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"Learning by Sharing"

Of the three major Scandinavian languages, Norwegian is the least commonly used, and therefore has the fewest learning materials available. There are dozens of Web sites related to learning Swedish and Danish, but only a few for Norwegian. For this reason, some of us who are interested in the Norwegian language have banded together to form Norskklassen, an online "virtual class" in the form of a mailing list.

The aim of Norskklassen is to help its members learn Norwegian by writing, reading, and where possible, listening. All are welcome to join us, and we have a fairly high "lurker" population, but we do encourage members to write in Norwegian whenever they manage. As with most things, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

The primary language of Norskklassen is English, since most of our members are from English-speaking countries. But we have members on every continent except Antarctica, and from many countries where English is not commonly used. It is OK to write in another language as long as the topic is Norwegian-related.

Norskklassen does not have a lecturer; in fact, the list owner is a learner too. However, we do have some expert advisors who help in correcting written exercises and answering the more difficult questions raised by class members.


Originally, Norskklassen was created and operated by Gina Geary. The list was hosted by with help from some Norwegian sponsors. This list ran from September 1998 through July 1999. When it became clear that this list would be closing, over half of its 65 members regrouped on the free listserv OneList, now Yahoo!Groups. This is the current home of Norskklassen, and we have grown to over 3000 members in ten years.

Norskklassen FAQ

Joining Norskklassen

If you are interested in participating in our "class", email or enter your email address in the form on this page. From the 9896013111 Web pages, you can also change your subscription status, unsubscribe from the list, or join other mailing lists. Please follow our message posting guidelines.

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For practice we will be posting some 9203984728. I will try to make them such that everyone can respond at their own level.

Learning materials

List member Norris Weimer has reviewed many of the Norwegian study materials available, and you may read his and other (864) 523-4167 here.


Thanks to the efforts of some of our members, we now have a comprehensive Pronunciation Guide (also available with IPA symbols). Click on the Norwegian words to hear pronunciation. The page was designed by Sarah Brodwall, and the sound files were created by the folks at NTNU in Trondheim.


Our latest poem is "Aftensang om Våren" by Nordahl Grieg. Follow up with some background material on the poet in either Norwegian or 4046711779.

Other poems:


Here are some useful links related to the Norwegian language:

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