Programming made fun for kids!

About the class

Who is this class for?

Programming for Kids is aimed at elementary aged children, about 7 to 11 years old.

Included in the class

This course includes 21 lessons, with more to be added. Plus, if you have an idea for a class, we can make it. This course is a one time payment- no subscription required! You get all the content with more to come for free! Course materials include videos and code from the videos.

Access to the LOGO programming page is included with the class. On the programming page your child can create pictures of what the turtle draws in order to share with friends and family.

We use Gumroad to host the course materials and process payments. Videos can be streamed through the Gumroad app or through the Gumroad website.

How to use the class

The way to use this class is to open two web browser windows side by side- one browser window plays videos from Gumroad and the other web browser window has the programming environment hosted on Turtles in Space. That way the child can type what the see in the video at the same time. Learning by doing is the best way to learn.

The class is challenging!

The class has some concepts that might be beyond the child's grade level, but by following along with the class, the child will build intuition about new concepts. Just repeating what the class instructor does in the video and then experimenting allows the child to learn the material.

Big bonus: You well be invited to our free coding workshops livestreamed on Twitch or Youtube!

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What others are saying

My 8 year old is having a great time programming pictures!

Anne, Los Angeles

This has kept my son busy for several days. He loves coding.

Kim, NYC

Learning made fun!

Laura, NYC

Let's dive in


Here is a simple demo of LOGO. We want to tell the turtle how to create a square. Well, what is a square? It has four sides of equal length, and all four angles are right angles.

Now that we know what a square is, we can create a plan to draw one. First, we tell the turtle to go forward 100 steps. Then, we need to tell the turtle to turn right 90 degrees. Then we can repeat these steps three more times. Voila! We have a square.

We can build on these very simple ideas to make the turtle do much more interesting things!

About Turtles in Space

My name is Ben Tyler, and I am the instructor for this class. Back in the age of Apple IIe computers, I got started in programming using LOGO. One day I was introduced to a green monochrome screen with a turtle at the center of the screen. Though I didn't quite know what I was doing, I was hooked. Things have changed a lot since then, but LOGO is still a great way to get started with programming and learning about computers.

I have attended elite engineering universities and have experience in electrical, software, and computer engineering. At a young age, LOGO provided me with a fantastic start to my technical career.

Now as computers are ubiquitous and knowledge of programming is a requirement for professional careers, I want to help a new generation of children discover the joy of programming like I did all that time ago on a monochrome Apple computer.

Our Approach

The classes are designed to introduce one or two concepts per class, so the student is not overwhelmed. Plus, the classes are very short and easy to digest.

Programming involves many abstract concepts that can take a while to grasp. We try to relate programming to real life situations with many examples.

The classes are meant to be followed in real time by the student. So as code is typed in the videos, the student can type along with the video. This will help solidify the student's grasp of the material.

The programming in the classes is not very fast, and the student can watch the videos as many times as necessary.

This course uses many mini projects to practice the new concepts. That way the student has fun making new things and learns at the same time.