I got in touch with Oskar.

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

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You should get a good night's sleep.


I went to high school in Boston.


This building is near completion.

I'll miss my teammates.

Mother has been sick since last Thursday.


Did Klaus accept to teach you German?

Page is going to get married next month.

Is everyone agreeable to the plan?

I heard that Shuvra attempted suicide.

He is the group leader.

Days are longer than nights.

A nuclear war would mean the fall of humankind.

He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.

The first day of the year began with noise.


Did you hear what I was playing, Lane?


Free refreshments will be available.

He stood there with his hat on.

He has a new car and an old car.


Ronni is making it up as he goes along.


I'm out!

He was deeply shocked.

I will see him after I get back.

I've got too much work to do.

He will consider this.

These students work hard, but it's not that much efficient.

Does it snow much in the winter?

Thuan has good intentions.

He became an orphan when he was ten.


He held on to the rope.

An argument broke out between her and her son.

Albert tossed Pablo the keys.

He went to bed.

Look at that flying bird.

Hurry! There's no time to lose.

It's going to rain this evening.

He copied his friend's notebook with precision.

He found that teaching was his calling.

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She dangled her feet in the water.

I don't know whether you can help, but I had to at least ask.

Piet really is a walking dictionary.

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We can't afford to buy all the things we want.

I was about to have dinner when she called me.

I have no plans whatsoever.

I am a singer.

Contributors should add sentences that are respectful of others.

He's got the bends.

Come here.

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Tovah is feeling OK now.

Do you like the show?

She retaliated against him by ignoring him.

I've been thinking about our situation.

He was my dear friend.


I didn't accept to add comic books to the school library.

He acts as if he were a king.

I never heard him lie.

Herman didn't want to go either.

Jinchao tried to help me, but I told him I didn't need his help.

Can he have said such a thing?

Why didn't you tell Nhan you were in pain?

Jeanette and Lindsey have just come back from Boston.

I'm not defending him!

She felt her knees tremble.

When's your first class?

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That was our idea.

The police officer yelled at Maureen to stop.

She sat next to him.


Renu is the man wearing the blue tie.


He told me how to play chess.


How much money do you owe them?

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I wasn't consulted.

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Do you have any reasonable explanation about it?

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The water is beautiful.

The whiteness of the lily is a symbol of purity.

In Scotland you can get a deep-fried Mars bar in a chippy.

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Gunnar wanted to move to Boston.

Taking moderate exercise is good for the health.

I used to be a landlord.

He always wears dark glasses.

Would you explain why?


That sounds like him.

The dark clouds announced the coming of a typhoon.

How long has your skin been jaundiced?

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I think she is sick.

Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium are alkali metals.

He complains, and with reason.

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I will advise you on the matter.

I don't see much of him.

The truth is the best lie.


Are there many cowsheds in this village?

What name did you give the bird?

I tried to call them back.

Love is much more than just falling in love.

Shouldn't you be at home with your mother?

I think I could learn a lot from you.

His promotion was long overdue.

Miki is not my girlfriend. She's just a friend.

The beasts ran through the plain.

And in the Indian Ocean, some islands of the Maldives will disappear completely beneath the water.

That reminds me of them.

We have to go somewhere.

You need to be really careful.

I am 12 years old and what is this?

A platinum blonde is a woman whose hair is so blonde that it seems to have the same grey colour as platinum.

The smoke is rising in the air.

Thad should've followed Louise's advice.

It is exactly three o'clock now.

Yes! I won twice in a row!

I can't imagine a future with no electricity.

Matti has trouble dealing with this kind of situation.

Who found him?

The poet was no richer than a beggar.

Delbert thinks he loves Bob more than John loves Alice.

I don't like the way you think.


He holds a senior position in the government.


Patrice angrily slammed the door.


This tool will come in handy during the trip.

I still haven't received your e-mail. Perhaps you wrote down my e-mail address incorrectly?

Have you told her?

Everything that you say may be used against you.

I already know what I'm going to do.


Read "Gone With The Wind".

"What are you doing?" "Nothing."

You are busy now, aren't you?

I still want to be here.

Please give me some latitude this time.

I'm taking the day off.

We could hear the groans of the injured man.

Please give me a ticket for the seven o'clock show.

Have you finished doing your homework yet?

This might not be a genuine diamond.

Why didn't you help me escape?

In medical investigation, one of the biggest problems is isolating the cause of the illness.

How about dropping in at the shop?

You probably don't have as much time as I do.

She is more of an acquaintance than a friend.

I wrote a letter to my mother.

How did the traffic accident come about?

We'll never let them go.

Her clothes attracted much attention at the party.

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English is as fine a means of communication as any in the world.


I spoke with Cathryn's assistant.


I finished eating breakfast while Sedat was getting ready for school.

Don't smoke too much.

You'll never be able to revive someone who is only pretending to be dead.

You start.

The time will come when she will regret what she has said.


Don't you want to meet Tad?

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I'm sure I can do what you're asking.

I must tell you something.

I lost my bongos there.

Why did you climb up on the roof of her house?

Giles doesn't really understand.

In addition to English, Mr. Nakajima can speak German fluently.

He's a good driver.


Wendell is quarrelsome, isn't he?


It goes without saying that English is an international language.

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The rumor is not true as far as I know.

Because it was dinnertime, we sat at the dining table.

There isn't anyone who knows everything from the outset.

He can do it.

Would you like bread?