Are you learning new things at work?

I saw Dan and Andrei.

The voting began again at noon.

Now where did I park the batmobile?

Why are we sitting here?

I called for Mr Stone at the office.

You shouldn't always believe what Pilar says.

I'm not good enough for her.

Was it really Alain?

We must surrender them all.

The opportunity is definitely there.

What they are doing is ruining the economy.

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The German course begins October fifth.

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The news quickly spread.


I just had a talk with them.


He started laughing hysterically.

Think didn't laugh at my joke.

Who gave us all that money?

But there's only one pair of chopsticks. What shall we do?

In addition to English, she speaks French fluently.

I don't even remember that.

I should've said no.

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This is a very difficult exam.

Chris and Reid are going to tie the knot this spring.

He doesn't want to go to school.

I would really like to explore this cave.

Because it is written in simple English even a child can understand it.

Keep it a secret.

You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Did you want a cookie?

Do not block any ventilation openings.

What form of transport will we take?

The sledge was so heavy that four men were assigned to pull it across the ice.

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The soccer game will be transmitted live at five p.m.

A cat came out from under the desk.

I want to look like Evan.

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I'm experiencing some heartburn.

Public opinion governs the president's decisions.

We don't do that.


I don't think it's possible to finish that amount of work in one day.

They won't take him back.

I belong to the karate club.

Once they were very useful.

I really like garlic.

Everyone has secrets.

Hitoshi wanted to do all the talking.

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Lanzarote is very beautiful.

I can't believe you're taking pictures of cockroaches.

Don't scare me like that!

The story begins a long time ago.

I sent an email to him.

Hopefully, Suwandi will get into Harvard.

Who's your favorite sports announcer?

I want to ask her out, but I don't have the courage.

The policeman was drunk.

I could hear Jaime playing his guitar and yodeling.

Christofer needs treatment.

He was quite decided in his determination.

Kirk isn't a stranger.

She had a cow when she heard the news.

I'm really not busy.

He reads novels every day.

That man looks vaguely familiar.

Please send it by special delivery.

I've been here since Monday.

He was absolved of his sin.

She aimed at the target.


You're so cool.

I'm trying to do what's right.

When they are in danger, they run away.

He decorated it.

How do you sleep at night after all you've done?

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I don't think I have what it takes to be a teacher.

You're wicked.

As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce.


The question is what are you going to do.

This bus line goes out of the city.

Judging from what you say, he must be a great writer.

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It is that Emmet's theory is compatible with previous theories in physics that is of most significance.


Are you fast enough?

You're the guy who killed Tommy.

Is this really the best place to be doing this?

If you had come a little earlier, you could have met her.

He's always kept these rules in mind.

Marilyn walked off the dance floor.

Liza's a big coward.


Duke is a weakling.

My sister hates me.

They are making tea.

Grant is really dedicated, isn't he?

He laid down the gun.

I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find another place to live.

Don't break off the branch.


It isn't her.

The song, which changed her life, is being sung at every one of her performances.

I don't want to name names.

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He wants to be an Edison in the future.

Eventually, Lance's curiosity overcame his fear.

I'm married to Lori.

That is enough. I have had it with fruitless conversation.

We should sometimes pause to think.


What exactly are you going to say?

Everyone's looking at him.

Nate suggested that we wait here.

Johnnie can't swim.

God damn it!


You don't have to read the whole thing from beginning to end.

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He went back to Japan.

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Conrad and List seemed happy together.

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Maybe I can reason with her.


I'm busy, Pieter.

You scared us.

I was expecting a tougher game.

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Roxie eventually broke down and confessed.

Listen to me very carefully.

That's not the sort I'm looking for.

Del is one heck of a good-looking guy.

We are still doing well.

The box is made of wood.

I think Konrad has the ability to solve his problems on his own.

Because it rained, I didn't go.

I wanted to show her your book.


The prisoner who escaped is still at large.

"Well, even so my score is far above yours isn't it?" "What did you say!? If I was to go all out you'd be as nothing to me!"

I thought I'd challenge Subra to a game of chess.

It was raining so hard that we had to put off our departure.

We haven't had any major accidents.

Let's quit here and continue tomorrow.

She's a wonderful girl.


I wouldn't trust you.

The young child uses crayons to draw a picture.

She dyed her hair bright red.

I laugh out loud.

My ears sometimes ring.

Why isn't that an option?

I think there's still a chance Panos will get here on time.


He is the greatest man in the world.

Peter pushed the door shut.

Now's not really the time.


Whatever happened to your pride?

I got him to repair my car.

How many milligrams are you taking right now?

What did you ever see in him?

My mother was in the hospital during the summer.

I like Sigurd.

That rude man gave me a bad impression.


They're quicker than we are.

I have never accepted a gift.

They looked very busy.

I lost my debit card.

My sister sings songs very well.


Seen from a distance, the hill looks like an elephant.

In Montpellier, the tram clattering along used to wake me up every day.

You can improve your learning results by repetition.


You nearly broke my jaw.

Would you excuse me for a sec?

When you told Nancy how fat she is, you really hit her where it hurts.


My motto is: Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

In general, Japan has a mild climate.

Five hundred soldiers were sent to the city, and less than half of them survived.

Do not rent or sell this place, for it would be injudicious.

The question is whether he can be trusted.

You the man!

I want to publicly complain about that.


I was hoping I wouldn't run into Ssi.

I cannot come up to your request.

Did you let him know yet?