The wind grew stronger and stronger.

Aren't you going to protest?

You're right. I have half a mind to do something myself.

We murdered them.


Why did you buy such an expensive dictionary?

The pain returned.

He turned down her request for a day off.


I play guitar almost every day.

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I solved this problem with difficulty.

I've got wet inside out.

You barely touched your food.


Ronni isn't his usual self today.

Why did you bring me here?

I'll let you know how we do.

He's a cracking bloke, he is.

Tracy lost three sons in the war.

We meet again in three hours.

They'll figure out it was Sergeant who did it.


Takeuchi left his coat downstairs.

We have 13 retail stores.

Kevin went over to Ravindranath's house to help.

Four-fifths of all the members were against the plan.

You'll have stomach cramps if you keep on eating nothing but ice cream like that.

I just wanted to play poker.

I made Hillary go home.


Vidhyanath is probably just a little younger than Jeff.

Compare your answer with Celia's.

Weather permitting, I'll go fishing in a river.

Paul doesn't speak Portuguese well.

Spy knew Tor was hungry.

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We exaggerated.

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It works for us.

Hohn moved closer to him.

What's Joon's opinion?

We have an important job to do here.

Mikey had meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.

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She is incapable of doing anything alone.


Does your country have renowned boxers?

How long have you been looking?

The G8? A like-minded banquet for the rich.

I found a stain on your bed.

We should understand the underlying premises.


Dawson walked in the room.


What do you think of his attitude?

Everybody knows that old trapper.

How was your walk?

How much is the membership fee for your gym?

I think we spoke on the phone.

Ragnar never should have eaten those oysters.

My brother is a high school student.

He claims he knows nothing about her.

This sentence is funny.


I was hoping I'd see them again.


I have a pretty shrewd idea that this room contains the answer to the whole mystery.

You seem to have hurt yourself.

How could we handle this problem?

She put the machine in motion.

He seems healthy.

A haiku is one type of poem.

Strictly speaking, they are not the same variety.

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I don't have anything to give to you.

I'm learning Scottish Gaelic.

Kim was still alive.

I'm at a loss for any advice to you.

I don't think this is how it's done.


It rained as soon as he got home.

Please show me something with short sleeves.

Snow is falling thick and fast.

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First thrive and then wive.

A more robust approach is certainly possible.

I don't feel so hot today.

Maybe we'll see some dolphins.

He didn't believe it at first.

It's hard to live with the knowledge that you are a failure.

The orphan met up with his two sisters when he was five years old.

The more you study, the more you know.

Robbin couldn't believe what Kriton told him.

I don't have this book.

I usually get up late.

How many times has Kim been to Boston?

Did you really think I didn't know?


How much is a room for two people in this five-star hotel?

His existence was recognized.

He's my neighbour.

The train arrived late because of the snowstorm.

We came up with some interesting ways to surprise her on her birthday.

I think that's what you need to be worried about.

Ken lets his children have their own way, so they stay up late at night.

Who doesn't think so?

Trust me, I can make it happen.

I have no idea what you mean.

Lievaart tends to apologize too often.

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Sanand is very motivated.

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

He blew on the tip of his fingers.

What you have to do tomorrow - do today; what you have to eat today - eat tomorrow.

I'm not sure my parents would want me to give you that.

Be polite to your parents.

Dustin has been living here since 2013.

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I'm kind of mad at myself.


Ravindran asked Charles three more questions.

I really needed to go.

Although Portugal eventually won the football tournament, there was no doubt that the Iceland team had acquitted itself well.

Elaine will try to finish the work as early as possible.

I'll take care of those.

What are you expecting to find here?

We look forward to seeing you again.


All you have to do is push this button.

Larry is quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets to pick the kids up from school.

Nobody can stop me.


Which one of those books did you give to Roxane?

In the summer, I wear short-sleeve shirts.

That would be humiliating.

My grandmother knit that by hand.

There'll be trouble.

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You've already told me what you plan to do.


I could not stop laughing.


The exhibition is now open.

No, it isn't possible.

Lucifer had to make do with a glass of water with his food because he had no beer at home.

Don't look at me with such sad eyes.

He thinks nothing of doing it by himself.

There are over 2,500 types of snakes in the world.

Beware of the dog!

Russell is clearly upset about something.

I couldn't ask them for money.

I bought three pounds of coffee.

Knowledge is the supreme goal.

Tomorrow will be the day of truth.

I'm making a fool of myself.


Claude downed the glass of wine.


I hope that you aren't serious.


Barbara is a brainless bimbo.

What does Dominick suggest?

That extension cord looks dangerous to me. You see where it's frayed there?

He went over the house.

The pan suddenly caught fire while I was frying some strips of bacon yesterday.

He is a son of a wealthy family.

Let's go for a walk in the park.

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Who is Mr. Bush?


The roses in the garden are in flower.

What's the big news?

He can't go without wine for even a day.


Since I was sick, I didn't go.

America is very big.

We accepted his offer.

I can't control them.

She is always confusing salt with sugar.

In the first paragraph, she describes an idea of home.

Are you strapped in?

This site is in a toplist. If you found it interesting, please click!

I think you need to tell Robin how you feel.

A revolution broke out in Mexico.

Don't talk nonsense.

I mistook her for her sister.

We'll get through this just fine.

Craig said that he didn't know.

There are so few things like this.

Please find out where he is.

One can cure oneself of the "not un-" formation by memorizing this sentence: "A not unblack dog was chasing a not unsmall rabbit across a not ungreen field."

Don't be a moron.

They will not pass!

I am really glad to hear that you want to live in Scotland.

How much will it cost me?

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The snake swallowed a frog.

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It's a pity that I have no ear for music.