It's lunchtime!

I don't love you that much.


As the Colorado River spills through seven southwestern states and parts of Northern Mexico, more than 35 million people depend on its water.

A sound mind dwells in a sound body.

It never occurred to me that Kristi might say no.

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Ramiro was with me in my apartment at the time Subra was murdered.

He delivers newspapers.

Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.

He has a lot of confidence.

She won the beauty contest.

Tell her it's a priority.

I'm busy as a bee.

The highway is snarled up.

I won't go to Australia this year.

We all had a great time.

Giles is eating a sandwich.

Is it OK to feed my dog the same thing that I feed my cat?

The basement of his house is constantly inundated with inexplicable water leaks.

It took exactly an hour.

I still don't have my homework done.


The students didn't remember what they read in that book.

Let's go check on her.

He adapted himself to circumstances.

You're not listening!

With a little elbow grease we'll have this up and running again in no time.

You're not safe.

I thought that I would feel better if I got some closure after the break-up. But talking to him just made it worse.


Rod's friends called him Mr. Money Bags.

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All that I was looking for was somebody who looked like you.

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My girl loved that sparrow more than her own eyes.

According to a recent study, the average life span of the Japanese is still increasing.

I had to try.

We are building a bridge.

Amanda wished he was with Hamilton back in Boston.

It's worth the wait.

Manuel wanted to name his puppy Cookie.

You hurt me.

He said to me, "Please do me a favor".

There are various expressions that indicate something is hearsay.

His behavior never ceases to surprise me.


For particulars, apply to the college.


Don't you want to move on?

If only I can go to the concert!

The truth is that we can't live without air.

Scream as loud as you can.

He snuggles with me.


I don't need to convince them.

Man is the dog's best friend.

Western countries are jumping on Japan for its stance on the issue.


It looks like we're all here.

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Don't you know what happened yesterday?

I won't get caught.

A great many tourists visit Kyoto in spring.

Max would've wanted it that way.

What did Jurevis go outside for?

This tire needs some air.

Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.

I've always cared about you, Steve.

I can give you the starlight and a cup of tea.

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Vivek did well on the exam.

She was very surprised at the sight.

Look there.


A foreigner? And where are you from?

Jump as high as you can.

Bacterial colonization of the intestine occurs after birth.


In which hotel will you be staying?

Polite language, in a sense, spoils a casual atmosphere.

That's the trend.


I made use of this good opportunity.

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He can do it.


The trees are already bare.

We have a stressful day ahead of us.

I'm supposed to make sure Elaine knows what to do.

Armenia joined the World Trade Organization in 2003.

Then it dawned on me that they were speaking Spanish.

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I think there's a place for you here.


I was hoping we could play tennis this afternoon.

Whatever you pick is fine.

I hope you're not going to disappoint me.

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I was stupid to trust you.

She's not more beautiful than their mother.

He hasn't injured you, has he?

They say that her uncle worked for them.

Mahmoud has no idea what has become of Liber.

This isn't like you at all.

A girl gave me an orange in exchange for a piece of cake.

They all stood up at the same time.

They won't believe me even if I swear it is true.

You obviously want to buy that dress.

You'll get wet.

I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.

Lars gasped in pain.


We're invited to dinner next Saturday.

I wish you the best!

Bjorne and Barry walked around the sand dunes.

Never did I dream of meeting you here.

Did Mysore tell you about what he did last week?

She became a teacher.

Did Marcia ask you out again?

How do you spell "bludgeon"?

Mahesh couldn't understand why Anna had to leave.

I want to text, but my eyes hurt.

I think Scot is prepared.

I like this custom.

He remembered that he could not swim after he jumped into the water.

Edgar played with his toy tractor.

I just don't know what to think.

I don't understand what that means.

All people are good in the bottom of their hearts.

They didn't run.

It's a pity.

Perhaps it would be best if you left.

Which university do you want to go to?

The doctor is trying to solve many of the riddles of cancer.

I am coming today.

Thank you very much for coming to see me.

Fuck, I just bought a new rug and the cat already puked on it.

Welcome, prisoners... I mean, guests.

The boy took a fancy to the dog.

It is surprising that he should not know this.

She never told me her name.

We are breakfasting at seven, if you would like to join us.

I thought you'd like my tie.

These automobiles, for the most part, are manufactured in Japan.

The soldier never got scars from battles.

It was a lovely ceremony.

Do you remember the day when you and I first met?

I followed them.

Nhan didn't get along with the other students.

We all did well.

His work is in engineering.

It's a pain in the neck to get there by public transportation.

You bought a macaw.

Can that really be coincidence?

Our company selected this office suite.


She can speak Chinese, but she can't speak Mandarin.

Why did Tran want to learn French?

Philippe thinks that cars have faces.

The sign "&" stands for "and".

The robot does whatever its master tells it to do.

This line represents the longitude.

We treat you friendly and with respect.


Take your father a cup of coffee.

She wondered which door to open.

Darin took a seat at the counter.

There are a lot of beautiful songs on these records.

He confirmed that it was the wreck of the Titanic.

They want to talk to Glen only.

The curry at this restaurant is good.

Kit looked hot and tired.

You look pale as a ghost.


Cities are designated on this map as red dots.

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I'm just really happy right now.

We bought this car for 10200 rupees.

Tishrei is the first month of the Hebrew year.

We tried to get them to stop.

The childminder cares for between one and three children.

Our colleague's mother has died.

He entered the national high school boxing championship competition.

I'll never forget Kerry.

I don't want to work under these conditions.


Puritanism comes from England by the first settlers.

It was an amazing trip.

You don't come down to us in Piraeus at all often; yet you ought to.

Lila took a picture of the flowers.

We'll try to do what we can.

He took revenge.

Of all the things Torsten did last weekend, he says that windsurfing was the most fun.

Beckie asked Mehrdad if she liked Mexican food.

If you eat well, you're likely to live longer.

A blister rose on one of her left fingers.

I gave Annie a coffee mug with our company logo.


She wants to buy her boyfriend a present.