Lea and Klaus made snow angels.

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People who are made much of by the public are not always those who most deserve it.

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Panos went to his high school reunion last week.


It's actually incredibly stupid.

As far as I'm concerned the topic is worth discussing.

If God had meant for us to be naked, we'd have been born that way.

Jennie reported his sister missing.

We have to see what works and what doesn't.

How did you pay for this computer?

I felt reborn.


Apart from Peter, his brothers were also there.

Sundaresan accidentally deleted all the files on one of his external hard disks.

Don't talk about such a thing.

What if Tommy is wrong?

Sjouke carried her son on her back.

They speak Spanish in Colombia.

He fell as if wounded by a bullet.

I went to the supermarket with Leanne and bought chicken nuggets.

This knife won't cut well.

He is so careless that he often makes mistakes.

I doubt Kristin will come.

I took note of what he was saying.

Randy was born rich.


Where does the moon go when it's not in the sky?


Austria's hilly landscapes reminded Mr. Bogart of The Sound of Music.

Jump across.

I made an error in judgment.

Anyway, please come in.

Can you drive a stick shift?

Scot predicted that would happen.

An inspired sentence?

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You're a big fraud.

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Marie suffered from indigestion when she ate rich food.


Do you want to go for a walk later?


I'd never wear a shell suit.

I was in my apartment.

The sun is shining.


What was your first impression?

We'll move in.

Do you have friends in Antigua?


The image is not in focus.

We may as well stay here till the weather improves.

Education is an investment in the future.

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The earth moves around the sun.

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Thai is an interesting language.


Don't fret too much, okay?

Neither a borrower nor a lender be!

My boss assigned the hard job to me.

Belgium is not so large as France.

My letter made Susie angry.


People often complain about high prices.

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It looks like we have company.

I scored 20 on the maths exam.

This is the first time I've ever planted a tree.

We offered him the house for $300,000.

When does it arrive?

Are you coming with me or not?

Let's hope she comes.

I'd like Jeffie to be happy.

You play Starcraft really well.

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Poetry must be new as foam, and as old as the rock.

Can you think of anyone who might be able to babysit our kids tonight?

Steve waited for Leora outside.

He won the race easily.

Stuart has no alibi.


I'd like a room facing the garden.

Your one year stay in Germany was very useful.

Hillel looks suspicious.

I'll be right back with refreshments.

I suggest we both leave now and leave Page and Ernest to discuss this problem on their own.

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I could hardly believe him.


I told Nancy what I saw.

We were gardening.

Are you in Bangladesh?

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

I've missed so many opportunities.

Did you come here alone?

This house is very spacious.

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He eats lunch at a cafeteria.

This root vegetable is high on nutrients.

Can I try one more?


Don't you remember what you said?

She deserves more.

I forgot his phone number.

I also like apples.

I have several silver coins.


Tanaka decided to submit his resignation.

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Her action deserves respect.


I'm going to buy a home.

Take the one you like best, whichever it is.

The oil made the floor slippery and caused his sudden fall.


Was Elwood fired?

It is said that his father is in hospital now.

The duty must be discharged by every one of you.

In real life, help is given out of friendship, or it is not valued; it is received from the hand of friendship, or it is resented.

The dog jumped up and caught the ball.


Melinda has gone crazy.

Himawan is a gymnast.

Who do you believe is the most capable?


Amos isn't dressed yet.

It cost less than fifteen dollars.

Are you in the library?

Perhaps I was too harsh on her.

Summer seems to have come at last.


She speaks fairly quickly.


Think what you want about Sergio; he's still one of the greatest.

He will never die.

After I pick some blueberries, I make a tart.

You can go there.

Wash your hands before meals.


I think what you just told me isn't correct.

I'm not good enough for you.

She drinks wine even though she does not drink beer.

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Agatha is very angry, isn't he?

Netherlands wallop Spain.

Don't ask me for money.


What did you do to get expelled from school?

When in the barn the heating fails, cubic shape the milk yield takes.

How many phone numbers does Kenneth have?


He took second place.


Dion was in a traffic accident on his way to school.


"Watch out for the trap!" she screamed.

We can't do this without him.

Dwight is going to break up with Sedovic.


Jesper is my patient.

Assemble all of the leaders of my army.

How old are your cousins?


The monkey is in the cage.

Francesco's pen is much better than mine.

Olson has to speak to us.

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Cindy strung the tree with lights.

Warren is a very smart boy.

I'm not impoverishing you.

I am proud of my pretty cat.

Computer performance maybe very poor.

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Make sure you get twenty rat livers for today's afternoon.

The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

Mr. White soon began to feel guilty.

What is in the backpack?

I know the girl who is playing tennis.

The hotel I'm staying at is near the station.

I think this might interest you.

Everyone has a life.

After two years, she already spoke fluent German.

This novel is difficult to understand.

All four of Izchak's grandparents were teachers.

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We're not acquainted with each other.

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My mom bought me a new skirt.

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I would rather stay at home than go out in this hot weather.

Did you like the flowers I sent you?

The boy was frightened, and tried to say a prayer, but he could remember nothing but the multiplication table.

How about taking a walk?

Persons with special skills can easily get jobs.


I want coffee.