What's so brilliant?

Totally Brilliant Software is an app for the gear side of the rental industry, created by a company of specialist computer software developers who work in the industry.

TBS innovates dedicated solutions for the inherent management problems experienced by entertainment industry equipment suppliers such as pro-audio, lighting, audio visual, film and other production companies.

"If there is a narrative to renting equipment, then TBS reads like a novel." -- Sound & Video Contractor

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Totally Brilliant Software- Equipment Rental Application

Equipment Rental Application

When your gear is all over the world, track it with ease.

Totally Brilliant Software features a purpose-designed Equipment Rental Application, in addition to customised workflow and developmental projects. Our fully rewritten Equipment Rental application, 5 years in the making, emerged in 2009 to industry approval - see the taster page for more information and the current updates to this exciting feature.


Entertainment Industry Perserverance

2014 was TBS's 30th anniversary!

Who lasts in entertainment ... or in software? Andrea Bocelli, pictured above!
Frankly though: how many entertainment industry organizations keep working this long? TBS has gone through many permeutations on our 30+ years, of course. Each one refining and improving thanks to our fantastic clients.


Entertainment Industry Equipment Management

Every installation of Totally Brilliant Software is customized for each client's specific needs.

All our applications are designed for cross platform running - i.e. they are at home on Windows, Mac, and Linux. By using the online interface as a browser application, you can access TBS from anywhere on any platform, from your phone to your tablet to any desktop... not sure a watch would get you very much though!
We're ready for you - if you're ready to get brilliant about managing your stock...