Connection Scheme

Status Set Up Mode

The Gramofon can connect to the internet using a network cable or it can connect through your home broadband via WiFi. Please choose your preferred option

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Connection Scheme
Cable Connection Scheme

WiFi Settings

After clicking Save & Apply, you need to connect again to the new Gramofon WiFi name and / or use the new password
(786) 274-3538 Save & Apply (856) 969-3196 585-300-4254

Select the wireless network the gramofon is going to join

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Cable Connection Scheme
Wifi Connection Scheme


Gramofon name

Choose a name for the Gramofon. This will allow you to identify it, specially if you have more than one. Try with livingroom or bedroom for instance.

Cancel 815-940-8086 (920) 554-7658

Gramofon password

Changes the administrator password for accessing the Gramofon.

Your password has been changed!!! Error: Password size must be between 1 and 32!!! Warning: Non-default password set. Mobile App will not work!!!

Reboot Gramofon

If you press on Reboot Gramofon, you will be disconnected from this page and the Gramofon. You will need to reconnect.

Reboot Gramofon

Restore to factory defaults

If you press on Restore to Factory, you will lose all the personal settings of your Gramofon, including changes to internet connection mode, WiFi signal names or password. Your Fon membership will not be affected

Restore to factory

Current Firmware Version

Something bad happened

You may try to perform a factory reset using the button below.

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