Samir's feet were bare.

Is Mr. Schmidt at home now?

It is fact that he wants to visit Egypt.

I have been wearing this overcoat for more than five years.

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This is Yamada.

I could've told you that.

You're not a very good negotiator, are you?


I was excited when I won.

John and I are old friends.

Why are you so disappointed?


I'm invited to a party tonight.

I said come over here.

He bought the whole nine yards.

It's an emergency!

Here's the book you wanted to read.


I love martial arts!


The man is wearing grubby clothes.

The more people you know, the less time you have to see them.

I'm staying at my boyfriend's place.

Fay wants to keep things as they are.

I was outside.

There's really nothing else to say.

Let me sleep for ten more minutes.

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Robbin just stood there, scratching his ear.

I think Pontus knows who did that.

The problem is that I don't remember where I've parked my car.

Ira oiled his bicycle chain.

Don't be disillusioned.

I already said no.

Edwin can't understand why Skip is angry.

I have a right to know the truth.

Mott was in his office all morning.

She is the chosen one.

He was accused of having lied about the affair.


What's the minimum wage in your country?

Don't be too hard on us.

I was rendered speechless by his rudeness.


So far as I know, he is an honest man.

Each boy has his own room.

This cellular phone is really expensive.

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Why not ask Radek what he thinks?

At about this time, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, after becoming the dictator of Rome, thought that Caesar was a political threat to his rule.

"Are you going to marry him?" "No, I'm not."

We want them to know that.

I feel a little bad today.


Is the drawing quite explanatory?

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Eric complained about the food.

Randy complained that the soup was not hot enough.

Tell Eddie you're sick.


I burned my finger.

Condillac, with sensationalism, revolutionised the concept of mind, making language and gesture prior to ideas, shattering Locke's conception of language as a mere passive medium.

Please sing a song.

That hasn't happened in three years.

Would you elaborate?


Speaking of Mr. Tanaka, have you seen him lately?

Earnie never hurt anybody.

I think that's an accurate assessment.


I did wrong in trusting such a fellow.

Knead the dough with both hands until it becomes elastic.

I wish you had told me how to do it.

He makes a face.

That's something I can't tell you.

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Don't worry about such a trivial problem.

I eat a slice of bread.

Staying here isn't an option.

After work, Mosur is always tired.

Nuclear power is safe.

The machine was working at full blast.

Judging by the way the sky looks, we're sure to have good weather.

They arrested the culprit around six months later.

My soul is not human as it is from another dimension.

Philippe isn't used to driving a left-hand drive car.

Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.

I stuck one.

The taxi drew up to me.

He's a doctor of good reputation.

Oh that I had never married.

That's not important right now.

Both dogs are asleep.


Tatoeba: Where pillow fights can't even measure up to sentence fights.


You may have a point.

How do you usually speak in your family?

Do you know that they are my problems?

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I haven't eaten anything yet today.

"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi alright?"

Their food was great last time.

Evan is extremely dangerous.

Gil came early.


Piet is crying now.

You're really a number-one fool.

He is captain of the football team.

Jinchao is calming down.

I don't want to play with them.

I know of what I speak.

Svante reads the New York Times.

I don't want you to tell them.

The space hotel was luxurious with all the chandeliers in the grand lobby where a magnificent staircase led to the fabulous dining area.

What are you doing here so late at night?

I couldn't bear the thought of it.

The arrow went home.

They're idiots.

She's just so fake.

You seemed sad.


None of his friends came to visit him there, for there were too many stairs to climb.

I was late for the meeting with the result that I missed the most important part.

Holly likes painting pictures.

I suffer from depression during the wintertime.

You can't swim well, can you?


The teachers' room and the gym are under renovation.

Do they learn English?

They are people of a kind.

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I feel much better today.

I told you I was OK.

I can't understand why Debi won't let us go.

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I ought to give her a call.

He wakes up at noon.

Of the two girls, she is the younger.

Toronto used to be called Fort York.

Keep me updated.

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A chain of events led to the outbreak of the war.

Read as many books as possible.

I'm not changing their name.


A sheep dog drives the flock to the pasture.


I had my teacher correct my English composition.


We're being attacked by mosquitos.


I have been corresponding with a pen pal in the USA for a year.

Nobody is too old to learn new things.

Donnie has sheep.


Edward can't be in Boston. I just saw him in Chicago.

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The hockey referee intervened to stop the fight.

The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

I know you were giving Sjouke money.

I don't think we have the time for that.

One must learn letters, and learning them have sense.

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I will play soccer tomorrow.


Heinz said that he wasn't ready to get married.

Harris didn't sleep all night.

He said that money was lent to me.


You don't really understand how I feel.

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Wendi is head over heels in love with Janet.

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Marc's clothes have become too small for him.

I didn't try to stop them.

I met Marlena before I graduated from high school, but didn't meet Christofer until many years later.

We have lots of new stuff.

I helped mom cook.

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The present government has many problems.

It's one of their better songs.

Do you ever date her?

That sounds like a lot.

It's not there.

Let's talk about it later, okay?

We should tell everyone what happened.


Lee got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm.

A ripe apple dropped from the tree.

It will clear up in the afternoon.

I still don't understand how it works.

The ball flew over the hedge because David hit it too hard.


The half of the Moon facing the Sun is always lit, but the lit side does not always face the Earth.

I'll be with you in just one minute.

I had two cars.

Conrad doesn't know why I called you.

He was named Horatio after his uncle.