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  • Bottled beverage filling machine

    For beverage products such as water, juice, functional beverages, carbonated beverages, dairy products, etc., we offer you different filling methods for filling machines.

  • Building an automated food production plant

    We are mainly engaged in the research and development of fluid food and beverage machinery. Our aim is to build an ideal factory for our customers.

  • Food safety is greater than days

    The quality and safety of food has become the focus of the whole society. Safety production is our responsibility.

  • dairy production line equipment

    We need to get your approval. Welcome to visit our Kexin Machinery in China. Trust begins with communication.

About Us

Henan Kezhixin Industrial Co., Ltd, which is a manufacturing enterprise, specializing in fluid equipment and accessories design,Kezhixin also is one of the leading manufacturers of a complete“Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Food Processing Engineering Machinery/Projects”, we have best facilities, technique and professional staffs. Our services involve the beverage ,wine processing equipment,food processing equipment ,dairy processing equipment ,biology pharmacy processing equipment,chemical health food processing equipment, water treatment equipment and other processing equipment . The company has several decades history, our products mainly sold in China, and gained favorable feedback from users. Our company has won the domestic and foreign customer's trust and the support of relevant government department,and passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and HACCP food safety management system certification,what’s more, it also was named “trustworthy enterprise”,“heavy contract, keep promise unit”,“AAA grade credit enterprise” and “the famous brand of China”ten best beverage machine honorary titles.

Pure Water (Bottled Water) Equipment Solutions
Pure Water (Bottled Water) Equipment Solutions

The market for bottled water is huge and competitive, the bottles water includes pure water and mineral water. Small bottled water packaging sizes range from 350ml to 3.5L; large barrels of water are usually packaged in 3 gallons and 5 gallons; we offer a full range of bottled water filling equipment.

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Fruit and Juice Beverage Production Process
Fruit and Juice Beverage Production Process

We provide you with a complete processing technology for fruit and vegetable beverages, and a complete beverage production equipment configuration. The production processing and equipment are suitable for PET bottles, glass bottles, cans and other packaging forms. 

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Carbonated Beverage Production Process
Carbonated Beverage Production Process

The potential market for carbonated beverages is still huge and competitive, so the market demands for carbonated beverage also is large. We can offer you wide ranges of carbonated beverage equipment in different sizes, which includes PET bottles, glass bottles and cans. Packing volume: 250ml-2L

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Milk-Containing Beverage Production Process

Our dairy beverage equipment is suitable for products such as pasteurized milk, yogurt, fermented milk and compound milk. Different dairy products are produced in different configurations. Our dairy equipment is very popular in Chinese market. We can customize equipment according to your needs.

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Beverage equipment

  • Large juice beverage production line
    Large juice beverage production line
  • Protein beverage production line
    Protein beverage production line
  • Enzyme beverage production line
    Enzyme beverage production line
  • Juice drink equipment installation site
    Juice drink equipment installation site
  • Banana milk beverage production line
    Banana milk beverage production line