It should be possible to get to Boston by 2:30.

Dan asked fellow inmate Matt to supply him with a fork.


I'll call you a cab.

Derek said he hadn't had a good home-cooked meal for a long time.

Chrysanthemums smell sweet.

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You should be proud.

I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

If you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.

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Apologize to her.

Christophe and Ric are going to a dance tomorrow evening.

For my part, I have nothing to say about it.


Look what I got for you.

It looks like Gary got what he wanted.

You must buy a ticket to get on the bus.


Can I take some of the samples?

Is it true that Japanese think the number four is unlucky?

If you don't wear warm clothes in winter, it wouldn't be surprising if you caught a bad cold.

This is the restaurant where we had dinner last week.

I yelled at him.

People attach more importance to popular culture today than in the past.

I saw Mosur holding hands with a girl.

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You have really good handwriting.

The car turned left.

I think perhaps you're right.

We shall see if you are telling the truth.

No one has been murdered.

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I've written to her.

I don't like guys like Manavendra.

I just got there as fast as I could.

I can do it by myself!

May I speak with the teacher?


Stay out of my business.

We want you to do that.

I'm going to throw her out.

When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade!

She asked for my number.


No, that's not what I meant!


Well, it'll do for the time being.

Ray was puzzled by Kari's statement.

Are you still mad at Celeste?

I want to stay home and watch TV tonight.

Didn't you get Christofer's message about today's meeting?

I bought an umbrella.

Research in this area is somewhat equivocal.


Why don't we just stay in?

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I saw that.

I just saw a shooting star.

She arrived unannounced.

Heinz is saving his money up to start a business.

Pilot is going to be in Boston next summer.

I quit smoking three years ago.

Reiner wasn't a bit hungry.


I took Donal's blood pressure.

There are islands in the sea.

He seems to be happy.


I should've gotten up earlier this morning.

This flower is a type of rose.

Both my parents are musicians.

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Do you need help moving?

I need to take Monday off.

It's not over when you lose, it's over when you give up.

Okay, I'm going to shut up now.

He probably knows.

I don't think Naim would do that on purpose.

A quadratic function cannot be used here.

Kelly fixed it with a hammer.

So far I've written five songs.


He changed his name.

Then, when you're making CG, how should you use light sources?

You should ask him for advice.

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He wanted my permission to use the phone.

We have things to do.

I am repeating the answer.

You were in the second year of middle school last year, right?

Tell them to come see me.

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How well he played!

A government official's stately mansion was looted.

This is a book worth reading.


My father became senior foreman at the plant.

That's accurate.

Heather is still alive and well.

I have three cousins.

I'd like to introduce you to my wife.

Will it be a difficult exam?

What is the maximum dosage for an adult?

Is Sassan cleaning his room now?

We were astonished by his bold attempt.


I certainly know what Tor looks like.

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Don't blame Wes. He's only doing his duty.


We're not really asking for money.

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He is looked up to by all as their leader.

We intend to do better next year.

We're going to run some tests.


Are you seriously thinking about buying a computer from that store?

As they say, you've got to strike while the iron's hot. You're not going to have another chance like this one.

I'll find out eventually.

The streets are flooded.

Per has dark circles under his eyes.


This seems deceptively simple.

He was lucky and won the race.

He is just that kind of person, don't mind him.


Welcome home!

I'll be whatever you want me to be.

This isn't completely wrong.


Let me teach you how to do that.


Evan declined our job offer.


This is a pretty good camera.

I can't guarantee we'll be able to get the job done by next Monday.

You mean nothing to me.

Wait for me. I'll be back in no time.

I heard you two are going out now. Is it true?

What're you doing?

There is a scheme to expand the company.

Shouldn't you be at work already?

You were very rude to me.

He's realistic and doesn't believe in the possibility of miracles.

I refused to be paid.

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I feel my age.

I wasn't the one who told Dori to do that.

Franklin has a pretty smile and is always very friendly.

Since when is Ricardo married?

I'm so busy it makes my head spin.

Spencer says he wasn't here yesterday. It must've been someone else.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

I don't know how I've offended you.

Jaime could tell that Marsha didn't understand what he was trying to say.


Alex was sick last week.

Sandra turned to his friends for help.

I can ask her to help.

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Gary bought me this book.


We'll return to the details of this problem later.

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Are you free tonight?

You're making a mistake.

Whenever I'm sad, I listen to old tapes from the past.

I didn't speak.

She was beside herself with rage.

Give me some of those.

It is thought that manual firearms appeared in the 14th century.

He lost his eyesight.

Both Dan and Linda are my friends.


It happened just the other day.

He visited with her over a cup of coffee.

Sofia was here a few weeks ago.


What are you planning on doing?

You think I'm weak, don't you?

Merril kept his voice low so nobody could overhear.


Barbra and Hugh were both born in Boston.


Pipe down.

Judges on the Supreme Court interpret the laws.

Michael looked a lot like you.

I am 20 years old.

He who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas.


Ruth sacrificed his life for us.

My arm is very sore where you hit me.

Most whales feed on plankton.

I need a ride home.

I'm sorry, I don't really remember.


I joined the navy.


It's Tuesday.