Welcome to MyPersonalWorth.com

MyPersonalWorth.com provides its subscribers with a web-based Personal Worth Account to help prepare them for the many challenges that life throws their way. This Personal Worth Account assists in the aggregation, storage, organization, and distribution of electronic personal information, such as personal assets, documents, Wills and Trusts, videos, pictures and music. We store this information in a secured area on the cloud with 24/7 access via a mobile device and internet connection. Most importantly, in the event of a catastrophic event, we provide your family access to your Personal Worth Account, generation after generation.

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Personal Documents

Store as many important files as you feel necessary. Having access 24/7 to these files is a convenient benefit and a priceless advantage in the event of a catastrophic occurrence.

Financial Accountability

We track and account for every dollar, document, asset, video, or file that is stored in your Personal Worth Account. We even offer a free Personal Worth Financial Statement

Leaving A Legacy

Having the ability to leave behind personal notes, video messages, and assets to your loved ones all in one simple cloud based solution is truly a long awaited benefit.