Carsten tried to cheer Duane up.

I didn't give Ssi anything.

Just do everything Ramneek tells you to do.

Juri hasn't been himself the last few days.

I hear the Freemasons have a secret handshake.

What time shall I call back?

The rest of us all had the smoked salmon.

I'm in the bathroom.

You're the only person I know that doesn't like bananas.


Dan realized he was in love with Linda.

I know you don't like him.

They can't stop him.

Nikolai is the only man in the world that can pull this off.

Kuldip wants to see results.

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This land belongs to Mr Ikeda.

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Please don't forget to put out the fire before you go home.

A few days would have been excusable, but you are in arrears for 10 days.

I have bad cramps when I have my period.

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Cecily Debrujn was killed in the year 1956 in the age of 16.

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Indeed God exists.

Someone is watching you.

Gene left work early, complaining of a headache.


The bun was half eaten.


You are a magical being who radiates with light.

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What's waiting on us?

Is Jochen here, too?

We don't have the same values.

All the arguments pointed in the same direction.

I'm very tired from work.


I really want to learn how to speak French.

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Such an alert man as he couldn't have failed to adapt himself to the new situation.

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Do you like powder-snow skiing?


Violence against women is one of the most frequent violations of human rights worldwide.

I don't want to settle for second best.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

Alfred would never have allowed that.

Mickey asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

When the visitor entered the room, we stood to greet him.

She can't live without him.


Please say the alphabet backwards.

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This umbrella will be hers.


She traveled all over Europe last month.

You should calm down.

If you let them in, I'll kill you myself.

When do you want me to call you?

The shopkeeper urged me to buy it.


Almost everything has been improved.


He told me about the accident as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

I was speaking with your friend.

That's not good enough.

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The doctor demanded I stay in bed for a week.


Good afternoon. Excuse me, I'm looking for Loretta.

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Hubert knows why nobody came to his party.

I gave him the book.

Let me tell you how I really feel.

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As human beings are social animals, friendship is an essential part of life.

My glasses keep slipping down my nose.

The immediate context, then, was that of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem as the symbol and representation of the nation.

How dare you speak like that?

Who's your favorite writer?

Did you ever?

I don't know if we will leave this week or next week.

The flame went out.

The gravitational pull of a black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape from it.

I'll have it in a couple days.

Two great civilizations slowly fell into decay.

What makes you think I'd lose?

I'm only a little bit of an alcoholic. I don't drink that much, I only drink on special occasions.

Why were you with her?

I don't want him to die.

I can't make her love me.

I'm not so sure that I like Wilmer as much as the first time I saw her.

In front of the train station there's a bank.

I wish for once I could be something.


Glen helped his son get dressed.

"Hello." "Hi, this is Moses. I'm calling about the package I ordered."

The word has unpleasant associations.

I wasn't expecting you today.

Let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

I have to do my homework instead of going out.


I might be able to convince Tony to do that.

This is also important.


What do you say we get to work?


My husband suffers from osteoporosis.

Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.

Success consists of discipline.

This sentence has to be deleted.

I want to save Mac.

Dan is easy to remember.

Do you intend to help them?

The noise gradually became louder.

I can't thank you enough for your help.


I don't like the way she laughs.


I looked into his eyes.

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Let's not just sit around. Let's go out and do something.

Jane's hands are shaking.

I hope the bus comes soon.

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The work of a president is very interesting.

She likes running.

How long were you at the party?


Laurie isn't welcome here.

I want you to buy a new suit to wear to your job interview.

I won't fly in a plane.


Are you sure Narendra is happy?

His face and attitude showed the scorn he felt.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.

This watch of mine never stops.

You can't just not go to work.


I'm allergic to Panulirus japonicus.


The results were as follows.

Wolf gets on well with all his neighbors.

Hold out your hands.

I would like to make an offering.

His cheeks were burning with shame.

Harris wants to move out and find a place of his own.

Danielle, you're a genius!

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Grab a seat.

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It might be a good idea to ask Spudboy to help.

What's your age?

I used to play with a couple of boys.

Cindie said he wasn't going to wait for permission.

I'm supporting you.


His blood is boiling.

He added that he had a wonderful time at the party.

Some kids are playing in the park.

It's ludicrous to continue business operations while selling off bit by bit the land on which your business depends.

Here, let me try.

It's unclear what went wrong.

Blessed is the one, who thinks they are right.

This happened every summer.

Only one student stayed after class to talk to the teacher.

Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We are still unaware of the criminal's motives.


He's better than us.

Why aren't you giving Florian the help he needs?

I usually play tennis.


He finished this work for himself.


I have something I have to do in the evening.


It's true, isn't it?

They got to the hotel after dark.

Is benzoic acid safe as a food preservative?

The scene was a tiny mountain village in a remote section of West Virginia.

They are perfect for short girls!

I don't know why they are so cross with us.

That's a strange name for a company.

Tyler is a beneficiary of xenoglossia, which has allowed him to know 31 languages without learning.

It is rare that he should make such a mistake.

Read this book.

Are you going back to the beach this afternoon?

How long should I wait here?

There's nothing much to see here.

I have eight brothers.

She shot an arrow at the deer.

Fasten your seat belt at all times.

We're halfway to Boston.

My father-in-law is an engineer.

I'd like to meet Len as soon as possible.


Would you please stop following me?