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November 11th Veterans Day Fundraiser - Greene Turtle - Olney, MD

Come out on Wednesday, November 11th for food, fun, and fundraising at the Greene Turtle of Olney, Maryland. 20% of the days sales will go to the SMGA. You must bring the coupon in order for the SMGA to receive the funds. You can access that coupon by following the link below.
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This great piece, aired during the 2015 Senior PGA Championship on the Golf Channel. SMGA Co-founder Jim Estes competed, and made the cut at this event. Featuring many of our SMGA Veteran Golfers, it tells the stories of their service and how the SMGA and golf has contributed to their recovery.


6th Annual Wounded Warrior Golf Tournaments - Booz Allen Hamilton


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The Salute Military Golf Association thanks Argyle Country Club staff and membership for their support of our nations wounded and injured veterans. Argyle Country Club, located in Silver Spring, MD has graciously opened its doors to SMGA, and is the home of SMGA National headquarters. Without the continued support from Argyle Country Club, SMGA would not be able to serve our warrior golfers across all of our nine chapter locations. For more information about Argyle Country Club, visit785-937-3597.



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