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Today several National Surveys tell us that a majority of adult Americans do not have even a basic Will! When many of the survey participants responded as to why they did not have Estate Planning documents they gave the reasons listed.

If you look at these you see that most indicate a lack of understanding of how the Estate Planning process works.

This means there is a great opportunity here to be of assistance and help your clients!

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You Can Help Your Clients Today!

We have worked with Financial Advisors, just like you, for over twenty-five years.

In that period of time we have provided comprehensive document sets for over 15,000 couples and individuals.

Even so, many of you may not be aware of just how you can help your clients with the estate planning process. This Site is designed to give you an overview of this process and to provide the steps you need to take so you can begin today to assist your clients.

With our system, you may get involved in the estate planning process as little or as much as you like! Advisors who have worked with us over the years tell us they enjoy the following benefits:

♦ You see all client assets under favorable circumstances

♦ You have the opportunity to provide other services and products

♦ You maintain control of your client relationship

♦ You have the ability to continue to manage client assets after they pass

♦ You often get referrals to new clients who want estate planning services

Contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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