I saw grandfather last week.

Am I included?


It doesn't hurt so much.


Cliff rose slowly from behind his desk.


Triantaphyllos was relaxing, drinking a glass of wine.

Part of what Rick said was true.

Would you mind if I went home early?

Seals are clumsy and ponderous on land, but very graceful in the water.

Sleeping on a carpet is great.

Why didn't you just pay her?

Why are you asking me this?


I was trying to distract her.

Oh, sorry.

I rarely go to the movies.

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You can't get through the mountain pass in the winter.

They refused to answer my question.

I'll put $300 in the bank.

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Don't go back on your promise.

Want to know?

They're intelligent and voracious.


This is the hat I've been looking for.

He is gone.

I made a joke about Eileen's accent.


Bruce hates rules.

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Annie put his notebook away.

What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

I don't think that's why Billie isn't here.


This is the very dictionary that I have been looking for.

To do him justice, he is a reliable man.

She's not my girlfriend. She's my sister.

What's the minimum wage in Germany?

Machida is an interesting city that's a mix of the old and the new.


As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.

Are you going to be much longer?

Something like this can happen to anyone.

Do you know what just happened?

If you ate fewer burgers, you'd probably be healthier.

My baby has peed in his nappy.

I'll come right to the point.

He has many acquaintances but few friends.

Are you still interested in going out for a drink after work?

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A soccer team consists of eleven players.

Eli doesn't want to be disappointed.

I had a long conversation with Cindie.

We enjoyed ourselves at the seaside.

I didn't ask them any questions.

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That's the hardest part.


Many clients went to the able lawyer for advice.

There was a sudden drop in the temperature last night.

Have you told everyone when and where the meeting will be?

They're Christians.

"She doesn't like music." "And she doesn't like me either."


Please drop in to see us any time you're in town.

Ramesh refused medical attention.

I just want to rest.


We just want to find Andre.

Would it be possible for me to get something to drink?

I owe him 50,000 yen.

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She's a blue-eyed Chinese Muslim.

The more things change, the more they're the same.

Those are John's dogs.


It was good of your parents to let us eat outside.

The mail has arrived.

I'm dying to meet him.


Don't let him tear this picture.

When someone speaks with such rhetorical flourish, it starts to sound like they're lying.

If I were you, I wouldn't have done that.


It's a painful 'truth' for us, but watching this movie brought home to me again the danger facing Earth.

Todd was trapped in the cave for three days.

I don't care who kisses Stacy.


I am ashamed to see her.

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why such a long face?"

She was embarrassed by his sudden appearance.

What do you think Kenton is going to want to do?

How can you stand the noise?

"Don't forget to write to me!" "Don't worry, I'll send the first lines as soon as I arrive in London."

Klava cuts her expenditures.

Jennie has a ten-speed bike.

The log floated down the river.

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Strawberries and cream are delicious.

How did Larry escape?

Edmond motioned Johan to stay.

I can be trusted.

There are some things that I don't understand.


My girlfriend doesn't know.


She turned down every proposal.

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Manuel looks ashamed.

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Spanish words sound sandy...

I haven't even told you the best part yet.

I really don't want to clean my room.

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Where is Bud?

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Travelling is interesting and funny.

The President left for America this morning.

He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.

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Over 16,500 different technical and scientific experiments were carried out aboard Mir.


You must study five pages per day.


I cannot drive a car. I don't have a driver's license.

No one threatened Kory.

What a sad story!


I was able to work again after a few months.


Len felt quite alone.

Who broke the window? He did.

I've always liked him.

Just don't tell me any more jokes.

Please call us when you see the cat in this picture.

Karen asked Kees where she was going to be later in the evening.

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.

A refreshing breeze blew.

Douglas will be a hundred years old next year.

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We've got to be quiet.


My nerdy friend said it's dangerous to mix muriatic acid and bleach.


It looks good on paper.


Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.


I simplified my life incredibly.

Please pick up my dry cleaning.

Losses were heavy on both sides.

An antique pot was dug out.

The calendar featured photos of bikini-clad vixens draped over sports cars.

She has two brothers, who work in the computer industry.

The sound became fainter and fainter, till at last it disappeared.

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Are you questioning my plan?


My taking the book is justified by my seeing it.

Her foolish idea is beneath notice.

Don't sneak out of the concert!

A policeman is driving a car.

He is terribly jealous.


Jeffrey has very good manners.

Ravi is being quite diplomatic, isn't he?

I keep dreaming about her.

Kirsten took some money out of the drawer.

Two male students sharing an umbrella? How strange.


My car is deficient in horsepower.

How annoying!

Leif explained the reason he was late to Stacey.

No rights reserved.

I can give you a lift if you like.

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Did you go to the party together?

Debbie thinks highly of himself.

Everybody laughed at me.


She hesitated for a second.

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A fire broke out on the fifth floor.

I think I'd like some more coffee.

I really must say good-bye.

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Piotr was talkative.

I opened all my suitcases.

The errors apparent in his results are due more to carelessness than faulty procedures.

I guess that's the solution.

Donne was three years old when this picture was taken.


I must put my ideas together before I take up a pen.

I'll starve to death!

I follow the destiny that is imposed on me.

I'm here for them.

It's time to change that.