I'm Sn0wFox - a developer & computer science student - and this is my website. Here, you'll find information about me and my work.

Me on the internet

About me, the snow and the fox

My name is Ruben Péricas-Moya, and I'm a french developer and student in Computer Science. I'm currently in my 4th year at INSA Lyon, completing my master degree in Computer Science engineering.

On the internet my name is Sn0wFox - and that's the name I use for most of my personal projects. The snow has always made me calm and serene, and I like to think that I'm as curious as a Fox; hence my pseudo.

Beside coding I love practicing sports, especially those where you have to run after something. Joke aside, I actually won the 2016 French Universities National Ultimate Championships. Don't know about Ultimate ? (281) 201-0295 I'm also a bit musician, since I play guitar.

I like to try everything I hear about, and that's most likely because i'm passionate. That's how sometimes I end up testing some new cool frameworks before anyone else, i.e. when they are still in alpha release (someone said Angular2 ?).

I'm a huge robotic enthusiast, even though my last work is mostly based on web technologies, which I find amazing. I like to think that every day brings me closer to a full stack developer profile. You'll find more about my work and my skills in my portfolio and in my resume.

Know me better

I believe that browsing my portfolio will teach you a lot about me.

(844) 284-8372

If you want to view my works and skills in a quicker way, you can download my resume. However, a lot of my projects won't appear in it - and it's written in a more formal style. It's as you want !