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I don't want to live with you anymore.

Where are you taking Pratt?

We are already at home.

That's a question that only Spyros can answer.

Woody tried to compose himself.

Willie wants to buy a new smartphone.

She's not more beautiful than their mother.

I arrive by train soon.

It's quite distinct from the smell of burning.

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I've never seen Carole so disappointed.

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And honour the face of the old man.

I'm gonna make my first mischief.

Their house was burned down by fire.


There won't be any more lessons.

Please advise Glen to tell the truth.

John acts like Helen's guardian.

He came from far away.

Julian keeps on forgetting to switch off the computer.


Fay is upstairs doing his homework.

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Visiting people is nicer than being visited.

Adrian's company was bought by a larger company.

Hitoshi sent me to make sure nothing happened to Kikki.

It is really time for us to go.

I've been to Boston numerous times.

Seenu was out till midnight last night.

Not only does he speak English, but also German.

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This is a family shipping company, and we will never sell it!

The Soviet Union proposes to peoples a new way - a way of equality and friendship of peoples, a way, which already proved to be so fruitful in our country.

How much is Zambian Kwacha in US dollars?

She likes poetry and music.

We have to find out what Rafael wants us to do.


The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.

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Old people need someone to talk to.

All good things come to an end.

Tareq doesn't know who Anatoly's father is.

Let's give Jonathan a hand.

I'm glad you got to meet her.


Karen has probably never driven a truck.

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I'm really not supposed to do this.


People need inspiration.

I carried the message to him.

Knute didn't have Mah's phone number.

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We were playing rugby.

I want to have a lot of money.

Claudius is making a white box for his friend.

They left early.

Jarl was sad when he heard his and Kanthan's favourite song after they'd broken up.

I think I've been living alone too long.

In the year 2000, the French health system had been selected by the WHO as the best performing in terms of dispensing and organizing healthcare.


I'm going to stay in today.

The young man burst into laughter.

It's not the time but the will that you lack.

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Then she took off her red shoes, which she liked better than anything else, and threw them both into the river.


Anyone who has never strung a spinet, clavichord, or harpsichord cannot imagine what kinds of problems can arise, from the choice of strings, to the actual stretching of the strings until they are tuned.

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Don't get rough with them.


It's very unlikely that Collin will ever want to travel alone.

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The problem is being discussed now.

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He is our next door neighbor.


Jakob must've been a great teacher.


Please keep on working even when I'm not here.


He was sick of his job.


I was only trying to help.

She talks about everything with her parents.

That wouldn't be fair.

He's gonna get axed.

This is my page on Facebook.

There's orange juice in the refrigerator.

I appreciate the gesture.

I kind of enjoyed doing that.

Can you stop with the pacing?

Who called them?

The older he grew, the more attractive he became.

Many foreign customs were introduced into Japan after the war.

Radek said that he wanted to talk to you about something important.


His story doesn't agree with what they have said to me.

He has no heart at all.

Those is the girl of my dreams.

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It was pretty cool.

I think that someone went there.

Who put you up to this?


All of us surely make mistakes, don't we?

Wolves won't usually attack people.

The bomb blew Rahul's house to smithereens. Fortunately, he wasn't at home at the time.

She was standing near him.

I don't know why Allen doesn't want me to go.

I have been living here for many years.

When will the MCA take place?

They don't say that it's prohibited there. In fact, they say that it's mandatory.

Let's get another one.


It may be advisable to go later.

There's nothing more important than friendship.

Delbert heard that Straka had died.

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I can't take it anymore.

Could you stop saying that?

Thank you for coming on such short notice.


I told her I hated her.

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Please wait a little while.

The hostages were bound and gagged.

Coleen should know better than to lend you money.

He remembered what was said.

We came by several small villages on our way here.

Everybody gets old.

We need to know more about Lenny.

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Starbuck was very fond of Takayuki.

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I hope you don't tell Caleb that.

I've got something to tell you.

Which one was it?


Clay kicked the door in and ran inside.

The rain compelled the water to run over the banks.

I wonder who he was.


Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty or thirty-one days make up a month.

The object of his admiration shows the kind of person that he would like to be.

Surya wiggled his toes.

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I'll be away till Christmas.


After years of living on his own, Jorge found it hard to adjust to living with Clifford.


I think I've found a solution to your problem.

Her condition turned for the worse last night.

How long have you been here in Boston?

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He envied my success.


You can get to her house in a variety of different ways.

My speaking and listening in Turkish needs improvement.

Space exploration of the Solar System for the first few centuries was full of trial and error.

The people in Boston are very friendly.

I've always known this would happen eventually.

I still love him very much.

You shouldn't depend on others too much.

An investigation is underway.

Sadly, his dream didn't come true.

It's a bet. Nothing more.

Don't you want to go out?

They were burdened with heavy taxes.

British soccer fans sometimes get completely out of hand.

I'll give them one more chance.

She kissed him deeply.

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Sorry I didn't catch up after, but James was right crook so we left early.

Morgan liked Eduardo.

Annard is clearly worried.


I don't think we'll meet again.


You've got to take people and the weather as they come.

Dan parked the rental car near the police station.

We arrived at the hotel an hour ago.

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He is indifferent to the suffering of others.

You can lean on me.

I never really trusted him.

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Can you put up with the noise?

Did you tell Thad Elizabeth did this?

I couldn't understand him at first.

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I'm studying French now.

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Morgan yanked the curtains open.

The end crowns the work.

Seenu is doing much better.

Tell her thanks.

What a perfect night!