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We take our job seriously and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. The Assure Quotes™ pledge is to consistently and accurately provide free no obligation UK insurance quotes to individuals and families. We partner with insurance specialist that help you find the life insurance cover and private medical insurance cover (PMI) that matches your level of need at the lowest available price. Request your free no obligation insurance quote today.

Why have Life Insurance?

Life is full of uncertainty. A simple question -- if you died today would your loved ones have money for expenses, mortgage or rent, children's education, and daily necessities? When families lose their primary wage earner they are often reduced to a life of poverty, financial struggle and hardship without sufficient funds to pay for basic necessities. We all hope it never happens to us and our family but we all must be prepared. Our family's security and protection should be our top priority.

Life insurance is one of the very best ways you can protect and provide for your family's future in the case of unforeseen or accidental death. It is one of the most important purchases you can make for your family. If you are the primary wage earner in your family, here are reasons why you should have a policy:

● Replace Income

Most people purchase life insurance to provide money to their loved ones in the event they can no longer provide for them. Money for the basic necessities of life, housing, food, and other expenses. Life insurance is the most cost effective way to do this.

● Children's Education

Providing a good education is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your child has the opportunity for a successful future. Life insurance can provide the funding if you are no longer around to do so.

● Debt

Debt can be a huge burden on a family. Life insurance can provide the funds to pay off a home mortgage, emergency auto or home repairs, funeral expenses, and help the family cope during a time of great distress.

How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance cover you need depends on the needs of your family. One way to estimate is to take your annual salary, or annual expenses, and multiply that by number of years required for your youngest child to become an adult. That provides an estimate. When you request a free life insurance quote through Assure Quotes™ our partners can help you evaluate your level of need and help you find the right policy to fully protect your family.

Request your free life insurance quote with the form above and put our insurance specialist partners to work for you. There is never an obligation. Our partners will solicit quotes from the major UK life insurance providers to find policies that match your need at the best available rates.

Why have private medical insurance (PMI)

Private medical insurance is rapidly gaining popularity with the public. This is because the health insurance industry has significantly extended its product line and has made healthcare benefits readily attainable to most people. Compared to National Health Service (NHS) that provides reduced healthcare service, PMI gives access to higher quality private facilities and provides exclusive medical attention. An insurance policy used to be a luxury, but these days, having inexpensive medical insurance that can be used in private medical facilities is easy and hassle free. Private health insurance is available from numerous providers in the UK.

The private health insurance industry takes pride on very high standards. It is not surprising that many hospitals in the UK are thoroughly checked and scrutinized to guarantee the best level of care, hygiene, and safety standards are met.

People with private health insurance can not only choose which hospital or facility they want, they can also ask for and receive comprehensive information about the services that are provided by a particular hospital. Simply put, the advantages of private insurance are many. Different insurance companies offer their own benefits and unique packages. Understanding them is essential for those who want to fully utilise their benefits. To get the best price on your policy you can request your free no obligation health insurance quote and better understand what competing insurance companies offer.

Explained below are several of the advantages and benefits that private health insurance companies offer:

● No Waiting

When patients are in a medical emergency and when not, staff from private insurance companies are quick to respond and take care of the need of those covered by the health insurance policy. You will not have to wait to get examinations, treatment, or diagnostic tests.

● Choice of services

Clients can freely utilise the services that are provided by hospitals and medical establishments without being financially constrained. Also, there are a myriad of extra services that are offered in various packages. Even if one is on a tight budget, private medical insurance companies can offer policies perfectly suited for a particular financial requirement.

● Access to first class facilities

Private medical insurance holders will have access to first class medical facilities and hospitals. Thousands of hospitals and medical facilities are available to choose from. Be sure to understand what your policy will cover.

● Private rooms and unrestricted access for visitors

With private health insurance you no longer have to worry about sharing a hospital room with strangers. Most policies cover the cost of a private room with private lavatory facilities. Also, you are normally allowed unrestricted visitor hours so you can have your loved ones near by as often or as little as you want.

● Access to personal doctor and health consultants

Another large benefit of having private medical insurance is that a holder can have the luxury of a personal doctor and health consultant. They can make prompt decisions without restrictions from superiors and other medical personnel. Plus, they will not assign a PMI holder to the care of interns and juniors. This can play a key role in fast recovery and complete healing.

● Access to specialists

Private health insurance gives immediate access to thousands of hospitals, medical facilities. This includes fast access to specialist who treat conditions such as cancer, infertility, and hundreds of other conditions.

How to get the right private medical insurance policy

Private health insurance provides important protections and benefits for you and your family. But with so many medical insurance plans out there, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one that will perfectly fit one's needs. That is where Assure Quotes™ can help. Our partners solicit multiple insurance companies and obtain health insurance quotes based on your needs to help you get the lowest available rates on a policy that meets your level of need.

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