You must take care of me.

Now that he has quit his job, I can't depend on him.

I think that's an amazing story.


My son!

Even in the most difficult situations, Jianyun has never lost heart.

They say there's a Picasso and three Renoirs in that museum.


Do we dress formal?

They named their cats Jun and Jerry.

You think you're too important to help people.

I've had a bad week.

He's losing his looks.

Rodger continued working.

He stood up and reached for his hat.

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She noticed that.


I won't let her hurt you.


I refused at first.

Tharen has been in a coma for three years.

But for her help, he would have failed.


Johnnie cooked an elaborate meal for Janice and himself.

Nothing is more difficult than having something and then losing it.

I have what I need.


Do you understand what I mean by that?


He went there in person.

I refuse to let you marry that man!

They should be ignored.

Is your salary keeping up with inflation?

Matthieu couldn't understand why Carsten had made that decision.

It doesn't seem fair, does it?

We're pretty proud of that.


Brush your teeth clean.

Has anyone seen my glasses?

She did not let failure discourage her.

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It's obvious Mah has had a rough day.


I would rather throw the money away than give it to him.

Beverly had the whole room to himself.

I'm closer to him than anyone.

This fish smells bad.

Kuldip came to stay with us for a few days last spring.


Can we see you a minute?

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For this job, I need someone experienced and preferably attractive.

The raspberries taste like a summer's kiss.

No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

I'm not nervous.

It was Socrates who laid the foundation of logic.

You said that you were planning on going with us.

I managed to get over the habit of finding fault with others.

This'll help.

Bobby died of a heroin overdose.

What's the weather like outside?

He is a lazy fellow.

The dog is running after the squirrel.

What is really going on between Belinda and Anton?

It won't necessarily be easy.

Tennis began in France in the thirteenth century.

Help me with this file cabinet.

Last night I did not get a wink of sleep.

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Here's a letter from Maurice.


I have a fever at night.

She barely knew him.

Lievaart is the only person who can show you how to do that.

We are becoming very aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

My mother hates to write letters.

After a day of visiting the amusement park, the children fell asleep on the car ride home.

I should've tried to stop it.

You're not my friend anymore.

That was really mean.

Anxiety lined his face.

I used to be as optimistic as Jay when I first started working here.

Lea hardly ever asks questions.

The village is on the side of the hill.

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I will try to answer it.


One should be considerate about things and considerate of people.

Tommy will be thirty years old tomorrow.

Nature endowed her with wit and beauty.

I'll be happy to comply.

Taurus intends to go no matter what.

The treaty is now a dead letter.

He made over the estate to his children.

Let's not talk.

I need to exchange dollars for pesos.


The floor is very cold.


I'm sorry, my mother's not at home.

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I have to talk to him.

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Sarah doesn't anticipate any problems.

Miles loves to play with my dog.

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I did some busking during the summer.

Where can I purchase index funds?

We're not leaving without Pam.

I don't want any special treatment.

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Sanjeev wanted to get his tattoo removed.

The price of rice rose by three percent.

I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

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Having said it, Mayu hangs her head in embarrassment.

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The soldier has died for you. Sweet princess.

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Knowledge without common sense counts for little.

All it took was some hard work and a lot of time.

What do you worry about when you go to sleep at night?

You're not dead yet.

In an essay similarly devoted to allegorical procedures in contemporary art, Buchloh discusses 6 women artists.

Gay marriage is legal here.

I'm not censoring you.


How much did the tickets cost you?


Why do you keep calling me Chris?

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I don't think this is a good time to talk to Perry.


Look at the boy and his dog that are coming this way.

Charleen got kicked out of school.

I don't think that Kayvan will find a girlfriend for himself in the foreseeable future.

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Eric thought Marcel had been kidnapped.


We've got to be ready in thirty minutes.


Please speak to me in French.


After a moment, Hirofumi followed.

She forgot that she bought him a present.

She didn't like city life.

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She introduced her sister to me.


I'll give you a ring in the evening.

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I will be seventeen next week.

teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture

The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.

What do kids like to do?

Dale is in my office.

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I want Natraj gone by noon.

I did my best to protect them.

This medicine will take care of your headache.


Does she know how he feels about her?


I don't have anywhere else to turn.


You arranged the chairs in a row.

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Dan doesn't like street bullies like you.


I saw him before he saw me.


You must capitalize on the opportunity.

I can take care of Rajeev.

God willing!


I meet a lot of people who don't partake in that stuff.

May God help you, as you have put yourself beyond the mercy of men.

You can't let them take my kids away from me.

I'd like to ask a question.

I slept for nine hours.

Please identify yourselves.

I have a black dog named Tiki.


He is advised to keep to a strict diet.


Marvin taught Jarmo how to write songs.

I lost the watch I had bought the day before.

My neighbors are hogging the laundry room in my apartment building again.


What did you do with Bret?

If he could hear of your marriage, he will be very surprised.

Just by chance, what are you trying to do?


We have a few surprises in store for her.

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I want Evan to call every day.


I didn't want to live in Boston.