There is a lack of communication between the young and the old.

You're not going to find anybody better than Walt for the job.

He illustrated his theory with examples.

It is no use arguing with her.

I increasingly need your help.

Nixon was about to become president.

My mom is worried.

His ambition made him work hard.


I received a letter yesterday which was written in English.

I have known him since he was a baby.

I don't know when it happened, but it happened.

I told you everything I had to tell you.

It looks like Sigurd is getting ready to leave.


Will you study after you come home?

He who has a fair wife needs more than two eyes.

Have you tried the chicken?

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His voice dropped to a whisper.

The movie "Pretty Woman" is one of the all-time classics.

No matter what happens, you should never give up hope.


Lex's parents hate Dwayne.

John has a prosthetic limb.

That store is open all year.


Where did you buy that shirt?

The debt crisis is not over.

We welcomed their decision.

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The court ruled that Kevan's children could spend every second weekend with him.

I'll return at 6:30.

Ramanan hasn't left the building yet.


Caroline thought I was you.


Don't say shit.

The store is having a sale on summer goods.

I'll be ready eight months later.

Ti swam across the Channel.

Jeffie is very rude, isn't he?

National welfare is the end of politics.

I always have time for you.

I was compelled to leave school.

I can't speak a word of German.

Please give an example.

Huashi knows that Ramon doesn't like him very much.

I'm pretty sure that Don doesn't like me.

Jim put his hand up.

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Mr Kato is a teacher.

I wanted to marry him.

When exactly did this happen?


What else do you have?


Novo needs to gain more knowledge.

Christopher is Sharan's mother.

Don't cross this bridge.

A lot of talk, no action.

Did I wake you guys?

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Snow fell two meters deep.

It looked awful.

No one owes anybody anything.

She was none the worse for drinking spirits.

I didn't even know my name.

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Fold A-7 in half and stick it together.

The family took a vote on the type of restaurant they wanted to go to for dinner.

This book is not only more instructive but more interesting than that book.

Unless you have any more questions, I'd like to go now.

Barking dogs seldom bite.

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He bought the pre-cut pork loin.


I don't know why they did that.

I wanted to live by myself.

I have known intimately a great many persons who were absorbed in the arts.

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It's time for your afternoon nap.

However hard you try, you can't finish it in a week or so.

I don't play tennis after school.

The police can ask you to give your name and address.

Dale had nothing to do with that mess.

A lot of people are now trying to sell their houses.

I don't remember that being there last night.

Russell escaped injury.

Tim writes left-handed.

An island came in sight.

I had never received such an abusive letter before.

Which students will take the test?

You should never ever try this at home.

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Everybody was staring at me.

Vivek is not serious about his studies.

There comes our teacher.


Alexander Hamilton was a proud man.

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If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.


Actually, Maria is a modern young woman, however, she is as superstitious as my grandmother.

He slept soundly.

She was loved very much by him.

I think you should choose Markus.

Why didn't you try calling us?

In my new house, the living room is on the ground floor and the bedroom is on the first floor.

I suppose that's all I can do.

I didn't realize how much Hillel missed Nanda.

My father? He goes to the library, to the cinema, to the theatre. He's very active.

Do you have school today?

I like English best.

Bulgaria is the only country in Europe where a former monarch has been elected prime minister.

Pizza is the kid's favorite meal.

I would like to pay with cash.

She's frightened by loud noises.

I couldn't leave Rodger to die.

Without you, I would've died.

We're still far away. I'll never make it.

We'll dance.

I am a completely happy human being!

That's what I really want... I think.


Using Tatoeba you can learn languages.

The kitchen in that house is very nice.

I have a bad pain in my back.

I'm confident Winnie can fix it.

Kanji are difficult to read.

Mariou works harder than anyone else does.

I need this.

Ahmed is far away.

We thought you were asleep.

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Floria and Tor went to a jazz music festival.


He brought his speech to an end.


I don't deserve to be in college.

He was sent on a special mission to Europe.

Patricio shouldn't expect everyone to like the same kind of music that he does.

Don't make fun of me.

I still swim.

I am ready to help you.

Sanity wasn't surprised that Srinivasan didn't like John.

Our two brothers wrought their common death.

My explanation may be absolutely wrong. I still think it is the most plausible one.


We have so little time.


It was solid red.

This isn't the only copy.

There's a young woman with Sjaak.


What are you going to do next?


He declared that he was innocent.

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German, Dutch, Norwegian and English are Germanic languages.


I have to get up early, even on Sundays.

I ate a tuna salad.

That was a very big deal for me.

He tried to keep dry as best he could.

Coleen has gotten his confidence back.

I probably shouldn't have asked Rudolph that question.

You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

The people who come on the Maury Povich show often make pretentious claims about their lovers cheating on them.

Scientific research is not a mechanical routine, but a continuing struggle on the part of the scientist.


If you eat nothing but ice cream, you'll get a stomachache.

When we're hand in hand, everything heavy becomes light.

Bryce doesn't want anyone in his room while he's away.


Not all the infectious diseases are contagious.

The answers for the practice problems are at the end of the book.

Leila thinks the answer is no.


Do you know how to dance?

The crow flew away.

I hate Brad for many reasons.

Go talk to them.

Who's your favorite TV chef?

There was nothing for me to do but mount the horse.

You can't deny that what Pratapwant is saying is true.

How much longer do you think you'll need?

The little girl never smiles at anyone other than Emily.

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Shean is old enough to be my grandfather.

He loves trains.

We saw them last night.


Now, lets just hope Anita stays in Boston.

Does anyone have a handkerchief?

What will I do in Paris?

Maybe Manavendra threatened Tyler.

They've written a bill for health care.

Here, take my coat. You're freezing.

They'll put you up.