Nothing can excuse him for such rude behavior.

She found a handkerchief.

We said nothing.

She will be seventeen next year.

Marilyn Monroe's success did not make her happy.

I've got to be in Boston by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

He didn't participate in the story.

I think Kenn probably likes you a lot.

I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday.

Matthieu has been under a great deal of strain lately.


We often hear about an energy crisis these days.

I want to know who your friends are.

Do we know anyone down there who can help Florian?

Alberto should've left when he had the chance.

Everybody is really excited.


I still love Harry.

I need a drink of water.

The hawk circled round in the sky.

Can you make it to our usual place at 7:00 p.m. tonight?

We have to move very carefully.

I'm looking for a room.

We're free right now, but we've got a meeting in a half-hour.

Don't get angry!

It confuses me how combs can become so tangled up in my hair.

Kiki wore the same pair of jeans the whole year.

Can the doctor see me this week?

Geoffrey isn't very religious.

The important thing is not to win the game, but to take part in it.

Today I was in church.

We're here to see Curt.

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He became friends with her while in the U.S.


It's just ten degrees, and he is walking around outside in a T-shirt. I get cold from just looking at him.

The coach considers Bob a good player.

She's coming.

Daniel is a potential babysitter.

Last Saturday, I went with my family to the zoo to see the pandas.


We're meant to be together.


I hope everyone is safe.

That's your job.

You don't have to beg me.

If the problem lies within you, then no one else can help.

I spent the whole morning with Sam.

I was invited by an old friend.

Everyone says that he looks just like his father.

She came around to my house.

I didn't eat anything else.

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

We will begin the meeting when Bob comes.

She breaks something every time she cleans the room.

I didn't do everything they told me to do.


The elevator isn't working.

Juergen is my assistant.

I could do everything faster when I was younger.


Anglo-Saxon was to Norman as hen-pecked to uxorious.

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It'll save time if we avoid Park Street.

I'm going to do what I've been told.

I wish I could stay longer, but I have to leave.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

He's engrossed in his book.

How long you will be in Boston?

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Can I buy only the lenses?

Ania has brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

The chakras are all aligned in a vertical column along one's spine.

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If he doesn't ask me out, I'll ask him out!

To change the units from metric to imperial and vice versa, the 'menu' button must be clicked.

What do kids like to do?


I can't go until he comes.

It's too bad you didn't come with us.

I haven't called her back.

Kamel gave Brodie a key to his apartment.

He's fit for the position.

I am downloading the images.

What do you mean, "I don't like it"?

The color is thickly laid on.

We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.

He is always smoking.

Who appointed them?

He threatened me, but I wasn't scared.

Where would you like me to put this?

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A merciless slaugter had been committed in Srebrenica in 1995.

Elliot may use my bicycle whenever he wants.

A rash appeared on his face.

I'll be the one helping Straka, not you.

I hope you told them that.


I was told to get enough sleep.

He was afraid to go there.

Mike is determined, isn't he?

The department of Legal Medicine Research is trying to ascertain the cause of today's conflagration.

I tried harder than usual, so I'm all the more exhausted.

She pulled up near the hotel office.

Who is she talking about?


Who's that guy leaning against your car?

The steep path is the sole access to the border.

Did you know that men who regularly take the birth control pill don't get pregnant?

Since no one knew me there, I told them my name was Vivek.

We were filled with joyful expectation.

I'm not too busy.

I think about what the leaving had.

Perhaps Cindy is still in love with Francis.

The tide is coming in.


I might be willing to do it.

I lost that argument.

Far from being a failure, our negotiation was a great success.

She ended up a movie star.

I got my son to cook supper.


I wanted to finish reading that book, but I found it impossible.

He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture.

"Is Danielle here?" "No, he just left." "Really?"


Mahesh sold it to somebody else.

It took a lot longer than I expected.

I don't want my kids to smoke.

Please see that the birds in the cage get water and food every day.

You'd love him.

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Our dog buries its bones in the garden.

Japanese people exchange gifts in order to communicate.

I'll ask her tomorrow.


I'll try to live up to your expectations.

"Se la tirano" can be hard to translate.

Antonio translated the document from French into English.

Everything is on the table.

All are well at home.

I know all my neighbors.

This pianist has very flexible fingers.

I heard that Reiner has left his wife.

I was wondering where you went.


Please get out of the pool.


He writes poems and novels.

Her kindness has become a burden to me.

Everyone was disappointed.

Winning is always nice.

We're ready when you're ready.


I was listening.

That's probably not what Rakhal did.

I just can't understand you sometimes.

A moral person doesn't lie, cheat, or steal.

Pray for us to God.


Come to us.


He has been a teacher for four years.

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What should I say to him?

Wade heard everything Johnnie said.

The woman drinks water now.


Srinivas isn't happy about it.

Help me with my homework, please.

I don't believe we have enough time.

To err is human. To blame someone else for your mistakes is even more human.

I realized too late that I needed Monty's help.


You need to understand who you really are.


How is she today?

For all I know, he was born in Italy.

They have been in my employ for five years.


We have a lot of problems to deal with.


He had a magnificent sense of humor.

Janice's head was smashed in with a crowbar or something similar.

Dan was to sign the contract in July.

The patrol car skidded to a stop.

The city in which they live has a large Spanish-speaking community.

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The female student that sat in front of the teacher is from Germany.

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She gave me a meaningful look.

Bill speaks Japanese a little.

Regard all art critics as useless and dangerous.


You were jealous.

Stanislaw and Joon are on duty.

You can go wherever you want to go.

Pascal is a good boy.

Many people act like that.