evil!" "I'm evil to the people who spend all my money on junk like faulty maps!"

I think we'd better leave.


Can they give you something for that?


My predecessors had asked their questions of nature with genuine curiosity and awaited her reply.

His words sound reasonable.

Your ice cream will melt if you don't eat it quickly.

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She was miserable.

They love us.

Bring your friends with you.

Celia agreed to meet Brodie.

If I were to be reborn, I would like to be a bird.

Say a prayer for them and say a prayer for their families -- that God give them the strength to bear the unbearable. And that He give us all the strength to be there for them, and the strength and courage to change.

Don't tell anybody about the matter.

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Please promise me you won't do that again.

I'm going to follow you.

Why don't you join in the conversation?

He is as great a thinker as ever lived.

I couldn't figure it out.

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There were all sorts of group activities.


It's too difficult.

She speaks frankly.

Kory wants you to go to Boston with him.

He will wash dishes.

Dr. Hideo Noguchi died in Africa in 1928.


Read as many books as possible.

I don't see a temple.

Has Julie always been fat?

They came to terms with their enemy.

What's your favorite blonde joke?

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We'll stop her.

Can you find out where we go from here?

I have no idea what Kayvan wants to do in life, supposing he wants to do something.


Come at me, you pussy motherfuckers!

We could see the full extent of the park from the hotel.

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.

The king spoke to his son and told him that he would like to see him married before he died.

Is there anything more interesting that we could be doing?

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We'll miss him.

What is your favorite exhibit at the museum?

I'm really sorry about what happened last night.


I don't think Drew will change.

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I'm not sure we have any choice.

How long were you in jail?

They should never play foul.

Bret had to put up with me all through high school.

The Earth is taking a meteor shower.

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Who's with her now?

We're baffled.

These books are very precious to us.

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I see you visit a website called Tatoeba. What is it about?

What's your favorite convenience store chain?

This is like shooting ducks in a barrel.


Willie is a great performer.

I know Sedovic has already left for Boston.

Are you afraid of rats?


Don't believe her, she tells lies.

What's the worst thing that can happen?

This is good coffee.

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A person is a person through other people.

Harv's boss told him that his performance left a lot to be desired.

It seems to be my lot to be an odd man out.


We've been very lucky.

Tell me why you came back.

I got bit by mosquitoes all over this area, and it itches so badly I can't stand it.

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You can do it from outside.

I couldn't hold back my tears.

Alberto went up to the bar and ordered a drink.

Paola can't do the job.

I don't eat bread.

I can't stand the heat.

They want to become citizens.


It's bad for your back.

Annihilation gives birth to my rebirth.

She made clothes for her dolls with her mom.

There isn't much time.

I was very happy about it.

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You can't seriously be considering this.

They expressed satisfaction with their lives.

Carole didn't want to help me.

I was used to the heat.

Phillip asked Hotta who had given her the picture.

I can carry my own weight.

She wanted to become a teacher.


Why does that keep happening?